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tining has 26 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nurse.

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  1. tining

    Question for those using Health Office Anywhere

    Thanks Flare!
  2. tining

    Office “fun”

    Coloring, will have to rethink this with not having to clean between uses.
  3. tining

    Temps at the door?

    Limit entrances & delegate temp taking. I have an excel spreadsheet to decrease paperwork for all of this documentation.
  4. tining

    Question for those using Health Office Anywhere

    My district (state? - Texas) is having the nurses check on the students with health alerts/conditions. Keeps me super busy. They want us to contact every week. Can you upload doctor orders/documentation into the student's chart on Health Office?
  5. tining

    Question for those using Health Office Anywhere

    YES! My district has this old system and we do a paper log-in, reports don't work well, immunization report has wrong dates and makes them delinquent. Ready for the 21st century. What else do you like about it?
  6. Those that use Health Office Anywhere are you able to keep students in a cue until you finish charting?
  7. Hopefully the parents that we have told to not send their students to school with fever really get it now. I have told one parent 4 (FOUR) times in 2 years, after catching student with fever, to not send to school because of this very thing. THIS IS A PEDIATRICIAN I TOLD THIS TOO & HER DENTIST HUSBAND.
  8. tining

    Working from Home During COVID-19 Shut Down

    We have been asked to contact the students with chronic health conditions and see if they need any resources we can direct them to. I am also looking at my incoming 6th graders immunizations, alerts and conditions. Will also check our state immunization registry for those that have their Tdap & MCV4 already and then input data. Pretty busy sitting in living room while binging all of the RuPaul's Drag Race seasons!
  9. tining

    Texas School Nurses + Covid-19

    Texas is done for the year, maybe fall . . .
  10. tining

    Mailing Meds

    Yes, illegal.
  11. tining

    Texas School Nurses + Covid-19

    Yes, and Laredo is requiring face masks (scarves/bandannas) in public places. Visitors from Louisiana are required to isolate for 2 weeks or face fine.
  12. Is anyone considering working in areas that need help with this pandemic? Hospital, Health department, other ideas? Considering how I can help out.
  13. tining

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    Out until April 13. No information on duties.
  14. tining

    Texas School Nurses + Covid-19

    STAAR test waived. https://abc13.com/education/governor-abbott-waives-staar-testing-requirements/6013433/ My district closed until March 31. Let's post specific to Texas information here. https://abc13.com/education/texas-schools-may-close-for-rest-of-the-school-year/6017852/ Schools might close until the end of year. Stunned, just stunned.
  15. tining

    A "real nurse" or school nurse

    Only 39 - geez
  16. tining

    A "real nurse" or school nurse

    Pretty sure it is illegal to call yourself a school nurse if you do not have the credentials.

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