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    School Title

    I prefer to go by Ms. first name. I think it's less intimidating for the kids, and it reminds me less of my former mother in law... lol. Should have changed my name when I got divorced and it was free..
  2. beachynurse

    Typical schedule.

    I work in a public high school My hours are 7:10- 2:30. Class hours are 7:20 to 2:10. I love these hours. I still get to feel like I can do something in the afternoon when I get off. We have 3 athletic trainers that are available for sports practices and events after school.
  3. beachynurse

    Conflict of Interest

    I can tell you it's not easy in some areas. I am divorced, with a disabled adult child. I work 2 jobs, and I am looking for a third. My rent is one paycheck from my primary job, and it's not in the greatest or safest neighborhood. It's the best I can afford. My son receives SSI, but it's a very small amount and not very helpful. My bills are normal house bills and 2 credit cards. I don't live a fancy life. So please, don't be so judgemental of others when you don't know their circumstances.
  4. beachynurse

    PARENTS say the darndest things

    Psychic powers or your crystal ball..... I get the same thing....I got chewed out because a kid fell down the stairs and hurt her leg, why didn't I call Mom... Well, I have to know about the injury in order to call????? The kid never came to the clinic because the bell had rung and she was afraid she would miss her bus..
  5. beachynurse

    Sub Notes

    I have a sub binder with different categories, a section for the layout of the clinic and where to find things, who's who,- administrators and numbers, guidance counselors and numbers, security and numbers, custodians and numbers, a list of nurses in schools close to my school and familiar with my school, maps of the school with quickest pathways to different areas of the building and grounds marked off, a list of kids aith medical conditions, a list of kids with food allergies, and those with epi-pens highlighted. Policies and procedures for medications, students leaving school that drive, sections on EMS, Child protective service calls, Head injury/concussion paperwork, impairment assessment paperwork, and directions for all of them.
  6. I actually like this. It protects us from liability and we have enough to worry about already...
  7. We must have MD orders for any medication, including OTC meds. Our orders must match the directions on the prescription bottle or we are unable to accept both the bottle and the order util they match. Parents must bring meds in to the school. Students are not permitted to carry anything but epi-pens, inhalers, and diabetic supplies with MD orders for self carry and parental consent.
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    Is this insubordination? How do I deal with this PSW?

    Wow, I'm going to completely disagree with you here. I don't see the RN as having the ege, I see the PSW having an ego. It appears that she feels that with her minimal amount of training that she feels that she knows as much as the nurses. This can be very dangerous. I don't feel the nurse is being rude at all, I feel the PSW is being rude by questioning the ability of a person with qualifications that she is nowhere close to having. It would be one thing if another nurse was questioning another nurse, but, a subordinate questioning a superior, no way.... You are way off base.
  9. beachynurse

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    How horriffic for both the nurse, and the patient's family. While I am horrified at the medication error, that's what it was. A tragic medication error that should have been utilized as a training tool to prevent something like that from ever happening again. The hospital needed to look at it's procedures and put new ones in place. As far as her license, I am sure that the guilt that she feels is more punishment than losing her license could ever be. I think that would be way too harsh. Possibly be mandated to take some medication training, monitored for a time and then returned to full duty. I think that is a much fairer outcome. We as nurses can be so cruel to each other, and I understand that this error cost a life, it was just that, an error. And by no means am I minimizing the error, I totally understand it's cost. We see physicians make deadly and costly errors and they go back to practice as though nothing happened, but nurses are crucified. Lets stop that kind of behavior, please!!!!!
  10. beachynurse

    504 Madness

    It seems like just about everyone has a 504 these days, whether they truly need it or not, at least in my school division. I'm curious, how much involvement do you have with your 504 plan's and coordinators, and is medical documentation of a disability, or medical condition required? We only need a parent to say that the child has symptoms of******* and that's it....
  11. beachynurse

    504 Madness

    That's exactly what we use... sigh.... I can't tell you how many are made up by the parents... unbelievable, and sad
  12. beachynurse


    I totally agree with you. It's not my fault, and it totally reflects of the student. However, in the high school I work in, I do lots of CYA work. These kids can be less than honest, and this generation of parents will back them up and turn it around on you. I document, document, document..
  13. beachynurse


    I would simply document what happened on the back of the form, and discuss the issue with your administrator. Make sure that you document that you spoke to the student's parent, and what the conversation was generally involving. As long as your administrator is aware and you have documentation you should be ok.
  14. beachynurse

    Marymount Traditional Nursing Fall 2018

    I am a Marymount Alum, 1985. I loved Marymount's Nursing program, and received an excellent education. I highly reccommend that school for anyone going into nursing.