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lpnflorida has 30 years experience and specializes in psych. rehab nursing, float pool.

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  1. lpnflorida

    Daytonite has passed away...

    This saddens me, she was a great resource. RIP beautiful lady. I just realized its been about 7 years since I was active on this site. so much had happen,, My partner John had sickened... he died two years ago.. then a year of being in a fog. The second year now starting to view things outside of myself.. still and all this does sadden me. We are losing so many awesome Nurses and doctors as time marches on.
  2. lpnflorida

    How has Obamacare affected you and your employer?

    I really appreciate your survey.. You asked what peoples opinion were. You then appear to be negating what people are saying.. Just exactly what is your agenda in this?
  3. lpnflorida

    Healthcare for All: How Obamacare Impacts Nursing

    Yes,, however without the ACA your daughter would have not been able to stay on your policy most likely. Price also depends on what state you live in. and whether your state participated in expanding the Medicaid requirement or not.
  4. lpnflorida

    "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    Dr.Snyderman's statement on "NBC Nightly News," in which she says, "While under voluntary quarantine guidelines, which called for our team to avoid public contact for 21 days, members of our group violated those guidelines and understand that our quarantine is now mandatory until 21 days have passed. We remain healthy and our temperatures are normal." ( how can one expect the average person to respect a quarantine when the so called professional did not respect it. I understand with her professional opinion and understand she felt they were of no risk to the public. No where did it say. You are a medical professional , a Doctor so you and your team do not need to abide.)
  5. lpnflorida

    "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    I have not read anywhere where it says exactly what protective garmets this poor nurse was given to take care of the patient in the ICU in Texas . can you please enlightened us with the information that you have? thank you.
  6. lpnflorida

    "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    Esme,, thank you for the Evidence Based Practice. I would agree with that. but perhaps your hospital is using stronger bags than we have been using of late. No joke we bag and entirely too often the bag breaks apart, and this is occuring when not over filled.. Perhaps I need to bring to the attention of the system I work in that single bagging works as long stronger bags would be used.. I think the cost savings perhaps had more of an influence in our system at least....
  7. lpnflorida

    "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    First off good morning, It's been along time since I have participated in All Nurse. I remember 30 plus years ago, We were taught and practiced double gloving. what goes into isolation never comes out of isolation. We always double bagged items that had to leave the room. By double bagging I mean, while we were still in our isolation gear, another staff person. would be at the doorway with their gloves on holding an open bag to receive the bag we had just tied up while in the isolation room. I still work, but I can tell you these are not practices we do any longer. When is the last time you saw anything double bagged? The food trays go in and out of these rooms. I guess disposable trays ,plates and the like went by the side of the road over the years. Admit it we all have gotten lax.. Ebola of course is a terrifying thing. I believe it will put us all back on our toes as to how to protect not only ourselves , our patients but our loved ones also. Anyone in the position to work with an Ebola patient needs to not only be mindful of protection but to remain in the moment. I have been guilty while taking gloves off or gown to without thinking brush that dang hair out of eyes. I know better but I was not in the moment, I was in what I refer to as automatic mode. The end of a long shift you are tired,, focusing on getting home getting some sleep, the moment of daydreaming. It only takes a split second of not being in the present( in the moment ) to put ourselves at risk.. No lecture mind you,, just reminding us all to be careful. We are all scared, Be reassuring to the public we do not want to help spread panic, even though we may internally feel panic ourselves.
  8. lpnflorida

    Grad nurse RN still looking for work

    I have worked in fort myers since 1999 and yes at Lee Memorial Health Sysytems. They are a very good employer to work for. We are five separate hospitals under the Lee Memorial system. I love this area and Tampa is not all that far from here. I have heard from other that the pay rate in Fort Myers is actually higher for some than it is in Tampa, this was told to me by a psychologist. That is the only base I have as to compare what wages might actually be. So if your heart is not set on the Tampa area, you might consider further south.
  9. lpnflorida

    What would you do?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with visiting the nurse manager. Don't be afraid to sell yourself. Remind them if you have worked their unit in another capacity . Let them know what you enjoyed about your experience on their unit. If you have friends on the units also never hurts to have them put in a good word for you also.. Good luck in your job hunt.
  10. lpnflorida

    How early is too early to give a PRN med?

    Sometimes it depends on the patient and their condition. If appearing lethargic, decreased respirations or slurred speech. I would not give it early at all. If not sedated I would consider giving it 30 min early. If med seeking, doubt I will give it early at all, especially if they are in the " so called habit" of requesting it early. I also will contact the doctor if it seems the patient is receiving poor relief from the current pain regime and others measure also have been ineffective. A medication with tylenol it in, I always check to see how much they have received within the last 24 hours before I give it .
  11. lpnflorida

    Does suctioning trach's ever get easier?

    Technically, yes it gets easier the more you do it. Have I personally ever grown to love doing it? No way. It still bothers my stomach. I call it my achilles heel even after all these years.
  12. lpnflorida

    "Just" an LPN

    I complained of how some of our duties had changed due to new BON interpretations. The DON of the hospital put his arm on my shoulders and said. " Just remember you are the cheapest experienced RN I have" It was not a put down at all. I am the top paid LPN, and my salary is above some of the new hire RN's. He simply appreciates my knowledge and experience. He often forgets I am just a so called LPN. I am often the go to person. He values me.. and acknowledges what a financial bargain I am to boot.
  13. lpnflorida

    Daytonite has passed away...

    She was such an wonder on this site. Knowledgeable, helpful, patience plus. I will miss her posts.
  14. lpnflorida

    PTO - how much do you get at your hospital?

    I only work 72 hours per pay period, I get 7.8 hours bi weekly, what you are receiving is the norm for a new hire. Are you working 12 or 8 hour shifts? Most places start out with what equals 2 weeks off for about the first 3-5 years depending on the institution and the contract.
  15. lpnflorida

    Explaining an F on your transcript

    I would explain it just as you have here if they happen to ask. Volunteer nothing unless asked directly. Your GPA should speak for itself.
  16. lpnflorida

    How do Doctor's get paid?

    Surgeons are paid a set fee the visit before the surgery, the surgery, each day seen in the hospital and one follow up appointment are all covered under that one fee. Example, and this is true : removal of one kidney, paid $400.00 and people think surgeons are highly paid.lol