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  1. So I had planned to become a school nurse in NJ a few years ago but got side tracked. Now I'm down in FL and just landed a school nurse job at a middle school in Orlando... yeah!! I've been lurking online for a few years and trying to absorb the nuggets of wisdom that everyone posts here... keep 'em coming for us newbies!!
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  3. by   Keepstanding
    Welcome to the Family !! We are a friendly group with lots of valuable insight regarding everything "School Nursing " ! We all love our job's and truly care about the health and safety of our kids (students). But we do use humor and some mild sarcasm to spice up this forum ! Best wishes on your new appointment and don't forget to wear pink on Wednesdays !
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    Another guy! It is always nice to have more male perspective! Welcome.
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    Glad to see another "y" on here, welcome to the nurses' station. Lots of great experience here, drink it in.
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    Welcome to the farm...and congratulations!
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    This is by far the nicest group on AN.
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    Welcome! I'm in a junior high too, definitely a different breed.
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    Welcome... we be lotsofun!
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    Welcome! I learn lots from this group. As well as enjoy the company and comedy.
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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new to this Group. I am from India. glad to be a part of this Group.
    Thank You !