Ugh, WHY?!?!

  1. Just had my DM student here with a deactivated pump. Of course it was alarming and we were working on fixing it. The student is a little self-conscious about the sound and hates creating self-attention, so the teacher that burst through the door loudly exclaiming, "WHAT IS THAT SOUND? YOUR PUMP SOUNDS LIKE THAT?!?!" definitely did not help the situation at all. UGH.
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  3. by   Flare
    Stay classy, teach! I hope the dagger stare came out!
  4. by   OldDude
    Open mouth - insert foot. Some are completely oblivious.
  5. by   kidzcare
    How annoying. I hope the teacher realizes how that made the student feel (either on their own or because you point it out to him/her)
  6. by   KeeperOfTheIceRN
    *insert "How to behave when students are in the nurse's office" flyer*

    Nursing Diagnosis: Diarrhea of the mouth
    Related to: inability to maintain student privacy
    as evidenced by: loud, obnoxious comment about student's insulin pump alarm.
    Treatment: uh. how about keeping your comments to yourself???

    Seriously. It's amazing how many people are incapable of keeping their comments/thoughts to themselves these days.
  7. by   BeckyESRN
    We have posters in our hallways that say
    "Before you speak, THINK! Is it
    Maybe that teacher needs a poster?
  8. by   OldDude
    It really is amazing how often I award staff with, "HERE'S YOUR SIGN!"

    Just today...a kid so pale you could read a newspaper through her sitting in my clinic with a trash can in front of her waiting to be pick up for painting the hallway with vomit. So, "that teacher" happens to walk through and asks the girl, "Oh, are you sick?"

    My response? "Here's your sign!" You'd think after repeated foot in mouth insertions they'd get it but I guess not. Oblivious.
  9. by   Supernrse01
    Oh Flare, you know I stared her down! She did an about face pretty quickly!
  10. by   Supernrse01
    I'm pretty sure she got the hint by the tone of my voice and the way I looked at her when I answered her outburst.
  11. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Quote from BeckyESRN
    We have posters in our hallways that say
    "Before you speak, THINK! Is it
    Maybe that teacher needs a poster?
    I want this poster! Everyone - kids, teens, AND adults need this reminder.
  12. by   OyWithThePoodles
    My type one kiddos grandmother was telling me that they were at an event and a lady kept offering them candy. They repeatedly told her no, but she kept insisting. Finally one of them told her they were diabetic and she screamed "Oh no! That is just awful!"

    People, c'mon.

    I had a parent in here and one of the diabetic students came in for a finger stick. She just kept looking at him, shaking her head, and saying "Oh you poor thing, bless your heart." Ugh.
  13. by   GetBackToClassRN
    I was assisting my new 4th grade diabetic student with her carb calculation for lunch and discussing that she would only eat 1/2 the french fries portion (per mom's direction). Another parent that was picking up her ill child from the clinic jumps into the conversation and says, "oh no! Tell her (the nurse) that you NEED to eat all of your french fries! hahahaha". - She clearly thought she was being funny, but how about you not butt into another students care.

    I just turned and gave the "other mother" a look and said, "Um....actually she CAN'T".
  14. by   OldDude
    "Here's your sign!"