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I was irate earlier, but now that I have calmed down a bit and am at home in my pjs I can rant coherently...

Patient transferred from the ICU. About 2 hours later I go to look in their belonging bags to see if the ICU nurse had any extra 4x4s they sent with 4x4s, but there was a suction canister IN THEIR BAG with 700mls of yellow-brown sputum! Seriously people?! I don't even know what to say!

I'm not the type to tattle, but I will admit I marched the whole freaking canister straight to the charge nurse.

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OK that is disgusting.


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Ewww...who DOES that?!

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What the hell? I have no idea why someone would do that, let's hope the previous nurse had a brief lapse in judgement and thought that was a trash bag...

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Maybe the pt or family stashed it in there for some weird reason....


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:barf: no way. I would have walked it to the icu charge nurse

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Yuck. Just Yuck. And now I am oh so curious--what did the charge nurse have to say?!?!?!?!

Was that some passive/aggressive way of telling you that YOU had to measure the output?! KIDDING. (or not--haha)

Seriously though, just gross.

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some people really are that stupid......

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Maybe a transport person or assistant (someone who didn't know better) put it with the patient's belongings thinking it was appropriate for the continuity of care. Just playing devil's advocate here. That does sound pretty foul.


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At first I thought maybe a tech, even though they should know better..nope it was an RN. Normally I shake things off and laugh about them with my co-workers, but this particular day I was fed up with multiple things that should have been done in previous shifts that weren't for whatever reason. Then I find this...

@javelin: my charge nurse had sarcastically asked the nurse if we should chart output and apparently the ICU nurse said she would take care of it, lol.


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Wow, that's pretty disgusting!! What were they thinking?!!

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