So, who else has to work over xmas/new year?

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Hi Everyone,

Just curious as to who will be working over xmas/new year. I'm working an afternoon shift (1430hrs - 2300hrs) on christmas day and the same shift on new years eve!! What luck :o

Anyway, to make the most of it, I'm spending christmas morning/lunch with my family before going to work. On new years eve, I'll work till 11pm and then party.

Oh well, at least the shift penalties will come in handy :p

So, anyone else working over xmas or the new year??


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Well, I'm working Xmas eve AND Xmas day, on both days, 9a-9p (means I'll leave at 8a and get home at 10p (if lucky. Usually, holidays means 'skeleton crew', so we will work our tails off, and pray that our relief comes in on time.)

At least this facility pays time and a half for these two days.

Still, I'd rather be home.

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I'm working both and don't mind. I'm not big on the holidays. No scrooge, just not big on it. I don't mind at all. Usually the census is a bit low. The staff makes the best of it and are generally in good spirits. We can cheer up the patients who find themselves in the hospital those days (some don't know what planet they are on and could care less though. LOL)

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I'm working 12 on Christmas day. Then have 4 shifts between Christmas and New Years. Off New year's luckily.


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On new years I'll be working 24 hrs over new years eve and day. Manager "did me a favor" when I asked to work extra hours. Students get no breaks and no peace. Amen.


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Aye, Mr Ragucci, you said it all there. Sure the bread will be good (the overtime, and the bonus), but my girl is a bit upset to be spending the entire holidays alone. After a 12 hr stint, I'm not particularly eager to go out and 'have fun' (not when you know that you go for another 12 hr the next day). Called my unit tonight to see if I could figure how things will be, and was told that census is topped off. So much for the 'silent night' (snicker).

I tried to get one of the holidays off, but haven't the seniority.

Still, I know others who are still looking for work, so I'm not really complainin'. :D

Merry Christmas to all of y'all!


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Working New Year's Eve -- will bring in something for our buffet. Most likely, will fill my crockpot with meatballs and tomato sauce, bring in some Italian bread. I'm leaving the next day for a mini vacation. Looking forward to a much better 2003 than my 2002.

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I picked up an 11-7 shift Chirstmas eve for a friend who desperately wanted to go see family out of town. Since I'm only PRN at the hospital now, I'll be curious to see what the census is tonight. The clinic is open from 9a - 1p on New Year's eve and closed New Year's Day, so we are going out to party and dance for possibly the first time ever.


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I am working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day night shifts (11-7) and am off New Years eve and work New Years Day 11-7.

Since my kids are older and don't do the Santa thing anymore, I figured the time and a half will come in handy. I am agency so time and a half is pretty darn good money.:p

I want to wish everyone here a joyous holiday season and a wonderful and prosperous new year.

love to all


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Working 12 hrs Christmas Day, double time. NYE & Day, but double time only for the actual day.

Working tomorrow morning 7-3, so we are having Christmas TODAY at my house so I won't miss a thing and get my presents a day early! Nah nah!

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Gotta work 7 pm to 7am XMas night and then New Years Eve also. I'm the charge nurse, so will make the best of it. These aren't usually too bad in the ER.

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