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  1. dawngloves

    ELBW Supine+Midline for ____ days

    One week midline.
  2. dawngloves

    I know the pros, but what are the cons of NICU nursing

    Wrapping a baby in a shroud.
  3. dawngloves

    HOB elevation

    The AAP does not recommend elevating the HOB for infants. Not even those with reflux.
  4. dawngloves

    Nurses Week 2016 Freebies

    Most of these are available to anyone. :\
  5. dawngloves

    Utter failure with my first baby that should have been coded

    Don't beat yourself up. Absolutely those more experienced nurses should have stepped in to help. It sounds like your entire unit would benefit from mock codes.
  6. dawngloves

    Low NICU census

    Our census has been moderate to high. Our acuity has been high. So many micros on vents. In a few weeks we'll be full of feeder/growers!
  7. dawngloves

    Policy regarding Kangaroo care/Breastfeeding and MRSA

    Same here. And this is why it is now community acquired and I doubt it's from the hospital, anymore.
  8. dawngloves

    What is the Highest Bilirubin you've ever seen?

    Yeah, I'm with PRMENRS.I've never seen a formula only order for hyperbili, regardless. You are either NPO or whatever the mother's choice is.
  9. dawngloves

    Antiobiotic delivery via iv pump in NICU

    Even Vanco and Ampho?? I hope not! I've been in NICU for 10 years and have always used syringes to administer IV meds. Any facility that doesn't needs to update, IMO.
  10. dawngloves

    Nurse arrested over saline hospital deaths

    You assume that is who is doing the policing. Just be careful when you "Friend" co workers.
  11. dawngloves

    Nurse arrested over saline hospital deaths

    Good idea. I post nothing about work on FB and don't list my employer or even city I live in. Prospective employers can also look you up on FB and see what you're up too. Those party girl pics on the accused page would go over like a ton of brick with any nurse recruiter. Oh, and I don't Farmville either.
  12. dawngloves

    Young man dies from heat stroke

    This reminds me of the time my landscaper husband called me at home to pick him up from work because he wasn't feeling well. When I got there, he had heat exhaustion so bad he couldn't walk and two co workers had to carry him to the car! I yelled at them for not calling an ambulance and they told me my husband told them not to! At that point he was in no condition to argue and I drove literally 6 blocks to the nearest ER and had to have a stretcher brought out to him. I don't know who I was angrier with. Him for not wanting an ambulance or his co workers for listening to him. There are two extremes with people using 911. The "I've had an earache for a week." people or "It's only indigestion, I'll be OK" people.
  13. dawngloves

    Nurse arrested over saline hospital deaths

    Been a while since I've done adults, but I remember using one vial for one pt only and dating and initialing the label. It would last maybe one shift.I would guess you'd have to be really sneaky and use the insulin/tb needle to contaminate the vial and leave it open for the next nurse. Then you'd have to forge your initials ( so it can't be traced back to you) and leave the tainted saline for some clueless nurse to give and yes! That is crazy evil!
  14. dawngloves

    Nurse arrested over saline hospital deaths

    We obviously work in different environments. I have seen co workers, "counseled" for posting about how bad their day was and they really need a drink. Another time it was a nurse posting a picture of herself in a sexy Halloween costume. A public pic of someone drinking heavily yes, would most likely get you fired for unprofessional behavior in my facility.
  15. dawngloves

    Nurse arrested over saline hospital deaths

    Wondering how she tainted the saline vials so no one could tell they were compromised and how she kept her job after posting a picture of herself chugging a bottle of wine? My a$$ would have been on the street so fast!
  16. dawngloves

    I didn't get the NICU job...what do I do now?

    You sound over qualified for staff. Are they afraid you may up and leave if something administrative crosses your path? Try for something else in WH and let the NM know you are still interested in NICU if another position opens up.

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