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GetBackToClassRN has 15 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics, Hematology Oncology, School Nurse.

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  1. GetBackToClassRN

    Working second job as school nurse

    I had big hopes of staying on PRN at our Children's Hospital where I had worked for 11 years before starting school nursing, but I just didn't have the energy. After working M-F from 8am-3:30pm, I was beat. The hospital would only allow me to sign up for 12 hour shifts. I worked one PRN shift and decided the exhaustion just wasn't worth it. I would love to find a PRN office job or a legit work-from-home job!
  2. GetBackToClassRN

    C'Mon Now!

    I had a kid bring me her birthday crown yesterday because it had ripped. Taped it right back up. This school is so lucky to have a full-time nurse to handle such emergencies!
  3. GetBackToClassRN

    Happy School Nurse Day!

    My oldest daughter (5th grader at the same school as me) even said the other day, "That's so dumb. Why is nurses week the same as teacher appreciation week???" I explained that it's a national thing, not just our school choosing the weeks. She is a little bummed that I don't get as much love and recognition as the teachers, but I told her it was fine. Appreciation is GREAT, but that's not necessarily why most of us became nurses so we just push on and really appreciate whenever we are recognized. 🙂
  4. GetBackToClassRN

    School Title

    My own 2 kids were students at the school before I started working here as a nurse. I was very active in PTA at that point. Most of the students knew me as Ms. "firstname" from PTA and from my daughters dance studio. After 3 years here as the nurse, some students call me Nurse "firstname" and some call me Ms. "firstname" still. I don't mind either. There are a couple teachers that call me Mrs. "lastname" and that's fine too. I don't really mind as long as people are respectful. I just don't appreciate when students walk in and start with "Hey, I need ice (or whatever it is they WANT)" And then there is one super sweet kiddo that calls me Nurse Koala, because he tried to read my name and that's what he came up with. That's my favorite! 🙂
  5. GetBackToClassRN

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    "Dr. So-and-so, I told you that you needed a mask to take care of that patient on Droplet Precautions! Now look at you, coughing all over the nurses and other staff!!! Someone get masks, STAT!"
  6. GetBackToClassRN

    ADHD meds in milk?

    I've taught my own two children and a couple of my patients in the hospital to swallow pills using mini m&m's. :) It should be fine to mix the medication in milk, just keep it to a very small amount so that you don't have any trouble getting the child to drink it all.
  7. GetBackToClassRN

    My school doesn't "do" Halloween

    I like how are school handles it...we have 'Literacy Character Dress Up Day" on Halloween. The kids must still follow dress code, cannot be scary or inappropriate, must be a book character and the student must bring the book with them to carry in our Character Parade. If they choose not to dress up then they get to sit or stand in the hallway to watch the parade go by. It's fun and a lot of the staff members join in on dressing up as well.
  8. GetBackToClassRN

    kids going home when they really don't need to

    This is EXACTLY what I do as well.
  9. GetBackToClassRN

    What's night shift like in pediatrics?

    I would say that it highly depends on the setting. If you will be in a fully functional free standing children's hospital, each type of floor will vary based on its specialty. My primary area in the children's hospital setting for 11 years was hematology/oncology. That unit was very busy at nights as we administered the majority of chemotherapy at night. Also, it is true that a lot of pain and nausea symptoms worsen at night when things calm down and the kids aren't as distracted or possibly because they pushed themselves to do too much during the day. When I did float to other units, they were overall more calm at night. There are definite pluses to working nights, but it is a bit heartbreaking to see how many kids are left without a family member to advocate for them and give them individual care.
  10. GetBackToClassRN


    I would consider having individual student logs printed on cardstock that are kept in a central location. You could each have a binder/folder that you place the cards for the students you are passing meds on each day and then they all go back to the central location at the end of each day. That is how we handled paper charting when I worked in the hospital setting before EMR.
  11. GetBackToClassRN

    Sure, no problem

    I feel for you getting those kind of requests! Good luck!
  12. GetBackToClassRN

    Sure, no problem

    I would suggest the teacher take that up with admin (AP or guidance counselor). That is more of a behavior concern than a health concern. Really the only solution to offer would be for the teacher to let the child go to the restroom every time they need to "pass gas". You cannot tell the child to just hold it in and then potentially cause a stomach ache.
  13. GetBackToClassRN

    I can handle just about anything...

    You are not alone! My usual statement if the child does not appear to be miserably ill is, "If your parent felt you were well enough to come to school and you don't have a fever now, then you need to go back to class."
  14. GetBackToClassRN

    CPN vs. Board Certification

    I am leaning toward the CPN just because it seems to be what most children's hospitals look for (from my experience).
  15. GetBackToClassRN

    Just got REAMED at...

    Perfect Attendance makes me want to scream. Our school still does it and it makes me completely bonkers!!! I bluntly told my admins last year that I completely disagree with there being an award for perfect attendance. While it's great in theory to promote attendance, it also encourages otherwise sick kids to come to school when they should be home!
  16. GetBackToClassRN

    C'Mon Now!

    2 first graders walk into the clinic... 1st grade messenger girl: He needs some ice. (and she points to her classmate) Me: Well, *kid*, why do you need ice? Boy: My chair leg came up and it went down on my foot real hard. Me: Show me where your foot is hurt. Boy: (points in the general location of his left heel) Me: Take off your shoe and sock so that I can see if anything is swelling or cut. Boy: (takes off shoe and sock and begins looking ALL around his foot...toes, heel, medial ankle, lateral ankle) Me: If you don't know where your foot hurts, then I think you are alright. You need to put your sock & shoe back on and get back to class. Me: