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tining has 25 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nurse.

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  1. tining

    I don’t know if I like school nursing

    It all started when a doctor's office gave me a dozen Nothing Bundt Cakes. I can't have that around so I did the quiz to get rid of them (I would never spend $ on that). I have bought the movie candy boxes at the dollar store and kolaches. I have 10-12 winners.
  2. tining

    Do you ever miss bedside?

    I miss some aspects, however the bad outweighs the good on the floor. The camaraderie from professional staff I miss. The do my vitals and disappear for hours, having breakfast and lunch, when I could barely fit in time to relieve myself Patient Care Assistants I absolutely do not miss. If you asked them to do something you were considered a B!t<#, if you didn't ask you ran yourself silly. Yes, bitter and salty.
  3. You did not follow me! “we can slip out early and get a long lunch break” This has NEVER happened in my 13 years of school nursing. If they were not very knowledgeable the probably were not good at bedside nursing either.
  4. tining

    Increase in bad student behavior.

    Interesting . . .
  5. tining

    School nurse questions.

    I would bring my own stethoscope
  6. tining


    Honestly, I don't think every teacher reads emails or follows instructions. Took me 4 days to meet with teachers about student issue that could not be put in email. The last teacher I called at their planning period. The teacher thought I was calling to help them with open enrollment of insurance. No regard for the 5 emails I sent in 4 days.
  7. tining

    School nurse roll in IEP + 504

    With the IEP we will implement an IHealthP if there are medical needs. Therefore we still make care plans in the school nurse setting.
  8. tining


    Had a teacher admit to vaping CBD oil (another story and no longer here) and said there is a high to it.
  9. tining


    Have the district Risk Management & Lawyers look over too.
  10. tining

    What is your late pick up policy?

    Had several kinder frequently returned because no one there to meet bus. The YMCA aftercare has to have paperwork filled out so could not send there. Special needs/downs student would not get on bus, parent would not answer. We could go on and on. Nothing done for parent consequences, other than the bus kids were not allowed to ride because of no one there and having to return student to school.
  11. tining

    Common clinic visits (elementary)

  12. tining

    Thank you

    So sweet, thank you! Let the great day and a wonderful/safe school year vibes continue
  13. tining

    "huge puddle of blood!"....oh boy

    I chalk it up to that's why we are nurses and they are teachers. They can't do my job and I certainly don't want theirs. However, their judgement is way off from common sense plenty of times!
  14. tining

    Wiping bottoms

    How about guidance and then observe if done correctly - this kid needs to be empowered.
  15. tining

    Happy Halloween!!!

    Some cities want to have Halloween on the last Saturday in October. Parents don't have to rush home, kids get the next day to sleep it off. Where do I sign up? I just found out a neighborhood nearby does Tick or Treat on the 30th, maybe keeps the not in the neighborhood tourists to a minimum?