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What do you use to take student emergency medications (Epi/allergy, Inhaler, Sz meds, diabetic supplies, etc) out of the school building during an evacuation of the school building such as during a fire drill or actual fire?

I have approximately 17 students with emergency medications that are kept in the clinic, so they will not fit into a backpack.

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I bought an XL bag (I think it locks too)  that will fit all my meds in case of an actual evacuation from one of the school nurse supply companies. (I don't mess with it for a known drill.) 

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I only have 1 diabetic and he keeps the majority of his supplies on him at all times in a small cross-body backpack (extra insulin, new pod, glucometer, baqsimi, glucose tabs). I do not bring any inhalers with me, this would be too cumbersome to pack up in an emergency scenario. I have a set of adult and a set of jr. epi-pens that go with me in the go-bag. However, I also have the luxury that our Fire & EMS service is less than a block from the school, so if there was a medical emergency, they generally arrive within 2 minutes and could take over care. 

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RatherBHiking said:

I bought an XL bag (I think it locks too)  that will fit all my meds in case of an actual evacuation from one of the school nurse supply companies. (I don't mess with it for a known drill.) 

I would build in trying to get all of those meds in the bag during at least one of the drills and carry it with you - you don't want to get caught trying to stuff everything in the bag and fumbling during an actual emergency - best to have that sorted out before it's necessary, if you feel the need to carry all the meds with you!! That's what drills are for, right? It's like a dress rehearsal for a real emergency - do all of the things you need to do if in the face of whatever it might be...

During our lockdown training with the state police a couple of months ago, they were speaking about how the brain goes into fight or flight mode when faced with dire circumstances. They cited people trying to lock their doors during active shooter situations and how many people completely lose the ability to control their fine-motor skills and drop the keys repeatedly, costing precious time to secure their rooms. 


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I do not carry all my emergency medications.  I have a stock epi and stock albuterol in my to go bag that I would use if needed.


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I don't take anything. During our active shooter training we are told not to take anything and have nothing in our hands - told to drop our walkies and only take phone if it is in a pocket.  

In an actual emergency evacuation - fire/gas leak scenario- I am not hanging around packing up meds that are unlikely to be used.  I would snag my diabetic student's bag of supplies that she keeps on top of my filing cabinet, if I was in my office when the evacuation was called. I have always assumed that in an actual emergency evacuation there would be emergency services outside with us.  They carry Epi and albuterol, so I would hand students needing either of those off to them. 

Actually, taking anything with us assumes we are in the Health Room when the evacuation is called.  I am often out and about in the school and not in my office.

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I do not take anything with me other than my go bag.  We have a fire station 2 blocks from the school and in the event of a true evacuation, who would take over quickly if needed.

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My school has almost 2,000 students, and I have so many medications, daily, PRN, Emergent that I would need a giant cart to get them all out. Thank goodness I'm in a high school and all my diabetics are self carry- self administer, so they have all of their supplies on them already. There is no way I can get all my meds, even just emergency meds out of the building.. 

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