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colleennurse has 8 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in post-op.

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  1. Hello- My husband and I are considering moving to Pittsburgh in the next year or two. Just wondering about the hospitals there. I have looked on the internet and UPMC seems like the big one there, but it seems like there are several hospitals affiliated throughout the city. What is the pay range in Pittsburgh, currently I have 7 years experience and work in a short stay surgical unit of a large medical center. Also any one who lives there that would be willing to share some info on areas or info about schools as we have small kids. We would like to live close to the city. Thanks in advance!
  2. colleennurse

    Worst case scenario needle stick

    Dont have words of advice, just want you to know that I am sorry that this happened to you. Like someone else said utilize your work EAP. I've been stuck before and the whole situation is just scary. (((Hugs)))
  3. colleennurse

    New grad needing advice on transitioning to working nights.....

    If you have kids- make sure they can go somewhere in the day when you get home so that you can sleep- if they are not school age that is. Also I take a benadryl, one 25mg tab to help me stay asleep. Good luck
  4. colleennurse

    Newly pregnant...when to tell work?

    I would tell them when you feel comfortable. I have had miscarriages before, so I asked my boss not to tell anyone until I was ready for that reason. I think usually around 12 weeks is the norm. As far as the contact patient's, as long as you follow all the "precaution rules" I think you would be ok. Although I did homecare when I was preggers, so I am not completely sure on that one. Good luck and congrats!
  5. colleennurse

    700 pages of reading, per week, for one class

    Does your school give you learning objectives? Mine did and I only read the information needed to answer the objectives. They only tested us on those objectives, there were quite a few, but it was easier than reading the whole assigned pages.
  6. colleennurse

    Non-clinical job wanted

    Well this suggestion isnt non-clinical-but what about home care. You would have regualr hours. You said you like doing the wound care clinic. Home Care is 1 on 1 with the patient. There isnt a whole lot of work drama cause you are on your own for the most part. Sounds like it would be a good fit for you!
  7. colleennurse

    Just wondering......

    not sure what type of charting you have, but we use a program that has a clincal notes section, it is like the progress notes in a hospital chart. Anyone who is open to the patient charts there and yes I would chart whatever happened, obviously in a professional way. CYA at all times! Just in case something down the road happens! Sad to think that way, but I never put anything past anyone!
  8. colleennurse

    New Nurse. Need help, Please. What are my options???

    Have you though about home health care? I was on the verge of leaving to go back to the hospital d/t wanting more hands on care, but I am pregnant and have decided that now is not a good time to make that sort of change. Anyway- you have a more 1:1 contact with patients and a lot of your time is spent charting. You still can use your nursing skills, but not be in a hospital environment. Just a thought, especially if you dont have a lot of experience it is hard to get some of the other jobs you mentioned. HH is a growing field and usually will take someone with a year exp. How long is your time commitment to the hospital? What happens if you break it? I would ensure that you are truly interested in those other fields before returning to school. You wouldnt want to spend money or time on something you do not like, you would be mad at yourself ! Good luck in whatever you chose!
  9. colleennurse

    Other than day surgery.......

    Home Health is good option if you have kids. You generally will get weekends off(if you casemanage-at least the agencies where I live) and you have a flexible schedule. Can be boring at times, depends on what your caseload exists of.
  10. colleennurse

    advice from Mom's working overnights

    Hey everyone. I am leaving a community health to go to a position in ED. I will be working 12's mostly nights. I also just found out that I am pregnant. Anyway-I have an almost 2 yo. Just wondering how this type of situation works out for you all. My husband is very supportive and has a pretty flexible job. When do you sleep Does it work well for those of you who do it? Please tell me it doable. TIA!
  11. colleennurse

    Is it ok to work in different specialties of nursing?

    I agree the PP's, I do not think it is frowned upon. I have been working in community health for the past 2.5 years and I am bored, so I just took a job in ED. Very excited to start! I think part of the reason you are seeing so many jobs requiring experience right now is d/t the economy. I looked for several months before I found something I wanted and got. When I graduated almost 4 years ago, the hospitals were begging you to work for them, with availability in almost any specialty/area. One of my favorite nursing instructors said the same thing as someone above, that moving around prevent burnout. I will never forget that advice. Unless of course you find your passion!
  12. colleennurse

    Excepted a position in ED!

    my bad on the accepted/excepted. I know better too!!!!
  13. colleennurse

    Excepted a position in ED!

    I am excited but nervous. I am coming from community health and am soooo needing a change. This is stepping out of my comfort zone a bit, but that excites me a little :) Any advice? TIA!!!
  14. colleennurse

    Pregnancy and working in ED?

    I see what you mean. Yeah I would not do that. Like I said with ny 1st I worked in comminuty health, you are on your own there and you never know what you will walk into. I just did tons and tons of hand washing! -still do:)
  15. colleennurse

    Pregnancy and working in ED?

    Thanks for the response-what do you mean function as a nurse with disbilities? Do you mean dont work if I should be out on disability d/t complications or do you mean act like I would have a disability? Just curious :) With my 1st I worked in community health and worked right up to til my 40th week with no problems. I realize that ED will probably be much more physically demanding that is why I ask!
  16. colleennurse

    Pregnancy and working in ED?

    Just curious what the thoughts are of those who have experience working in ED. I just found out that I am pregnant and am probably going to take a job in ED, or will most likely get an offer. Is it doable? Would love to know all of your opinions. TIA! Colleen