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  1. dee78

    Volunteering for the weekend for Scout trip?

    I have been for day camp, was supposed to for a weekend but they found someone else. My understanding is it is mostly insect bites/stings, scrapes, minor ailments, and maybe sprains. But obviously anything can happen. They gave me a radio so they could contact me if needed, so you are basically on call, drop what you are doing to run to the "emergency!"
  2. dee78

    What's the BEST nursing shoes?

    I wear Brooks running shoes. I have a high arch and need lots of support and cushion.
  3. This week celebrates my 1 year anniversary as a working RN. I believe that I finally have it together, people come to me with questions (though I still have some of my own). My time management is where I excel. Then yesterday hits... The night nurse tells me that she is worried about my patient. I had my first "real" rapid. I suppose the others were but this was the first one with a cardiac rhythm issue. I didn't call it, I called the doctor immediately. I had patients with this rhythm before but they usually come out. This is a doctor that I work with daily but he was asking for drugs that we didn't have. Thankfully my charge was walking behind him when he called it so she was there to run it for me. I felt helpless. I did what others told me to do. We get the patient to the unit, they were still trying to stabilize her when I left them. Could I have done anything to prevent this one? No, they came back from surgery, my tech went right in to hook up the monitor, and I was sitting at the desk charting on the patient when I heard the alarms the moment she was hooked up. So I get back from ICU and monitor room calls me again. The patient in the next room is having the OPPOSITE rhythm. I page the doctor. Doctor asks if everything else is stable, it is. Okay. The rhythm keeps trending the wrong way. I call again, I ask her at what point she would like me to call her. She asks for an EKG. I call her again when her bp is also trending in the wrong direction. I made a suggestion and was just told that she would be down in a little while. This went on for 3 hours before she came to see the patient, the only orders were to hold certain meds that weren't due for 7-19 hours. I thought I was going to call a rapid but I was trying to trust the doctor. Should I have called a rapid? Without a doubt, they would have swept her to the unit. I know I bugged the fool out of the doctor and I felt bad about it but I didn't feel she was treating the situation urgently enough. Maybe it was my adrenaline still pumping, making me more anxious than I normally would have been or maybe it was my coworkers walking by asking if I knew about the rhythm, calling me when they walk by and see it, etc. Oh well, I know that in both situations I did what I knew to do. That really is all that I can do, I'm not going to second guess myself.
  4. dee78

    Best Hallucinations Thread

    Known hallucination pt called out that there were 2 men with guns drawn in his room. When we entered the room he was very upset, we explained that it was a mirror. He turned toward the empty chair beside him and said "Back me up, Jim!" At one point he was asked what the guy looked like. He pointed to the chair and said "Like that!"
  5. dee78

    How do you get out on time?????

    I am also a new grad. As others suggested, I cluster meds when possible. Post its are the key to my time management. At the beginning of each shift I cover my notebook with post its. We have an Emak but I like to have it in front of me. I list the pt and times meds are due...I also list any that are kept in the pyxis since that seems to be my time waster(running back to the med room) I have a separate post it for PRN meds...makes report easier. I keep up with blood sugars on another one. Rm #, times, level, tx AM LABS go on another. Diet list. I&Os. Then another for extra tasks or information. When time allows, I also lookup AM lab results and note abnormals. I chart in the room as I go. Each pt has a med box in their room so I also set up all my meds during my first round. This allows me to move quickly through each med pass...I can also request meds that aren't on the floor well before they are due. I check them off on my post it as I go. All of this also helps me streamline report...which happens to be my weakness.
  6. dee78

    What are the best shoes for nursing?

    I think you have to take your own feet into consideration. I have a very high arch so I need lots of support and cushion. I love my Brooks Ghost running shoes. I have Ghost 4 but will be upgrading to Ghost 5 soon.
  7. dee78

    Name your favorite scrub top/pants!

    I like the Urbane Stretch and Cherokee Workwear Stretch tops. I have yet to find a pair of pants that fit me right. I wear XS and they still fall off my hips and I am not that small.
  8. dee78

    Student Loan Fraud (Part I)

    There is definitely a trend at the CC...they attend the first 14 days of classes to get their check and then they drop. Parking is where you can actually see it happen. The lots are full the first 2 weeks, then suddenly after checks are disbursed parking isn't an issue. It is used and abused like every other government assistance.
  9. dee78

    Help!! New grad needs help landing a job :(

    Have you contacted the nurse recruiters in the hospitals where you are applying? I understand the frustration completely. I was applying to every position. I looked on the state website's job search. I googled individual doctor's office websites to check for job opportunities that weren't on the usual job searches. I emailed doctor's offices advertising OTHER positions to see if they needed an RN. But what ultimately got me the job was going back through the old job postings at the hospital and applying for them. Then I emailed the nurse recruiter and told her that I had applied for 6 positions, I asked for her assistance and advice. She called me immediately and we talked while she sent my applications to the nurse managers. Within seconds of hanging up with her it rang again and was my nurse manager. We scheduled an interview the next day and I was hired on the spot. He needed nurses but I am guessing people were only looking at the new job postings, this one was from March. When the method you are using isn't working then you try something new. Make sure that you have applied to all RN positions that are still posted on the hospital websites. Call HR and ask to speak with the nurse recruiter. If any of your classmates are already working in the hospitals, give them a call to let them know that you are applying. They are new but they know their nurse manager and can put in a good word. Chin up, stay focused, and just keep working at it. Good luck!
  10. dee78

    Positive Thinking Is Useless By Itself

    I am a firm believer in positive thinking. My husband calls me a hopeless optimist. This coming from a "negative Nancy". I just choose to find the positive in a situation, sometimes it is much harder to find than in other situations but there usually is a silver lining. I don't think that those positive thoughts are what will get me closer to my goal but I do believe that they get me in the mindset to make things happen. For instance, I have been applying for job all over since before graduation. Seriously hunting consistently and have received countless rejection emails or nothing at all. My classmate has been doing the same thing but she let it get her down and stopped applying a month or so ago. I let it get me down for a day or two but then picked myself back up and applied for more. I have a nursing job now and she doesn't. So my positive thinking kept me going. But I do agree with you, positive thinking alone does not accomplish anything. I have no idea what "The Secret" is but I have never heard a motivational speaker say that positive affirmations alone were enough. It is just a way to get people in the right mindset to accomplish their goals.
  11. dee78

    Abolishing the Pinning Ceremony

    I had one when I graduated from LPN school, it was a beautiful ceremony. We had @40 graduates. We did have students who opposed having it in a church so it was held in the school gym. Those same students stood silent during the nursing prayer because they are atheists. My personal thought was that it is a religious like ceremony and they should have chosen not to attend (it was optional).That said, my RN pinning is on Friday!! We have 130 grads. It is mandatory but the ladies leading the prayers have been instructed to keep it nondenominational and not to say Jesus. Also, our pinning is the only graduation we get to share with all of our family because the college has limited us to 4 tickets.I think in the effort to be politically correct, nursing schools are doing away with the pinning. They may give other reasons but ultimately it comes down to the possibility of being sued.
  12. dee78

    Chattanooga State RN Fall 2012 Hopefuls?

    Congratulations to all of you that made it. The next two years will be a roller coaster ride so hang on!! To those that didn't, chin up and keep working toward your goal. I started taking my pre-reqs in 1997 and will be graduating next Saturday, I never gave up on my dream to be a nurse. I hit some road blocks and strayed from the pathway but it was always my goal to come back and I did.
  13. dee78

    Doctors at Clinicals?

    I did most of my clinicals at a teaching hospital so they are used to students/residents and the learning environment. I made a point to stay in the room if the residents were rounding, I learned while they learned. I interacted with doctors as much as they were willing. Since it was a teaching hospital, most were willing to teach when they realized I was eager to learn. Remember with most things in life, you get back what you put into it.
  14. dee78

    I graduate next week!!

    I can not believe that I am done. I picked up my cap and gown today! I have a presentation to give on Monday and then evals on Tuesday. I just finished 7 management days with a preceptor. I loved it!! My preceptor is not known to be student friendly, she admits that she doesn't like working with students. Her evaluation she gave me was great, she said that I was the most prepared nursing student she had ever had for management!! Next step is to get a job and pass NCLEX!!
  15. I will have maternity this semester as well, but I love it!! I spent 6 weeks in LPN school and it was the best part of the program, but I have 3 kids and I am really interested in OB. That said, treat it like any other rotation. Like the other suggested, thank them, offer to help, and be available. I always make sure that my nurse knows that I like to stay busy and want to see as much as possible. If they see that you are an eager learner and not just there because you have to be then they will usually respond well. I was allowed to see the birth of a newborn with hydrocephalus. Make sure your instructor also knows what you have seen and what you haven't. The guys in my LPN class didn't have any problems with mothers not wanting them to be in the room. This may be just my experience, but by the time you get around to delivery day you have already been seen and examined by multiple people, what is one more watching?!?
  16. dee78

    The best hairstyle for female student

    In LPN school, I had super short hair. I grew it out through the year but it was still a short style at graduation. Now I have shoulder length that I keep pulled back in a ponytail or twist/clip most days...still wet. I love super short hair because you wash and go, mid-short length requires too much effort (for me). I know that our "rules" say off the collar but it depends on the instructor. It may depend on the facility, I've noticed that most nurses where we've had clinicals wear their hair down regardless of the length.