Fidget Spinners

  1. Are these wreaking havoc in your schools yet??? Here in MA they are EVERYWHERE and getting banned from schools left and right.

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  3. by   Flare
    i think they are gaining ground. My daughter came into my office today from breakfast saying how cool and how much she wants one for her birthday. She's a summer baby so here's to hoping that fad burns out before then.
  4. by   tch1920
    I have no clue what that is.
  5. by   HappyRN.
    Those things are everywhere in my school! It seems like its the new fad and all the "it" kids have to have one. Grrr they frustrate me
  6. by   it'snotatumor
    It amazes me how new things catch on so quickly! Everyone has spinners here in rural MO least they don't annoy me as much as the water bottle flip or eraser challenges did.
  7. by   OyWithThePoodles
    I had to google what they were.

    I will say, a kiddo came in with a fidget tangler one day. And I went and ordered some off Amazon. I get anxious in the car and they surprisingly help. Those spinners look like they would be a distraction.
  8. by   NurseBeans
    I have seen quite a few of these and here is my beef: for the students with ADHD a fidget can be a real helpful tool in the classroom. The children without ADHD who are bringing them in are making it an issue and causing them to be banned. Now the student with ADHD is left without their tool for learning. Why, kids, why? I have tons of these in my school and most of the ones I see with them are not dx ADHD. Not fair for the neurodivergent.
  9. by   Eleven011
    I few of my med kids (ADHD) have shown me theirs. I don't think they are so plentiful they are causing problems at my school yet. My son showed me a video just the other day and asked if I'd seen them. So they are moving on to the general population quickly.
  10. by   tining
    Our counselor has one for his fidgeting.
  11. by   offlabel
    My kid has one for church.
  12. by   AdobeRN
    They are annoying! Teachers are starting to be ban them - only allowing for those kids with diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and written into their 504/SPED plans.

    Our local mall now has a kiosk selling them.
  13. by   NanaPoo
    Yep, they're everywhere. I'm actually thankful for them and those fidget boxes (or whatever they're called) because they're nowhere near as annoying as flipping water bottles.

    I have a student who falls asleep in class repeatedly and, while we're trying to find the root cause, she's allowed to chew gum, play with her fidget thingies, and sit on an exercise ball. She's the most envied kid in school.
  14. by   kidzcare
    I work in a preschool and no kids here have them. But my own children have them. My oldest daughter has 3 and my son has one (he does have ADHD, she wants to play). I told them to not be distracting with them. I also have a fidget cube that my son sometimes brings to school.