Boosting Immune system

  1. Warning, this post is a little whinny.

    Since about February, I've been catching nearly half of the illness that have been coming through my office. I feel like I finally get better for like 2-3 days, and then boom! Another cold or GI bug decides to latch on to me. Currently I'm at my desk with a melodic barking cough that started yesterday.

    I wash my hands between all of my little ones and I clean everything to the point where you can smell the clorox in the hallway.

    Is this just the life of a new school nurse? Do you guys have any immune boosting tips?

    I am standing up in a wedding in two weeks and I'm considering just wearing a mask for the rest of the year.
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  3. by   SaltineQueen
    I rarely get sick, and I don't do anything different. Do you get enough sleep? Maybe some vitamin C?
  4. by   WineRN
    I have a little one at home (she's now 10 months!), so sleep is a hit or miss kinda thing. Plus with her being new at daycare, she picks up things there and bring them home. We are literally a germ factory. lol
  5. by   ruby_jane
    I think you've identified the reasons - you're doing your level best at school not to touch anything they touch but you are, quite literally, getting this from both ends.

    There are herbs that are purported to strengthen the immune system (Echinacea and astragalus have some studies behind them) but I don't know enough about them to tell you much more. My mom swore by vitamin C and she's a chemist. There is some interesting research on the gut biome and immunity. They haven't come out and said we all need a probiotic yet, but if you're interested in that research, the data are fairly plentiful. It seems that you need the extended release probiotic (so it doesn't all get spent in the stomach) and not necessarily just yogurt. But if you like yogurt, that's good too.

    I promise it will be better next year. Both at your school and at day care.
  6. by   ruby_jane
    Quote from WineRN
    I am standing up in a wedding in two weeks and I'm considering just wearing a mask for the rest of the year.
    Or that.
  7. by   scuba nurse
    I rarely get sick too. But I do take multi-vits, extra iron, vitamin c, B12 and vitamin D. I think that helps (at least for me it seems to).
    I too wipe everything down everyday with Lysol wipes, at school and at home!!
  8. by   caretakerofkids
    My first year as a school nurse, I had every sickness that went around our school. Second year was much better. Now, in my fourteenth year, I rarely ever get sick (knock on wood!!!) -- I like to think I have built up immunity!!! It's been the same with our teachers -- the first year they catch everything. I believe it will get better!!!
  9. by   Flare
    yes - you do tend to catch everything your first year in a school. and oddly enough your first year in a new school you get this quasi-sick thing too - it's like you have to get used to the new germs at that school. Vitamin c, fluids and home made chicken soup are your new best friends. also giant thermoses of tea with lots and lots of honey and lemon. I think that's all i was surviving on at one point. well that and saltines
  10. by   NurseBeans
    I've noticed sleep is more important than I thought it was...I work really hard to get the sleep I need and I notice I haven't been sick as much. Plus I do a morning vitamin c bomb (raw spinach, fresh-squeezed orange juice, a banana, and a Emergen-c packet, blended...grosses out the students because it's green) which I don't feel right if I skip. Lemons in my water, overall better nutrition. I am sick much less since doing all that.

    I also stopped using hand sanitizer and just use soap and water when I need to wash my hands. I just don't have any faith in the hand sanitizer.
  11. by   grammy1
    It will get better.

    A couple of things, I don't let students use my phone, NEVER! There is a student phone they can use, but not mine. Also, a wise doctor once told me to keep my own pen and use only it. Don't let anyone else use it, and don't use anyone else's. I have a cup with pens for parent sign-outs, etc., but they don't use mine. Sounds petty, but it seems to help.

    Edited to add: handwashing, handwashing, handwashing.
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  12. by   WineRN
    Thanks everyone for the input (especially those who let me know that there is a light at the end of this tunnel!)!
  13. by   denstar
    I had the same issue when I first started. I was new to working in a school, and at the same time my son started preschool full time and my daughter started day care full time - all 3 of us bringing germs from 3 new places. It was ROUGH! The three of us were sick a lot the first couple of years, and now this year (my 4th school year) it has tapered off considerably (I've really only been sick once and it was minor). Hang in there - hopefully you're developing a super immune system!!
  14. by   Ben_Dover
    So you got the hand washing part. Add a daily dose of work-out and recommended amount of water intake and PPE and PPE and PPE all the way! This works for me.