are there any single mothers that have completed a lpn program?


hi, I am a 19 year old single mom. I am currently finishing a pca certificate program at Albany Technical College.:yeah: I am interested in pursuing a lpn diploma from the same school, but I am having trouble deciding whether or not I will be able to be successful in the program, being that I'm a single mom and all.:uhoh3: My daughter is 5 months....Are there any lpns who have finished their nursing program as a single mom?...was it difficult for you to juggle being a mom and going to school and studying?....any advice for me will be greatly appreciated.:)

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I went to LPN school with a couple of very bright and motivated young single mothers like yourself. I'm sure others will be around to offer advice but I wanted to say kudos for being so motivated and I'm sure you will find a way to make it work. What a wonderful example you are setting for your child.


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i am a single mother of two a seven yr old and now a 17month old. the first semester was great as far as school. i even made the deans list. but this semester is a little challenging because my son is now walking and trying to talk and he has this separation anxiety thing going that makes it hard to concentrate and study. he cries alot. i say make sure u get plenty of babysitters and a big support group...they will definitely come in handy especially for the early morning clinicals....good luck

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I completed an LPN program in 2005 and an RN program last month. Several of my classmates were single mothers of young children who were all able to graduate from their respective programs. Single motherhood is an obstacle only if you allow it to be. Good luck to you!


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I start my PN class in May. I'm not a single mother but my husband travels a lot and I know that it's going to be ruff. However, I firmly believe that you can do anything you put your mind to, and although being a single mom will be an obstacle, it won't be impossible :) You will need a really good support group and have ppl who are willing to help you when things get tough. It is a lot of studing and crazy clinical hours sometimes so be prepared to have sitters who are willing to work a bit off schedule.

Even though I haven't been through the program I have many friends who have. Many of them had kids, were single, and even had part-time jobs also. They told me that it wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but they made it work because they wanted it bad enough.

Good luck, and remember that "Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you

run into a wall, don't turn around and

give up. Figure out how to climb it,

go through it, or work around it.":redbeathe


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I'm a single mom, I'm almost done with my first semester and so far I have all As. I will say that I have great parents that watch my kids so I can study. My kids are also older...11, 9, and 5. I did go to school when my oldest two were a toddler and infant, I worked 5 nights a week and went to class 2 evenings a week. Still got As and Bs.

There are so many single mothers in my class. I'd say 1/3 of my class, with varying degrees of support.


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I want to say thank you so much to everyone who commented on my post. Your advice and encouragement was greatly appreciated. I was thinking about just giving up and stopping at this pca thing, but you guy's comments gave me more hope. THANK YOU:)

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I know a couple of single Moms that are in the RN program. If you have support from your family Im sure you could do it.

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I am currently in a LVN program with at least 10 single Moms, and they are doing just as good as the next person. I think the key is having a good support system, though you should have a good support system while in nursing school regardless of your marital status..IMO...


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I am a single mom who works part time and I will be graduating from my LPN program in 5 days. It was a little difficult at times, but I enjoyed the challange. Women (single mothers) do it everyday, because being a single mother makes it more worth while when you have your children to provide for. Its NOT impossible. As long as you have a strong support base standing behind you, you will do just fine. Trust me your child will thank you for it later in life. Good Luck!!!!


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you can do it my 18 yo gave me hell and i have 2 others i will be done in oct you can do it study study get you your you will be happy later and just think you will be a nurse in a min.


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Congrats! You are absolutely making the right decision by expanding your education. You are improving your child's life by doing so. I myself am a single mom, and I am not going to lie to you and say it is easy, there are days when I feel like I can't handle it. I have no help from his father who was very abusive to the child and myself and also told me I was "too stupid to be a nurse"...look at me now! Occasionally, I feel bad about having to work and go to school so often, but I just keep telling myself it is temporary and try to focus on how much better a life I will be able to provide for him when I graduate (August 2010) Right now I work as a CNA full time and go to school full time. Try to find out if you qualify for any public assistance in your particular county, such as childcare vouchers, food stamps and medicaid. Don't be too proud! These services are for women just like's a temporary cushion that you deserve! Do what you can to get by, and keep a positive attitude. These months of sacrifice will have a huge long term effect on your family's follow your dream:-) You can do it.