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  1. Ice keeper

    C'Mon Now!

    I just had the original post in this tread play out in my office. Bloody tooth and bloody tissue plonked down on my desk...
  2. Ice keeper

    Providing Care to Staff

    My first supervisor insisted her nurses informed all staff "I will only check your BP etc if you guarantee that you will do what I advise" before they did anything for a staff member. She told us if they didn't agree, to send those grown adults on their way. If we didn't know how high their BP was we were not liable and didn't need to stress about them not following up. I still apply that rule now. I have had a few obviously sick teachers change their minds after the fact, but on occasion (chest pain etc) I have involved the Principal and had them call 911
  3. Ice keeper

    CGFNS: CES Professional Re-evaluation

    I just got my license by endorsement in Delaware. I couldn't believe they wanted a report from CGFNS 30 years after I was first licensed in the US. All they wanted was the letter of certification. I ordered it from the CGFNS website for $100. CGFNS did not require anything new from me.
  4. Ice keeper

    Are You Ready?

    I would add if you live in a hurricane prone area have that old fashioned land line connected to a corded phone. During Wilma I peaked outside during the eye and saw what it had done to our pool, screen and flat roof. I was able to call the insurance company while the winds were still blowing on the back side and at last start the process. We lost power and cell service for 3 weeks. I really feel for the Florida Panhandle. I think Michael has been the forgotten disaster.
  5. Ice keeper


    I actually admit that is why I got into this gig. But after 14 years, multiple schools and renewing my NCSN twice, I think they get that I accidentally found my passion.
  6. Ice keeper

    License by Endorsment/TPP

    This is probably a very silly question. But, I have only ever lived a long way from a state border. We are moving to Delaware soon. Most of the jobs I am seeing close to where we are moving are actually in Pennsylvania. Can I apply for a Pennsylvania license when I live in Delaware?
  7. Ice keeper

    Silly rant, but people keep steeling my tissues

    The water cooler disappeared from my office one summer. Desk chairs, wheelchairs and even the scale have walked away since I have been here.

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