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tining has 27 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nurse.

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  1. tining

    Weirdest Thing About School Nursing...

    Gee, where are you from? Yes the medical advice is frequent however no social communication is odd. I have made some really great acquaintances and friends over the years. Always maintained friendly camaraderie with front office and admin. A thou...
  2. tining

    Transgender Students

    Received this information last week
  3. tining

    LPN restrictions in school setting

    At a school? This is for school nurses.
  4. tining

    Transgender Students

    Our district is allowing name changes without legally changing name.
  5. tining

    Medication Error in School

    The tiny description of the pill on the pharmacy label and the pill matching that description should cover the "Right Medication" in the 5 rights. Maybe asking the parent to not remove from stapled pharmacy bag would be another option. I wonder...
  6. tining

    Medication Error in School

    Darn tootin' I'm checking my meds from now on. OK it is the 5 rights - "Right Medication". however it does not say to look it up on drugs.com. Checked my supply I'm good 💊
  7. tining

    40 days left!!

    54 for students, 55 for me. S#!T show for sure. ❤️ I can see returning in the fall completely open. CDC changed seat distances from 6 to 3 feet on Monday.
  8. tining

    Opening Texas

    At least my teachers are beginning to get the vaccine,about 23 have notified me that they have at least one shot - TG!
  9. tining

    Opening Texas

    My son's Texas college does not have a Spring break. They are taking 5 days off throughout the Spring semester.
  10. tining

    Opening Texas

    Superintendent of my district to address Governor lifting the mask mandate. We will still be required to wear masks.
  11. tining

    Staying or Going?

    I'm going to test pedi home health this Summer. A friend left SN and said she works 3 days/week for same $$.
  12. tining

    What are some of your office policies?

    Big one is no one leaves early with parent without asking me first. Middle school kids call and say they are sick, parent comes "I'm here to pick up my sick kid". Staff knows to ask "Have they seen the nurse?" If no, I assess and explain why t...
  13. tining

    C'Mon Now!

    What state is this?? I want that law!
  14. tining

    How has your role as a school nurse changed with COVID?

    I feel like 90% covid - contact tracing; speaking with parents, students, and staff; Rapid testing on campus; lots of time spent getting information out. Parents still delay contacting me or teachers are telling me someone is positive. Coordinating...
  15. tining

    Staff Vaccines

    My state bumped the teachers to Tier 2 and they are pissed. I have forwarded vaccine events and web sites but only a few fit the 1b criteria. Fortunately in my school I am not seeing spread. I do see kids test positive after a weekend get together...