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NYbabyRN has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in General Surgery, NICU.

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  1. 14 days in a row - I can't imagine working 38! Now I usually never work more than 3 days in a row.
  2. NYbabyRN

    ADN in 2016 completely useless?

    Is there any chance you can move upstate? Although the trend in the Capital Region is leaning towards favoring BSN applicants, many hospitals will hire ADN degree holders, especially if you are enrolled in a BSN program. In fact, most of the hospitals in this area require you to enroll in a BSN program within one year of hire.
  3. NYbabyRN

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    NurseRies, I appreciate your outlook! Nursing is not easy and I have learned over the years how to make it work, maintain a mostly positive attitude, and not constantly burden my significant other with the stress of my job. Still a work in progress; thanks for your example.
  4. NYbabyRN

    Did you wait to pick up OT?

    I started out in med-surg and remember my unit had a lot of OT available but felt nervous about picking up extra time. I think about 3 to 4 months after I got off orientation I started to pick up OT, and then I did a lot of it!
  5. NYbabyRN

    Do you get really nervous before a shift?

    I usually felt a bit of anxiety before almost every shift when I worked in med-surg; there was just so many variables and how the shift could go! It usually got better one the shift started.
  6. NYbabyRN

    Is med surg easier than ltc

    Depends on the facility and maybe manager. I used to work med-surg and my general surgery manager gave us good ratios, usually 4 to 5 patients. Other floors/hospitals can go up to 7 patients. I worked LTC briefly before my med-surg job and can commiserate with feeling overwhelmed and unsafe, managing the care of 30+ residents.
  7. NYbabyRN

    Electronic charting of kangaroo care/holding

    My facility uses Soarian Clinicals and in the VS electronic flowsheet there is a section in which documentation of parent presence can be documented, including if parent did skin to skin with infant. It's a drop down option and click the box type of charting. Even if you don't document vital signs you can still open this flowsheet and document that the parent did skin to skin.
  8. NYbabyRN

    Looking for job...

    AndreaLiboon, I think your past experience is relevant, however you would probably have greater chances at getting hired if your employer was willing to put through NICU orientation - similar as a new grad to NICU. I know my NICU would likely hire you and give you up to 16 weeks of training/orientation. My manager has hired people who have been away from NICU for awhile and put them through orientation, as well as nurses from other countries who have had a lapse in RN employment due to delays in passing the U.S. NCLEX and citizenship paperwork, etc. Good luck, I think it is possible; demonstrate your interest in NICU and be persistent.
  9. NYbabyRN

    Weirdest/most difficult thing swallowed by a patient

    wow Farawyn, used tampon!! I had a patient "accidentally" drink his own urine (he peed in a plastic drinking cup and left it on his bedside table). And took care of a gentleman who frequently swallowed razors; he ended up having severe complications from his last attempt and was in the hospital for months.
  10. NYbabyRN

    Discovery of Falsified Documentation

    Where I work, there are only two options for patients to review their records or chart. The patient has to formally request their records through the medical records office or if they want to review their chart while in the hospital the attending physician must be present. I recently had a situation in which the patient and family members were adamant about reviewing the patient's chart before her discharge. The attending was not in house anymore, yet they kept insisting they had a right to view her chart before d/c. I had to get my charge nurse involved and it wasn't a pleasant situation (they made threats, etc.), but we only gave them the paperwork to request her records.
  11. NYbabyRN

    New job!

    jeyre1847, I am also about to start in a Level 4 NICU after 4 years of adult med/surg experience. Some days I am terrified, but also thrilled to be moving into this specialty!
  12. NYbabyRN

    Failed a class - should I appeal??

    When I was in nursing school I had classmates who failed classes and failed out of nursing school due to percentages such as yours. Anything below a 78%, even by less than 1 point was considered a "F". I think it is the norm in nursing school and there isn't anything that can be done to change that.
  13. When I graduated from my nursing program 4 years ago we had to take the HESI exam as our final exam, and had to pass the exam in order to successfully complete the final semester. It was stressful! I am sorry you are in this position after 4 years of studying!
  14. NYbabyRN

    Valedictorian caught cheating

    nu rn, I was about to suggest that too! I would let it be known publicly, if the school and administration do not do something. They have already let her have advantages she should never have had as a cheater.
  15. NYbabyRN

    Charge Nurse Pay

    Nothing extra for being charge, and charge nurses have to take a full patient assignment.
  16. NYbabyRN

    New grad over 1 year and a few months

    That is not necessarily true, I work on a surgical floor and my manager has hired staff nurses with nursing backgrounds in psych, research, nursing homes, pediatric offices, etc; they were given a 2-3 month orientation period just like all new grads. You diminish your chances of gaining acute care hospital employment more so by not getting any nursing experience, especially as more time passes since graduation.