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  1. No, we are not being told to wear masks at all times, in fact we are being told to ration our usage carefully. Only understand access to masks. No covid cases currently but there are facilities nearby that have them and we know of staff that has been directly exposed so it is only a matter of time before it happens. I think we should all be wearing masks but we do not have enough to take that step.
  2. I understand because I happen to be in a similar position. The longer I have been at this facility the more duties I have been given along with more residents to care for. Corporate is driven by profits and puts us in a difficult position. I've seen Nurses cry at work because of the stress. I would search for something different if I were you. Long term care has turned into a circus with the acuity and expectations for care at end of life. I should not be doing such things as calling lab, pharmacy and Dr in the middle of the night. I do not work in a hospital but sometimes I feel like it. Difference is we have 50 patients instead of 5.
  3. Anne36

    Nurses Notes: Guidelines On What Not To Chart

    I was told at work today to not ever chart that I called the Doctor or that I informed the Doctor via the Log book (Nurse to Dr communication) about a problem with a resident. Wouldnt it look like I did not share information or follow up on a problem?
  4. Anne36

    Question from a third shift nurse....

    I feel the same way where I work. The midnight shift is treated as if we have nothing to do so all the busy work is pushed off on our shift, like stocking, etc. We are very busy with midnight meds, a full a.m. med pass that starts at 4 or earlier to get done in time for 6:30 shift report,they want ALL the skin assessments done on midnights and now orthostatic blood pressures of all things! Can you imagine being woken up at 1 am to get an assessment and then sit up to get your blood pressure taken for the second time? Also, we are supposed to do as many if not all dressing changes and treatments. I think its criminal to wake these people up by 6 am. We usually have at least 14 people up on the hall by 6:30 am. The day shift treats us like ugly step-sisters who are there to make shift a piece of cake.There is only time to do the bare minimum nursing care, God forbid anyone gets sick or needs extra attention.
  5. Anne36

    Dangerous and Demented: What Usually Happens?

    I wish violent/agitated behaviors were as easy to solve as being diagnosed with a UTI. Sorry, I get tired of hearing that one, especially when these people are already diagnosed with psych disorders and are on medication. I have not really seen changing medicaiton help, and I have only once seen a resident get sent out. I have had a Doctor recommend it in one case, but no way in heck are they going to send anyone out from our facility, not even after a resident has shown to be a danger to themselves or others. Many of these peolple do belong in geri-psych but they are now just getting mixed in with regular nursing home populations. I cant tell you how many times I have had a resident yelling to get so and so out of their room. With very limited options, all we can do is stand by and make sure they dont hurt themselves or someone else, (restraint free) too bad we are not staffed for that type of care.
  6. Ive been working in LTC for the last 6 months. The longer I am here the more I feel that I am just working in a psych ward. It seems like 80% of our new admits since I have been working here are geri-psych. They are medicated for their psychosis but it does not seem to touch them. I had to call the other day to get an injectable ordered for a resident who refuses her oral meds. By the time I got the med ordered she had scratched, kicked, hit, and thrown objects at all of the staff, some of us were left with scratch marks and bruises. These people monopolize the nursing staff time to the point where all we have time to do is watch the psych patients and pass out meds. I feel that I have to run my entire shift around these residents. Its not fair to the rest of the people who need my time and attention. I work midnights and have a hall with 36 residents and 2 aids. Most nights the psych residents are up, and need 1:1 care. I dont know how to make my nights manegable when these people wont stay in their seats and constantly set their alarms off trying to get up or scream the house down all night, medication or not. Some of these people are 2 person assist when they get up because they are combative and large fall risks. Any advice would be appreciated, I am so frustrated.
  7. Anne36

    How do you typically check medicines?

    We just have a Drug reference guide book at the Nurses station. No computers, or cell phones where I work either. I have not had to look up that many Drugs. The times I found I really needed it were to reference the generic vs the brand name.
  8. Anne36

    Did I just get thrown under the bus? Or I'm a bad nurse?

    If it makes you feel any better, Im learning from your experience. Im a brand new Nurse and have not been in this situation yet, but now I know not to hold Lantus!
  9. Anne36

    First day on the floor alone

    I made it through my first night alone. I was in the middle of doing report with the day Nurse and after hearing that one of my residents if fine, I get summoned to her room by the CNA because she is having chest pain. The day Nurse helped me assess her and gave her a prn antacid. The rest of my night revolved around this one resident and her complaints of chest pain. I had to call the Dr , order x ray and give prn meds, continue reassessing all night. Im sure that I spent over an hour caring for this 1 resident. How does the managment think there is enough time to give this type of care when we have a Nurse ration of 1:20+. I feel that my 8 hour shift is already barely long enough to do care on people who are stable with no complaints at all. I didnt get all the Q shift charting done obviously or I would have had to clock out late which they dont like. There are 9 Q shift charts on that hall, + all the care plans, etc. I had one quick 10 minute break the entire shift so I could eat half a sandwhich, get a drink, use the bathroom and take a deep breath.
  10. Anne36

    New nurse feeling overwhelmed and miserable!

    Im also a new grad LPN going through the exact same thing. Ive been sick , nauseated, cant eat or sleep, having nightmares about work. It seems like I have already made a few mistakes at work, but nothing directly related to patient care. Everyone has been okay when I leave my shift but it seems like there is still way too much to learn. The last week has been very rough for me. I pray that tommorow night goes okay for me. I need 1 good night.
  11. Anne36

    First day on the floor alone

    Thank you so much for giving me advice, I was afraid noone would respond before tommorow. I would love to hear some more tips. Also, another fear I have is that a visiting family member will ask me questions and since Im unfamiliar with the residents history and what family member has access to confidential information, I wont know what to say. I was so good at school and so stupid on the job sometimes. I called a family member last week to tell them their Mom had conjunctivits and is on meds for it, they said "how did she get that? I drew a blank.
  12. simplelc, wow your story sounds like some of the preceptors I have had. They interrupt my med pass and tell me who to give to next and so on because they have been working the hall forever and Im brand new. It is helpful at the beggining but I am on my own for the first time tommorow night and I feel ready in some ways but in others Im a little scared. I had one super bad night last week with my preceptor that made me want to quit. I have been getting physically ill because of the anxiety and stress of this job. Im going to work tommorow but I am going to make myself a "plan" for what I would like to accomplish in my ideal night and how to handle everything else that could throw my night off. Im also working on a list for trouble shooting s/s of illness and other issues that could arise. Im bringing a small notepad to write down notes as I go along. If Im going to survive this I need to make sure I am as prepared as I can be and learn something new each night to add to my knowledge.
  13. Anne36

    First day on the floor alone

    Hi, tommorow is my first day working the floor alone. I have been orienting for a few weeks at my first job. I have the med pass and treatments down for the most part. I may still ask questions about paperwork, but feel that I can manage it. I know where the crash cart is and what to do for a code. The only thing I feel a little apprehensive about is complaints and illness. I wont have a lot of experience with this until I start working more on my own. This population of residents is supposed to be stable. I worry about missing something and a client needs to be sent out to hospital but I dont realize it. Can I get some advice for being on my own the first night, just anything at all that you can think of might be helpful for me? Also, can anyone give me red flags or advice for trouble shooting with vital signs? I was looking up some indicators yesterday but if you know anything that comes up commonly in the elderly that is or is not a concern. Thanks in advance.
  14. Anne36

    Are there any LTC facilities hiring LPN 's in Michigan

    There are more part time positions out there than full time from what I can see. I am still looking for full time work. Have you had an interviews yet? I got hired part time at a LTC and am still on orientation but am hoping to be on my own soon.
  15. Anne36

    Should I take this LTC job?

    The CNA's do the ADLs. Does the med aid, pass ALL the meds? You basically have 2 Nurses to 53 residents, which sounds about the same as my facility. Where I work each hall has between 24-36 residents with 1 nurse being responsible for everything but the ADL's the CNA will do. I wonder what else you would be responsible for besides the head to toes? New admits, discharges, emergencies, anyone who became ill, had orders, and on and on. Are you supposed to split those duties with the treatment Nurse?
  16. Cape Cod Mermaid, No they dont check their vitals before giving meds at home, but remember this is their "home" thats why noone wears an ID band.