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mariedoreen has 3 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg.

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  1. Most Embarassing Nursing Moments

    I was a new nurse doing my initial assessment on a new post-op (man in his 40s). He's in bed surrounded by about 10 family members and friends and they've got the game on. He insists no one needs to leave while I check the surgical site and his drain...
  2. Some of us came to nursing as a second career... as a result we're well aware that there are careers that don't require us to tell ourselves to enjoy what we have and we didn't need to work on our burnout because we didn't have any... Sometimes I thi...
  3. I think there's a couple things going on here... 1) You are right that in this field there seems to be a substantially higher amount of people "complaining" about their work. I think, however, instead of telling all these people to get out, the prod...
  4. What a great thread, thanks for starting it. I'm working as an RN-ADN and want my bachelors. I've been looking at BSN programs... but the honest truth is I don't want to go that route... I want to major in something else... and have been feeling li...
  5. I love it. But like everything in nursing it depends on your personality and strengths. If you've been a NICU nurse for 19 years you have mad skills and you've had a lot of patient/family contact. Would you be okay with doing assessments over the ...
  6. Is this true? Stopping to help at accident scene.

    What's the first thing you're taught? Assess the scene. You do not go in if you do not feel safe. And you are not bound by law to do so. My personal feeling is that if the situation is safe and I can be of assistance... which has happened a few ...
  7. Anyone work as a managed care RN?

    Anyone work as a managed care RN in a clinic setting? Looking for feedback... likes/dislikes on this position. Considering making a switch. Thanks.
  8. Quitting 4 months into nursing?

    I found that out. The people I interviewed with didn't care that I'd been off the last 10 months, didn't care that I only had four months on med-surg. I had two offers the first week I interviewed... out of two interviews. My BIL on the other han...
  9. Quitting 4 months into nursing?

    It's been about 2 years since I wrote this thread. Here's the update: I ended up quitting med-surg. We moved a few months later back to the area where we grew up and most all of our family still remains. I took almost a year off work total and then I...
  10. Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    Everytime I open this page I see this question: Do Nurses Eat Their Young??? Perhaps that's why it never dies. However, every time I open this page and see this question there's a wounded voice inside of me that screams to the high heavens... Y...
  11. salary range 2007

  12. Hood River Oregon

    You don't want to commute to Portland on I-84 in the winter time... can be dangerous and you can count on it being closed at least once each year. Mid Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles is a great facility, check it out.
  13. Anybody commute in "The Gorge"????

    Head-on collisions are fairly impossible on I-84. East and West lanes are separated by concrete dividers. Am I reading your post correctly?
  14. Anybody commute in "The Gorge"????

    I lived in The Dalles for 11 years. I would not want to have to commute I-84 in the winter time. The concern is of course the ice, but the snow's no picnic either. You would have to worry about this every winter. If you're an RN looking for a good ho...
  15. Is there REALLY a nursing shortage?

    It wasn't about the money for me. It was about too many patients and not enough support for a new grad. I would have happily taken less money per hour (blasphemy around here I know) for saner working conditions. I'll keep looking for a position in n...