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CABG patch kid is a BSN, RN and specializes in Telemetry, CCU.


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  1. CABG patch kid

    Traveling as

    I know I will not quality for FMLA which is job protection. I will qualify for State Disability Insurance when I'm no longer able to perform try job due to physical disability (pregnancy). Paid Family Leave is another 6 weeks paid time off, I'm just not sure the requirement on this one. I'm not sure if I qualify for that if I'm not employed.
  2. CABG patch kid

    Traveling as

    Here's the situation: my husband and I are relocating to a new city. We're in the process of selling our current home and buying a new one. If the house sells quickly, I'll be about 18 weeks pregnant when we move. If I apply for a permanent job, I'll only be working for 4-5 months before going on maternity leave for 4 months. If I take a travel assignment, I won't feel bad about leaving when it's done but I'm not sure if I'll qualify for Paid Family Leave if I'm between jobs. The other dilemma is that I've been away from bedside for about nine months and I think I'd like to go back into it but I'm not sure. It's seems like traveling would be a good way to find out but I'm afraid of hurting my back again. Any opinions from nurses who are familiar with California SDI and PFL requirements? I've been paying into SDI for several years and qualify for benefits. How long does the hiring process take for travelers? When should I start applying if I want to start work in January? Should I just forget about traveling (since I really won't be leaving the city I'm moving to) and just go for a permanent position since that's my ultimate goal anyway?
  3. CABG patch kid

    Learning Interqual

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm finding the reviews are getting easier as time goes by; some of the cases are truly challenging though and I'm finding discharge planning takes more of my time than anything else.
  4. CABG patch kid

    Learning Interqual

    Thank you Freefalling, I think you got the gist of my original question with your responses. This is exactly what I was looking for. And everything you're saying makes complete sense!
  5. CABG patch kid

    Learning Interqual

    Thanks for the reply. I understand my job is NOT to make patients meet and we have a physician advisor for patients that don't. Hopefully the IQ class will be soon. In the meantime I'm not doing anything that would get me "flagged" or in trouble, I've got experienced CMs looking over my work. Thanks again.
  6. CABG patch kid

    Learning Interqual

    Thank you for the advice! Since there are a few of us newbies starting, our manager is working on getting us into a class in the next month (hopefully). I should be getting a book too, I think they were waiting for the 2014 book. I am so excited to learn all this stuff, the lingo is already starting to feel like second nature!
  7. CABG patch kid

    Learning Interqual

    Hi all! I just finished my first week as an inpatient case manager. In my particular position I will be managing a caseload doing discharge planning and medical necessity reviews. I started doing reviews today and I can see this being one of the more challenging parts of the job (and time consuming). My question is: at what point does Interqual start feeling intuitive? If I have a patient who's been in the hospital for 15 days and has 8 different active problems, at what point does it feel like I'll be able to figure out the criteria fairly quickly? Sorry if that's a vague question, I just don't want to screw up these reviews and I'll be doing them on my own (with experienced CM support) next week!
  8. CABG patch kid

    Not all nurses wear scrubs

    I just got a position in case management and will start in three weeks. As I happily tell my coworkers, most are supportive but I'm hearing some mixed reviews. So far I've heard that "You are leaving the nursing profession" "You're so young to go into CM" and "You're going to be a pencil pusher." To which I've replied, "No, I'm not" "Huh?" and "Well I suppose I won't be wiping butts anymore." I have no reason to hide my career change and since I'm staying in my current hospital most likely I'll still be working with these people on a regular basis so they should get used to the idea now! It is what it is. People have a narrow idea of what nursing entails.
  9. CABG patch kid

    I got the job!

    The name of the book is Case Management: A Practical Guide for Education and Practice by Powell and Tahan. I looked for the book recommended by Grntea in other threads but couldn't find it and this other one has good reviews. When I started getting more interested in CM I started paying a lot of attention to what they did in different situations like admit, transfer, discharge etc and started filing all that away mentally. I read a lot of CM threads here on AN as well as looked up definitions listed on the job description before my interview. The job description said the candidate should be familiar with EMTALA, CMS Conditions of Participation, Patients Rights and AB1302 (I think it's 1302, I don't have my notes with me). I'm so glad I read up on those things because my interviewers asked me several pointed questions about those things and asked me how I would react to certain scenarios. My orientation will be three weeks, I'm a little nervous but I think I'll be a great CM.
  10. CABG patch kid

    I got the job!

    Woohoo! I got my first case management job doing inpatient CM at the hospital I've been working at for just over six years. My background is in telemetry and critical care with a dash of ED. I got a book from Amazon and am trying to cram these next three weeks until my start date. I'm so excited!!!
  11. CABG patch kid

    One Strategy To Land a Nursing Job: The End Around

    Not a new grad here but this strategy helped me land a job at my current place of employment in a department with low turnover. The director said she was done scheduling interviews when my resume and cover letter landed on her desk (hand delivered by me to her secretary). I just found out yesterday I got the job!!
  12. CABG patch kid

    Ruptured disc, what's my next move

    Hello all; little background on me, I'm currently in my six year as a bedside nurse and have been struggling with medical problems this past year. Long story short I had knee surgery Oct 2013 and ruptured my L4-L5 late Feb (probably went back to work too soon after knee surgery and hurt my back as a result). I have been off work since I hurt my back 2 months ago and just got an MRI this week which shows disc extrusion with mild bilateral nerve root compression. My doctor is out of town for a week so I'm not even sure what the plan is at this point; I'm guessing he might want to refer me to a neurosurgeon for a consult and plan of care and the referral will take at least 2-3 more weeks. In the meantime, I am feeling better with PT and have made significant improvements but all of this has really made me question staying at my current position. I know I don't want surgery and will continue with conservative management, which certainly means being off work for awhile. I started looking for a new job about one month after I hurt my back (not knowing at the time how severe the injury was or how long it will take to heal) and actually got a tentative offer in an outpatient GI lab. I am in the pre employment process right now and anticipating a pre employment physical next week or so. Now that I know my actual diagnosis, of course I will have to disclose this info and may not even pass the physical. I am thinking of just applying to case management jobs where there is NO chance of patient lifting; unfortunately this GI lab position has a small chance of transferring patients but they are mostly ambulatory; walk in and walk out. My current job has approved my medical leave however they will not allow me to apply for any new position while I'm out (tons of case management positions are open right now and that's what I really want to do). It sucks because they expect me to go back to work unrestricted before I can apply for a more suitable job. I'd love to stay with my current hospital but they are making it difficult. I should have filed worker's comp when I first suspected my injury was work related but because my back spasmed two days after my last shift I wasn't sure if I could. Now employee health is telling me I can file if I want but my claim will be delayed and possibly denied and I may not see an MD for 2-3 months. Even then it will be a huge process before reclassifying me into another job. And that's why I said screw it and started looking elsewhere. I'm just really torn; I don't know if I should try to stay at my current hospital, which means going back to the bedside indefinitely until something else opens up or take a chance at a new job knowing that I have health issues and I don't want to risk reijury or calling in sick when I first start out. What to do?!! I guess I'm just looking for some input and maybe other people's stories if you've been through something similar. Thanks for listening.
  13. CABG patch kid

    RN clinic supervisor

    This clinic is part of a hospital network so hopefully that is in my favor!
  14. CABG patch kid

    Career help!

    Honestly, only you can make the decision. I get what you're saying about wanting to develop your skills and think that's commendable. If you decide to go with the new job just remember that it will be a tough year for you and commit to staying for a year. Good luck!
  15. CABG patch kid

    Needing Advice...

    To answer the above question about your current employer being contacted by future employers: It depends on your manager. I have been honest with mine when I wanted a change and put a positive spin on it. I let mine know at my one year Eval that I was very interested in critical care and that I wanted to transfer to ICU. She picked up the phone and called the ICU manager on the spot and got me an interview haha! Now I'm looking to leave bedside nursing, at least for a few years but still let my manager know that I'm looking into my options because my current job is too physically demanding and she was extremely supportive. It helps to have good relationships with your managers; more than anything they will be sad to see you go but they should not retaliate by making you suffer while you're still there! That certainly wouldn't make me want to stay!! But I will also say it's your choice and when you fill out applications there will be a place that says "May we contact your current employer" and you can say no if you choose.
  16. CABG patch kid

    Issues w/staff

    Wow what a crazy experience you've had. I can't believe those CNAs and hope they get what's coming to them. It's absolutely deplorable the way they treated you and the patients. I hope everything works out at your new job and please, stand up for those poor people in that facility. Freakin call the local news on their asses.