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  1. iwillbanurse08

    Brand new corrections nurse!

    I am also starting a correctional position as well. My start date is the end of sept. We can keep eath other posted on the progress. I am a little nervous and excited at the same time. I wish you the best of luck on your new journey.
  2. iwillbanurse08

    Vitas Inpatient Hospice

    I just recently got hired there for a branch in CT. I am going through the physical process now and have not yet started orientation. I am just curious to know why was that your response to the post. Just so I can know if i should keep my guard up going into this agency..
  3. iwillbanurse08

    New Nurse Needs Advice

    I recently started a new job, and the only advice I am being given during my training is "dont trust the other nurses", "every one is for self" and that "there is no support from the fellow nurses" (LPN and RN's). I understand (but dont agree with) some of the belittling from the Doc's but I just dont understand the other nurses. During the past 2 weeks I have seen some of the deceit with my own eyes. Some nurses complain how nursing has gone to s#$@, but with all reality nurses have some play in that. We deal with alot as it is, to have to get it from other nurses is just a disgrace to Florence N. We should be uplifting to one another not be the opposite. I am so sorry Beedge that you have to experience this. No one should have to dred going to work because of lack of support, but unfortunetly it is all to common.. Good luck with your search I hope you find a job that best suits you and puts a smile on your face on your way to & from work.
  4. iwillbanurse08

    Anyone run into this....??

    The are also some doctors out there that believe we are irrelevant, wait to you come across those.. I just shake my head and continue to maintain my professionalism.. :redpinkhe
  5. iwillbanurse08

    Jobs are out there...

    At one point I was feeling like I needed to take anything since I could not find a job as a nurse. I was beginning to feel like I spent $$$$ and wasted time becoming a nurse only to be still working as a direct care worker for almost a year after nursing school (in the human services field). But low and behold the job I was dreaming of since the beginning of school hired me last week, so my fellow nurses please dont give up. There are jobs out there and maybe even the one of your dreams so keep praying and it will happen. Times are hard right now but faith can be your best friend!!!!:redpinkhe:nurse:
  6. iwillbanurse08

    Welcome to the new Learning Disability Nursing forum

    Hi babyface, here in the US we no longer use that term mental retardation. A more appropriate term was constructed we now use "Developmental Disabilities". The term "mental retardation" in my state was found to be offensive to the individuals we serve and down right degrading.. So I am happy to say we have come a long way and still have a ways to go.. :redpinkhe
  7. iwillbanurse08

    med administration by DSP's

    I was a residential staff who was med cert before becoming a nurse. My agency is in the works of putting their MAR's on Therap. I will let you know any info when that change occurs. Im curious to know how would that work with new orders that have to start stat or even cutting out that last check. In my state the UAPs are recertified q 2 years and do an annually pass and pour with the RN. My grouphome is pretty good with the meds and have very few med errors ( thank goodness)
  8. iwillbanurse08

    LPN wanting work in Group Homes

    I agree with virgo,student. I would try the ARC they are around in some states. And also try you states DD page. I just recently started working as a nurse in DD field and I love it. I was a direct care staff in the field for years and decided to transition over to the nursing aspect of the field. It is a very rewarding job.
  9. iwillbanurse08

    Really disappointed

    As a fellow nurse I am sorry you had to encounter that experience. I find it appalling the they hired you as a new grad and only gave you 2 days orientation. I dont care how small a facilty is that not enough time to feel comfortable. I started as a new grad as well in a LTC and was given 6 weeks orientation. By the end of orientation I felt comfortable enough. Also was that a regular behavior for that resident because if it was maybe he needs to be evaluated or have some sort of protocol in place for him. That is not a safe environment for staff or other residents.. Come on grabbing the neck (thats a no no!!) could do really bad damage. I will keep you in my prayers:saint: for you to land a better well suited job for you. We go through enough h#$%, we dont need to add being assaulted to that list as well.. Wish you all the best
  10. iwillbanurse08

    What is your current LPN salary

    Live in CT. Base pay $23.52 I work 2nd shift with a shift differential of $3.60 and $30.81 on weekends...
  11. iwillbanurse08

    calling ALL newly licensed NURSES.......[3yrs<]

    I graduated in April 2010 took my NCLEX-LPN in May 2010. I recieved my first LPN position in July 2010 but it was only a Per diem shift. This month I finally landed a part time position. It took awhile but with determination and diligence it finally happened.
  12. iwillbanurse08

    Holy Abscess! Not for the faint of heart

    Awsome, I would love to have been there in person to experience that in person.
  13. iwillbanurse08

    What color is your stethoscope???

    A Betty Boop one, goes with my personality...
  14. iwillbanurse08

    Dont give up!!!

    No I havent found a fulltime job yet, but I start a part time position next week which is exciting for me...
  15. iwillbanurse08

    Dont give up!!!

    :heartbeat I just wanna extend some encouragment for new LPN grads with in the last year or so. I recently graduated in April of 2010 got licensed in May 2010 and found it very hard and discouraging to find a job part-time nor full-time. Majority of the places were only recruiting for per-diem. I took a per diem position just to get some training and put my education into practice. The only major problem with per diem is it hard for me cause its not consistant and I feel like I need to be challenged with constant repitition. LPN jobs in CT are scant right now but please dont give up something will come your way and believe it or not it may actually be worth the wait. We went to school and paid an overwhelming amount of $$$ for our programs so have faith and keep you heads up... Wishing the best of luck:redpinkhe:nurse: