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cardiacmadeline has 6 years experience as a RN and specializes in cardiothoracic surgery.

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  1. cardiacmadeline

    Medication Errors?

    I have seen a nebulizer med given iv. It wasnt a common drug, I can't remember what it was. I don't recall anything happening to the patient.
  2. cardiacmadeline

    Bedside Reporting starting Monday :(((

    I have tried to have a positive attitude about bedside report, but I hate it! I waste time looking for the offgoing nurse, and then I am told what I already know because I just read the chart! Now, if something is going on with the patient like an oozing groin site, I have no problem bringing the oncoming nurse in the room and showing them the site. I did that before bs report came along. Otherwise I really dislike it, but I am really trying not to have a negative attitude about it.
  3. cardiacmadeline

    How to stop visitors from using empty bed???

    What if the patient coded? We have allowed a couple of people to sleep over and bring a cot in the room, but I tell them we need to have enough room in case something does happen like a code. I once had a family member bring a cot in and she was setting it up in a semi private room between the beds, told her she couldn't do that, we need room to intervene if something happened. We called a rapid response the next day on the patient.
  4. cardiacmadeline

    asking for meds?

    I agree with you on this one. If my patient is taking prn pain meds every 4 hours, I will keep track of their next dose and bring it to their room so they don't have to call and ask for it. It's prn, as needed, they need it every four hours.
  5. cardiacmadeline

    Doctors That Give you "Band-Aids"

    I work on a stepdown unit and am curious what your criteria are. I know we have sent patients that we could take care of on our floor, but sometimes if they are one on one care it makes it difficult to take care of your 3-4 other patients. I love it when we send a patient to the ICU for low/high blood pressures that we have been trying to treat for half our shift and then once they hit they ICU, they are fine! Makes us look like idiots.
  6. cardiacmadeline

    Epidural Monitoring - Frequency of Assessment/Dermatone Levels

    We assess vital signs, motor strength, site every 4 hours, everything you do. We don't assess dermatone levels. We document respiratory rate every hour for the first 15 hours. We also have them on continuous oximetry for the first 15 hours and then discontinue it if they are stable.
  7. cardiacmadeline

    Pulse Sites

    It depends on why the patient is there. I check ulnars if their radial was harvested for a CABG, DP and PT if they are there with PVD/vascular surgery/any procedure involving a groin puncture site. I actually check DP on everyone, it is kind of a habit. If they had an amp, I check either the popliteal or femoral. Radials if they have a DVT or some kind of ortho surgery on their arm.
  8. cardiacmadeline

    what I wish I could say to my AAOX3 patients!

    Your nurse is not a TV guide.
  9. cardiacmadeline

    I think cutsey scrub tops look ridiculous on adult units

    Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!
  10. cardiacmadeline

    Would you be insulted?

    No I wouldn't be insulted. The patient stated to the doctor that he felt he got terrible care (I am not saying he did get terrible care), and the doctor asked you what happened, he asked for your side of the story. At least he had the decency to ask you what happened. And you stated the patient was confused, so I wouldn't really take what the patient said to heart.
  11. I would like to say that I would certainly be happy if I made more, but I don't think I make "crap money". I have a nice house for which we have no trouble paying the mortgage, my retirement plans are maxed out, money in my savings account, no credit card debt, and my husband is able to buy the toys he wants. (He is very spoiled) :) I don't consider that crap money. But then again, you have to learn to live within your means. And I agree that if you paid 60-80,000 for your BSN, you didn't shop around. I don't think I paid that with both of my bachelor's degrees combined.
  12. cardiacmadeline

    I think cutsey scrub tops look ridiculous on adult units

    Agreed. Tweety scrubs and yellow crocs-now that would be quite the outfit! Maybe there's a reason doctors and pharmacists don't wear cartoon scrubs-they are not professional looking. The pharmacist's at my work are always dressed very nicely. Same with the docs and the dieticians and social workers. They look like health care professionals, not the nurse wearing a sponge bob top. Nurses want to be seen as professional, then start dressing like a member of a professional health team.
  13. cardiacmadeline

    I think cutsey scrub tops look ridiculous on adult units

    I totally agree that teddy bears, rainbows, cartoon characters, etc don't belong on an adult unit. It also really bothers me when coworkers show up to working wearing zip up hoodies, tight tight t-shirts (solid color or prints), tye dye shirts, and cargo pants (not scrub pants) that look like they belong on a 16 year old going on a camping trip. If you want to be seen as a professional, dress like one. Well... best you can in scrubs anyways. :)
  14. cardiacmadeline

    How much of a yearly increase in pay do you see?

    This year our raise was $1.26. Every other year I have worked there, we have averaged $2.00 year. We are non-union.
  15. cardiacmadeline

    specialty with lowest turnover rate?

    I agree with the OR and ambulatory nurses. I never see job openings for these positions in my hospital.
  16. cardiacmadeline

    Turn every two hours

    Turning patients every 2 hours on my floor is a big deal. We have computerized charting, so it is expected to be done and documented every 2 hours. We get a lot of pretty sick patients and our floor is one of the units with the highest risk patients. Everyone single person I work with turns their patients every 2 hours. Keep doing what you are doing, your coworkers are not doing good nursing care, you are. And don't forget to elevate the heels!