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  1. I am taking a break from work to do the SAHM gig. I emailed the BON asking if I could keep my license active as long as I complete my continuing ED and pay the fee every renewal period. (I may try to work PRN or not work at all, not sure right now.) ...
  2. Kittery

    See you around!

    Hi SN friends, I don't post or comment much but I am on almost everyday reading your thoughtful, informative, and hilarious discussions. Today's our last day of school and I am "temporarily retiring" to pursue my dream job---staying at home with my b...
  3. Kittery

    Tube Feedings

    I personally do not (just because there isn't a need to), but in TX we can and many of the other nurses in our district do. Many of our teachers do the tube feedings themselves daily, with proper training and occasional check-ins/reviews by the nurse...
  4. Kittery

    National School Nurse Certification Exam

    You can verify certification on the website, I checked that everyday and found out I passed 3-4 weeks after taking the exam, much better than 6-8 weeks for the letter!
  5. Kittery

    High School Shooter Copy Cats?

    A HS student in my district was arrested the day after the Parkland shooting for bringing a gun to school, same thing happened in 2 other districts in the area. Ridiculous.
  6. Kittery

    Did you replace a school nurse?

    I've replaced a nurse at all 3 schools I've been at. 2 of them overall did not like the nurse prior to me so I was received well. 1 of them, the nurse had not been there too long but was very beloved and I was not received so well and heard all the t...
  7. Kittery

    NASN School Nurse Conference 2018

    Way far ahead but 2021 will be in Austin!
  8. Kittery

    Stocking OTC meds at elementary school level

    I have worked for a district that stocks OTCs and for one that does not stock anything besides epi, and I definitely prefer not stocking meds. The students came in asking for ibuprofen/Tylenol for any little bump/scrape/tickle in their throat, which ...
  9. Kittery

    EMS talking down to Nurse

    I'm just here to say WAY TO GO! So glad you were this student's school nurse!
  10. Kittery

    Just curious... children who vomit!!

    Our school policy is vomit goes home and stays home until 24 hours without vomiting. That said, it's understood that I can use my discretion. But if I don't have a clearly not-illness-related reason for the student vomiting, I will send home. I woul...
  11. Kittery

    Minor Questions

    Question: I was doing Diastat training today, and I always tell the teacher to look at the safety cap and make sure that little plastic prong is still there, otherwise it probably broke off in the syringe. But if it did ... what would happen? I'm thi...
  12. Kittery

    Missed one

    I've missed a broken foot, too, and like you, felt awful about it. But we do not have x-ray vision and can only go on our assessment. I would've done the same as you did, but this is my 5th year in school nursing and I've had swollen, black and blue ...
  13. Kittery

    Mast cell activation syndrome

    Thanks, all! The student will start school in a few weeks, I'm going to work with mom to develop specific accommodations r/t to his triggers. I think I'll bring up a 504 as well like Jen said. Welcome back from Thanksgiving break!
  14. Kittery

    Mast cell activation syndrome

    Anybody have experience with this in the school? It sounds like triggers can vary from person to person and even day to day ... just looking for a starting point for an IHP. Thank you! And happy Thanksgiving!
  15. Kittery

    C'Mon Now!

    There's probably a better thread for this but is it appropriate to chart under complaint "Staff states student has a high fever and needs to go home, staff has not checked temperature"?

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