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villageRN has 20 years experience as a BSN and specializes in M.Ed., CSN.

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  1. villageRN

    What should I get a Masters in... and where?

    Small world...I'm also finishing my CSN at Eastern this semester! I did my BSN through WGU and really liked the program. I am now toying with finishing my M.Ed through Eastern or going back to WGU for MSN - Education. Decisions...decisions....
  2. villageRN

    Never heard this one before!

    Today a third grader was sent to me because his hand was cramping from taking too many math notes. And his teacher actually wrote that on his nurse pass!!!! This happened while I was dealing with two first graders - one who ate the rock salt from the parking lot and the other who ate a crayon. Has the whole school gone mad??
  3. villageRN

    Poll: What age group?

    I began my first official job as a school nurse a couple of months ago. I was offered a fantastic position at an elementary school (K - 4). I never saw myself working with the younger ones as I generally prefer to be around middle and high school aged kids but this position was too good to pass up. What age group do you work with? What's your favorite and least favorite thing about it?
  4. villageRN

    Tips for a solo newbie in elementary setting please?

    That's a great point! I had a school nurse I used to work with express the same thing to me about the mints.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to working in this arena and have accepted a position as the full time school nurse in an elementary setting. I will be the only nurse (no assistant) in the building for 500 students grades K - 4. I have contemplated moving into school nursing for several years and am finally making the leap of faith. I would LOVE to hear ANY tips you have...especially those about working with the students and the staff, as well as time saving bits of advice and staying organized. So basically, ANY tips you would be kind enough to share. Thanks so much!
  6. villageRN

    How many students?

    I was wondering how many students you are responsible for and what grades your school is? Also, is there a Certified School Nurse and a Health Assistant in your office or are you flying solo? Thanks!
  7. villageRN

    Resp Assessment before inhaler???

    Thank you, all, for the feedback. I would never deny someone their inhaler because I certainly wouldn't want that done to me! I'm used to everyone getting lungs listened to before and after inhalers so this was different for me. I wanted to get the opinions of you fine folks to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks, again, everyone!
  8. villageRN

    Resp Assessment before inhaler???

    I have been working in a school setting with children with special needs for the last 4 years so I am a newbie to the "Health Suite Nurse / CSN role". I oriented for a new position today and the nurse did not listen to anyones lungs prior to them usiing their PRN inhalers. She allowed them to get the inhalers out of the cabinet and administer it to themselves without any assessment or intervention from her. Like I mentioned...I'm new to the CSN role, so I wonder....Am I overreacting? Is this common practice in the school setting?
  9. villageRN

    Roll Call 2016-2017

    Kidzcare, Where are you taking classes at?
  10. villageRN

    School Year 2015/2016: Who's in?

    I'm in for this year! This will be my 4th year in a school. First 3 years were spent in a special education setting but THIS will be my first year as the building nurse for a regular ed private school. Scared and excited at the same time!!!
  11. villageRN

    HELP...interview tomorrow!

    Thanks for the advice, OldDude. I was offered (and accepted) the job yesterday!
  12. villageRN

    HELP...interview tomorrow!

    HELP!!! I have an interview tomorrow for a new position as a school nurse. I have worked in a school for a few years, but what questions do you think I could expect? This interview got scheduled so quickly that my head is spinning.
  13. villageRN


    Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourself!
  14. villageRN

    Commuter...how are you doing?

    Good for you for getting back on track, Commuter! I'm starting the program in Feb and one of my motivators in getting my own butt in gear was reading all of your posts and comments about your experience. You're SO CLOSE...just a few more steps and you're there!!
  15. villageRN

    Thinking of applying to WGU RN - BSN program

    FunkyRN2b, I don't start the program until February so I can't answer firsthand on how the program is. I can tell you that I know a few people going through and they absolutely love it!! If you peruse through the boards here you'll find some very informative posts about WGU. Good luck in your information seeking!
  16. villageRN

    RN to BSN/MSN...when is BSN awarded?

    Thanks for your input, everyone. I've emailed my enrollment counselor to change to the BSN.

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