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Hi SN friends,

I don't post or comment much but I am on almost everyday reading your thoughtful, informative, and hilarious discussions. Today's our last day of school and I am "temporarily retiring" to pursue my dream job---staying at home with my babies. I had #2 this past spring and I'm excited (but nervous---will I enjoy it as much as I think I will? Because the whole toddler trying to adjust to new baby thing is kicking. my. butt!) I just wanted to thank you all for your wisdom and humor these last 5 years of school nursing.

And OldDude, a special thank you for always reminding us how our children are only on loan to us for a short time. I can't tell you how many times your words have crossed my mind. I am sad to leave my school but excited to make the very most of the time I get with my little ones.

I plan to return to school nursing when I'm done having babies and the youngest is in school and hoping all of you will still be around here to help me ease back in! Have a fantastic, well-deserved summer!

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Good for you! You won't regret it. Keep in touch...congratulations!!

Good luck. The one thing that I always remembered those years that I was home with my kids was that I would never look back one day and think "Gosh, I sure wish I had never stayed home with them". Enjoy your babies and school nursing will always be here when you are ready to come back.

Enjoy your time with your babies!

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-blows kisses-

Have fun!!

Kittery, I still have your post on my wall.

Best to you and your kiddos.

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Awe...enjoy those lil ones!!! pop in and keep us updated!

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Enjoy! And come visit on little watering hole from time to time to say hi :).

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Good luck! I am jealous!!! ENJOY!!

Enjoy the time with your kids!

I stayed home with mine and wouldn't change a second of it!

Congrats friend!!

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