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caretakerofkids has 25 years experience as a RN and specializes in School Nurse.

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  1. caretakerofkids

    If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    Received my first dose of Moderna on 1/6/21 in my left arm. My left arm was sore and had some numbness in my left hand the day of the shot. The following day, my left arm was VERY sore and heavy (significantly more sore than I've ever had with any ...
  2. caretakerofkids

    Tired of being "the bad guy"...

    I am tired of being the "bad guy" and I just want to keep our kids safe! Are the rest of you getting negative feedback from parents when you have to call to tell them their child needs to quarantine due to being a close contact of a positive student...
  3. caretakerofkids

    Got My Vaccine Yesterday

    I had my first vaccine (Moderna) a week and one day ago. My arm was VERY sore the afternoon of the vaccination and even worse the day after. I've had soreness with the flu shots and other vaccinations, but not like this! Luckily, though, by the f...
  4. caretakerofkids

    Glasses for students in need

    I don't know about this program either, but our local Lions Club is a valuable resource that pays for eye exams and glasses for our students in need.
  5. caretakerofkids

    Exclusion Guidelines- AHHH

    KeeperoftheIceRN, I believe I was in that same meeting! I'm also in Texas! This is frustrating! We've had kids a little over a week and so far, parents have been pretty understanding. I sent a note home with all of our students explaining to have...
  6. caretakerofkids

    Show me...

    The inside of my door for this past school year... "Life is tough, but so are you." Mental health has been a big issue for the past few years, so I wanted to go with something encouraging. Also, our school was decorating with a cactus and succulent...
  7. caretakerofkids

    nice surprise

    I, too, had a nice surprise for Nurse's Day (celebrated today since next week is Teacher Appreciation). I was given a soup and salad luncheon (yummy!) and a nice gift, but the best thing was that the staff in charge of our parties, sending flowers, ...
  8. caretakerofkids

    CE class for school nursing

    I get a lot of mine off of the They offer some free ? online courses that cover topics applicable to school nurses. When you go on their webpage, you should see "COURSES" at the top of the page. Click on COURSES. Then, under th...
  9. caretakerofkids

    Tissue thief!

    I'm blessed to work with a great group of teachers and a great small community!!! Every year, during Nurse's Week, the committee in charge of staff celebrations, etc., will ask different classes to bring a different thing that I use on a frequent ba...
  10. caretakerofkids

    Not lice but what?!

    Is it possible it's brand-new, unhatched nits? I've seen new nits that were tiny and blackish attached on the hair shaft very close to the scalp. They especially stand out on light-colored (blonde) hair. Older nits I've seen are usually clear (hat...
  11. caretakerofkids

    Boosting Immune system

    My first year as a school nurse, I had every sickness that went around our school. Second year was much better. Now, in my fourteenth year, I rarely ever get sick (knock on wood!!!) -- I like to think I have built up immunity!!! It's been the same...
  12. caretakerofkids

    Ideas for Health and Wellness Night

    We had representatives from Medicaid/CHIP (Texas) come out and set up with information for our families. They also had goodies such as pens, pads, coloring books, etc. and it didn't cost our school anything. A local grocery store also donated a gene...
  13. caretakerofkids

    Field Day

    It's Field Day here, too, but luckily because of rain it was moved to our gym with a shortened schedule I sometimes feel guilty that I despise Field Day so much, I mean, as a nurse, I'm supposed to be enthusiastic about anything that allows our kids...
  14. caretakerofkids

    Nurse Funny

    This is pure genius!!! Love it!!!
  15. caretakerofkids

    Here I Am!

    Here's me... well, actually I'm not sure which one is me :)