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beachynurse has 38 years experience as a ASN, BSN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. beachynurse

    Excused or Unexcused absence

    If I send a student home with possible conjunctivitis, I do ask for a note to ensure that the student is seen and is clear to return to school. This reduces the risk of students passing on the infection to others. I respectfully disagree that r...
  2. beachynurse

    Things you wish doctors would do/say differently?

    As a school nurse, if you are dealing with pediatric patients, please don't write notes for parents just because they ask you too. I get so many requests for leaving class 5 minutes early for kids without assistive devices, or any need for the accomm...
  3. beachynurse

    Hope for bullying?

    This went on for 2 years, and it started to affect my health. My blood pressure was sky high my PCP wanted to put me in the hospital. I went to HR, and now I know why no-one went to them. Our HR rep went right to the boss and told her what we were sa...
  4. beachynurse

    Hope for bullying?

    I had a boss years ago that used to love to bully her managers. In fact it was actually verbal abuse. If she was in a bad mood, when she came in and you were the first person she saw, you got blasted. She would poke her finger in your chest, and had ...
  5. beachynurse

    International educated nurse

    You would need to contact the Board of Nursing for each state that you are interested in going to live and find out what their requirements are for foreign trained nurses.
  6. beachynurse

    School Nurse Job Offer Help!

    I was going to move to LA and the credentialing stopped me, though I was told with 20 years of school nursing I might not have to get it. But the pay cut.... I took about a 25-30,000 dollar a year pay cut. It took quite a bit of getting used to the l...
  7. beachynurse

    School Nurse Advice

    I'm at a high school with almost 2,000 students and I have an assistant that is an LPN. Just the 2 of us...
  8. beachynurse

    Gluten Free OTCs?

    In our school division, the parents need to supply all medications with an MD order.
  9. beachynurse

    Interview discrimination?

    Most places won't interview you without an active license. You don't know how long it will take for the state to reactivate your license and they probably can't hold the position waiting for you. I'm sorry, but I don't think it's personal.
  10. beachynurse

    Second guess itis

    If I'm not sure about a wound needing sutures, I call the parent and have them pick up the student and let them make the call. This saves me from getting screamed at by parents that we didn't do anything, and puts the burden on the parent. The parent...
  11. beachynurse

    Excused or Unexcused absence

    If I send a student home, the day I send them home is excused. If they are out the following day, the parent writes a note that the student is still ill and they are excused that way.
  12. beachynurse

    Have you ever wanted to see a coworker fail?

    I wouldn't waste my energy on them. I have too much to do myself than to worry about a person that is just miserable, and has such poor self esteem that she has to downgrade others and brag about herself just to make herself feel good. I actually fee...
  13. beachynurse

    Med assistants are nurses?

    I understand, but, just because MA's are lumped into the nursing "category", does not make them Nurses, nor does it permit them to call themselves Nurses. They are Medical Assistants.
  14. beachynurse

    Nurse Practitioner had live sex for online viewing

    This kind of thing is nothing new. I'm originally from NY, and I know that there were blocks of "peep shows" in certain areas of the city, and probably still are. Hearing about things like this are really nothing new to me, I've known for many many y...
  15. beachynurse

    Nurse Practitioner had live sex for online viewing

    I totally agree with you. I believe in minding my own business, and as long as it doesn't effect me let them do their thing. I would never be involved in that line of work but if that is what they like to do as consenting adults, let them do it if it...

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