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  1. Kittery

    Mast cell activation syndrome

    Thanks, all! The student will start school in a few weeks, I'm going to work with mom to develop specific accommodations r/t to his triggers. I think I'll bring up a 504 as well like Jen said. Welcome back from Thanksgiving break!
  2. Kittery

    Mast cell activation syndrome

    Anybody have experience with this in the school? It sounds like triggers can vary from person to person and even day to day ... just looking for a starting point for an IHP. Thank you! And happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Kittery

    C'Mon Now!

    There's probably a better thread for this but is it appropriate to chart under complaint "Staff states student has a high fever and needs to go home, staff has not checked temperature"?
  4. Kittery

    School Nurse Left Out! Bombers!!

    We had "crazy hat" day today, I wore my husband's Mickey sorceror hat. :)
  5. Kittery

    Success story!

    Thank you! The teacher was so grateful she bought me a milkshake.
  6. Kittery

    Success story!

    I'm so excited, I wanted to share! I've been unable to screen one of my preschoolers because she's terrified of medical people, screaming and crying every time we tried to bring her to the clinic. The counselor suggested I go to her classroom and spend some time playing with her to see if she'll warm up to me. Worked like a charm! I spent 45 minutes yesterday rotating through the learning stations in class with her and by the end she was proudly showing me her work and giving me little smiles. Today I set up the screenings as a "station" in her class and she breezed through them! Woohoo!
  7. Kittery

    Tips for....

    My school is all pre-K and we have to use the HOTV chart, the kids get a card with HOTV on it and just point to the one that matches. But maybe that's only valid in TX ... I got this from the previous nurse but she got kid sunglasses, popped out the lenses, and covered one side with a fun shape. Way easier than having little ones try to hold an occluder or cup to their eye. I get 3-5 kids at a time with a teaching assistant, explain the directions to the group, and give each kid a chance to show me they're able to match the letters up close. Having the TA or teacher there really helps. I start with just a few of the really large letters to build their confidence and ensure they're understanding the matching part. I've found that with hearing, I have to help a lot of them understand the procedure by playing the tone and raising their hand for them a few times before they catch on. It takes FOREVER for me to screen these littles! This is probably the only time I miss my middle schoolers who breezed through screenings.
  8. Kittery

    Old Dude or other Tx nurses...is it true?

    Our director told us the bill didn't pass by itself (because all the school nurses rallied against it) but somebody snuck it on to a different bill. Sneaky sneaky. I have sent the letter home to 3 different classes but surprisingly, nobody's called me panicking!
  9. Kittery

    Epi Pen Organization

    Jen, just curious, how many stock pens will you have? I have 2 twin packs and will send one out for field trips if a student with diagnosed allergy doesn't have any epi at school at all. But sometimes we have multiple field trips, or field trip in which the groups are really spread out ... there's my dilemma. So I tell my parents if their kid doesn't self-carry and I don't have their epi in my office, there will be none to send on trips.
  10. Kittery

    Just had to Heimlich a kid

    Great job!!!
  11. Kittery

    Minor Questions

    Why did teachers sign up to work in a building full of children if they're so afraid of germs and getting sick? (Sorry, I know this should probably go in a different thread ...)
  12. Kittery

    NCSN results

    I read NASN's review book cover to cover and took the practice exam (available from NBCSN).
  13. Kittery

    NCSN results

    YAY!!! CONGRATS!!!
  14. Kittery

    NCSN results

    I didn't get the results in the mail yet, but I have been checking via the certification verification website: https://admin02.cyzap.net/dzapps/dbzap.bin/apps/assess/webmembers/secure/manage?webid=NCSN&pToolCode=cert-verify&pAdd=Yes Just type in your last name. And if you don't see it, remember they said 6-8 weeks!
  15. Kittery


    Thank you!
  16. Kittery

    NCSN results

    Thanks all!!!