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lwndrgn has 3 years experience and specializes in LTC.

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    Drexel 2012

  2. lwndrgn

    New Grad w/ 1st LTC job

    Congratulations...I graduated in August too from another program and have been working ever since. Just believe in yourself and training and you will do fine. Ask a lot of questions and write down the answers, so you won't have to ask the same questions over and over. Customer service is a big in nursing the nicer you are to co-workers and family the more help you get...lol
  3. lwndrgn

    i forgot the ADON's name

    Thanks for your quick and warm replies! I was really worried about this but about an hour later the ADON called me back and said they were going forward with my background check. So I'm officially hired!
  4. lwndrgn

    i forgot the ADON's name

    So I got a job offer today and I forgot the name of the ADON who interviewed me. So I had someone call the facility and ask for her name. Well they called and said they wanted to send her a thank you note...Do you think she will associate me with this call if she gets a thank you note next week? And will she be offended that I forgot her name and take the job away?
  5. lwndrgn

    Any body in Navarro College LVN program?

    I am almost finished with it... the school has a very high reputation in the DFW area. Don't worry just study hard and work hard. The year will fly by.
  6. lwndrgn

    RPN Wages in Ontario

    Hi I'm from TX...is Canadian dollars worth the same as US dollars...
  7. lwndrgn

    Nurses not speaking english at work

    My two cents worth...I know what it feels like to around people who speak a language other than English. Yes I felt left out, a little frustrated and often paranoid wondering what they were talking about. It's easy to say learn the language. However, it is not easy to do. How many languages do I need in the United States. I know English and I'm learning Spanish. Some people in different cultures do not care about English speakers when they talk. And more often than not, they speak their language during work times and for more than just greeting one another...
  8. lwndrgn

    LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) facility?

    Hi all, I live in North Texas and will be graduating in August as a LVN. I want to work for one of those LTAC but alot are now not hiring LVNs or want some experience...What would be the best experience for me to get?
  9. lwndrgn

    Black Hairstyles

    Hi Im a nursing student now and I wear my hair in braids and twists. They look nice and work well for my budget and time. I wake up and go. I put my hair in a pony tail for clinicals and wear them down for home and regular classroom work.
  10. i am a single mother of two a seven yr old and now a 17month old. the first semester was great as far as school. i even made the deans list. but this semester is a little challenging because my son is now walking and trying to talk and he has this separation anxiety thing going that makes it hard to concentrate and study. he cries alot. i say make sure u get plenty of babysitters and a big support group...they will definitely come in handy especially for the early morning clinicals....good luck
  11. lwndrgn

    LVN before RN? Should I? Help!

    I am in the LVN program right now. If you want to be stressed out, worried about passing checkoffs by instructors who expect you to teach yourself, and who rush you to finish said check offs...then fail you for not getting them done perfectly. Or, if you want to stress yourself to death with a test every week on four or five and sometimes even seven chapters of pharmacology. Or better still, watching as classmate after classmate are getting kicked out and its not even the end of the first semester...then come and apply to the LVN program. I suggest you take the RN maybe it is less intense and you might be able to learn something from and instructor rather than clueless classmates.
  12. I am afraid I may not pass my first semester of LPN school because I am failing pharmacology and I cried during my foley checkoff. I am a relatively good student, but lately I am overly emotional and I haven't been concentrating as much as I was when school first started. I am almost to the point where I want to give up. I was so excited to be accepted into this program and how being in nursing would impact my life and my family life. But now, I am chickening out. I would like some encouragement or advice on how to stay focused when you are so overwhelmed and afraid of failing checkoffs.
  13. lwndrgn

    Dallas area

    TO CHICA BELLA813 Texas is the best state in the nation right now....we can't just let anyone in...lol
  14. Its probably the material.... Some information is monotonous....
  15. lwndrgn

    Disclose Marijuana use on application

    I say tell the whole truth. I once took a polygraph and the question came up about my marijuana use. I never smoked it only held it to my lips, at any rate, I said I never used marijauna. Before I even took the polygraph they asked me have I ever used it or experimented with it and I said no. During a polygraph you cannot change your previous answer that you already told them. So I kept saying no. They started asking me several variations of the same question. Apparently it detected I was lying and I was not offered the job. So take my word and tell the truth. Anyway, at sixteen we have all done something we were not supposed to do. Good luck.
  16. I just went to orientation today, there were 48 students about 15 guys.