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studentnurse74 is a LPN, LVN and specializes in Gynecology/Oncology.

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  1. What's In Your Pocket?

    Scissors, alcohol pads, tape, black ink pen, red ink pen, highlighter and chapstick or lip gloss. I keep my stethoscope on my neck. I also have a clip board with my kardexes on it, and it has storage inside that I keep my pocket drug book, our "che...
  2. How do u like day/evening shift?

    I did most of my orientation on days, and even though it was busier, it worked out okay. I had an excellent preceptor who took her time with me, and I hope you do to. If you feel like things are moving too fast, be sure to let them know. They shou...
  3. How do u like day/evening shift?

    I just started working nights (7 p to 7 a) in May. I love it! I hate getting up early in the morning, I would be tired all day, and come home and sleep on the couch most of the night. Now I try to work my 3 in a row b/c it's much easier. The firs...
  4. Please share your embarrassing stories!

    I'm just coming off orientation, and I've already had my share of oops! moments! I know everyone has to learn, but it's embarrassing! Anyone care to share? Last week, I hung a piggyback antibiotic, and connected it to the tubing BELOW the Alaris pu...
  5. Lung Sounds - Im confused

    thanks for the links! helpful! i thought i was hearing dim bases on 90% of the patients, and asked my preceptor if everyone is diminished or is it just me? she laughed, and said people usually are when they're in the hospital. i also learned to c...
  6. Pharmacology tips..

    Write up all the classes- antibiotics, antidepressants, NSAIDS, etc. Then write the major side effects and contraindications, whether or not to take with food, etc. Study that first. Then plug in your individual drugs to each category. That way, ...
  7. WHOA, Officially a RN!!!

    i know how it feels! congratulations, rn!!! :balloons:
  8. Just tested for 3rd time today

    i didn't finish suzanne's plan, and i don't recommend not finishing it. i just stopped b/c work signed me up for kaplan. what i did do from saunders, i think helped with knowledge refreshment. i think kaplan helped with the questions, because they...
  9. Have gone through ALL the Kaplan questions...

    Put your books away and forget it! I was told that, and as hard as it was, I found things to do besides study. I really think it helped me to relax, and helped keep my confidence! Good luck!
  10. Pearson delivery successful

    It means your results have been sent.
  11. Question about Question Trainer 7

    I did all 7 question trainers, and got in the 50s. They want you to have 65 to pass with confidence. I just passed with 75 questions, and know a few others who did also while scoring in the 50s with Kaplan. Kaplan questions are the hardest I've do...
  12. Assuming a doctors order?

    I just passed with 75 questions, and always assumed you had a doctor's order for everything. Kaplan also taught us to "contact the physician" with hesitancy; it's rare that will be the answer. They want to know what you would do, not the md.
  13. 75 questions today, no idea how I did

    I just passed on my 3rd try with 75 questions! Mine was mostly prioritizing, also. From what I understand, those are the higher level questions so that is a good sign. They were all who to assess first, who to discharge first, what is the priority...
  14. Just tested for 3rd time today

    i passed!!!!
  15. Just tested for 3rd time today

    I failed twice at 265. This time, I started out doing Suzanne's program, and finished about 1/2-3/4 of it. Then a Kaplan course was offered through my work, and I didn't really have a choice in taking it so I did. I've been doing everything throug...