Poll: What age group?

  1. I began my first official job as a school nurse a couple of months ago. I was offered a fantastic position at an elementary school (K - 4). I never saw myself working with the younger ones as I generally prefer to be around middle and high school aged kids but this position was too good to pass up.

    What age group do you work with? What's your favorite and least favorite thing about it?
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  3. by   NutmeggeRN
    HS, they know everything/they know nothing...depends on the day!
  4. by   verdeacres
    Small rural impoverished middle and high school students - more independent than younger ones. Most are very pleasant, but some are surprisingly manipulative.
  5. by   Farawyn
    Suburbia, Grades 7-12. I wouldn't have it any other way. Love these crazy, spoiled, giving, selfish, intelligent, just plain ol' dumb kids!
  6. by   MHDNURSE
    I'm in the inner-city, K and 1st. Love that kids these little don't have all the drama that MS and HS kids have. Yes, I have to deal with bathroom accidents and kids who come see me crying b/c they miss their moms, but for the most part, I find this age group easier.
  7. by   MrNurse(x2)
    K-8, littles make me smile, but come in for everything. Third through fifth are polite, respectful and a dream. Middle school, they are fun to interact with but have a little attitude thrown in.
  8. by   Eleven011
    My school is PreK - 12 so I have them all! My favorites would be the littles because they are willing to try your suggestions - rest/water/bathroom. The HS kids just think thats a waste of time and have their cell phones out as they walk into my office ready to call home for permission to leave.
  9. by   scuba nurse
    I work at an inner city elementary school grades PK thru 6. I love it!
  10. by   nursetlm
    500+ KG'ers and 1st graders. Great age.
  11. by   Dattebayo
    K-2 here! Perfect ages! They're mostly so sweet and loving. I get so many hugs everyday : )
  12. by   Running Cat Lady
    Middle school four glorious days of the week, the one day the credentialed nurse is here (she spends one day week at each of her schools) I'm at an elementary. My days at elementary school require lots of deep breathing, and I have two little ones of my own! Apparently I'm one of the few who actually likes middle school in my district.
  13. by   ohiobobcat
    HS grades 9-12 here. I like high school kids because they mostly get my sarcasm. Sometimes they think they know more than me (nursing-wise), most are respectful and easy to joke around with. Some have an attitude, and that's OK. They're teen-agers!! However, I encourage respect and politeness in my office and I am not afraid to call a student out on that.

    My students are fairly rural and most are on the lower end of the poverty scale. We drove to the furthest edge of our district on the way to a wedding and I was surprised how far some students live from our school. I'm talking a good 40+ minutes away by car. I've never worked with any other age group so I have nothing with which to compare.
  14. by   BeckyESRN
    I like my K-5 age group. 2nd grade seems to be my worst year, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it may be more staff related... 4th and 5th graders are an interesting group, lots of drama, lots of immaturity, but you also get to see some of these kids become really cool people.