Semester almost over!!!


So is anyone else as happy as I am that the semester is almost over??? Two more weeks for me, can't wait for the break!!

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We are on spring break this week and then I have 4 more weeks until summer break. Then next year is my last year! I can't wait for summer!!!!!

grinnurse, RN

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I am right there with you!! We just took our last "real" test for the semester so that leaves me with 9 actual school days left until I graduate!!! 8 are my preceptorship in ER and then the final!!

I can't believe that I am almost done and I have hair left on my head to boot :rotfl: I will actually get to go to a craft show this weekend :coollook:

Happy Dance to all!!!!!

jenrninmi, MSN, RN

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Oh, yes!!

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2 weeks left, then summer, then fall, then done!!!!! I can't believe I'm halfway done! I was so scared last year, I actually feel like I might make it now!!!!!!!!

Tweety, BSN, RN

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I had my last test today!!!! We have a two week break and then 16 weeks of summer school. We didn't get a spring break. (I'm in a online program.)


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Four more weeks for me. Two more clinical days, one more skills lab days, two more tests and a final exam.


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ME TOO!!! 2 weeks left after this one. # tests, 2 clinical days! Then I have a week and a half off before I start my externship. WOO HOO!!!!



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Semester ended yesterday. :rotfl: I start back May 2nd. The week off will be great though. Everyone get some well deserved rest


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So happy to be able to post this...

3 days of lecture

1 test

1 final

1 pinning

1 graduation...

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We are on spring break this week and then I have 4 more weeks until summer break.

:balloons: :balloons: Me too! Me too~ except when this year is over I will be done with my LPN! Yea!:balloons: :balloons:

Another job interview on Friday, It's really real!:)


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I'm on a quarter system so I still have 6 weeks of lecture, 6 clinical days, 7 lab days, 2 exams, and 1 final to go... Not that I'm counting down or anything.

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