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  1. Ice keeper


    I actually admit that is why I got into this gig. But after 14 years, multiple schools and renewing my NCSN twice, I think they get that I accidentally found my passion.
  2. Ice keeper

    License by Endorsment/TPP

    This is probably a very silly question. But, I have only ever lived a long way from a state border. We are moving to Delaware soon. Most of the jobs I am seeing close to where we are moving are actually in Pennsylvania. Can I apply for a Pennsylvania license when I live in Delaware?
  3. Ice keeper

    The Big Chill

    Don't try this at my school... That is definitely not a "proper ice pack" and will cause yelly parent phone calls
  4. Ice keeper

    The Big Chill

    I have a standard lecture that doesn't go over well. It ends with "If your doctor wants you to ice that 3 week old injury every 10 minutes, I need that in writing from said doctor as that is a treatment plan". I explain that I offer First Aid and a nurse needs orders for a treatment plan . I don't actually say out loud "particularly if it is a treatment plan that gets you out of a portion of every class". I recently was yelled at by a parent for this. After explaining that I did give ice, but explained I would not give anymore for at least two hours. She then switched to complaining about the quality of my ice packs! She claimed her angel needed a real ice pack and I only gave her ice cubes in a baggie. I had to then explain public school budgets!!
  5. Ice keeper

    Need to vent and process this

    I thought this only happened to me. I have used my stock Epi a lot - all first time allergies in High School students. Every time the paramedics try to tell the parents that I "cured" the allergy and they should just follow up with an allergist sometime. It has got so bad I have asked my supervisor if she can speak to our local EMS station. My best one was a teacher that they convinced to sign the release and said she could wait with me until her boyfriend picked her up. My parting shot to them was "See you in 10 minutes when that Epi wears off". Sure enough... I try to get to the parent before they speak to the paramedics and detail graphically what will happen when the Epi wears off.
  6. Ice keeper

    Relocation and Compact License Question

    Thank you. That is what I thought. But, I haven't moved for a long, long time and Florida has only just becomes a Compact State. Also, no state's board of nursing website is exactly user friendly for this kind of information. I have just finished applying for my upgrade as I figured it would be easier to to transfer the same kind of license.
  7. Ice keeper

    Relocation and Compact License Question

    I am currently working and living in Florida. We are considering relocating to the Maryland/Delaware area. How would this work with regard to licensing? I am not sure which state we will be living in, or which I will be working in and quite likely will be living in one and working in the other. Would it be beneficial to change my current single state license to a multi state as Florida is now a eNCP state?
  8. Ice keeper

    Silly rant, but people keep steeling my tissues

    The water cooler disappeared from my office one summer. Desk chairs, wheelchairs and even the scale have walked away since I have been here.