3-12s days or 8-4 m-f (3 little boys at home)


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I have a problem. I have 2 job offers. So that in it self isn't the problem.

Job #1 is a hospital position 3 12 hour shifts 7a-730p

Job #2 is a clinic position M-F 8am-4pm

Pay is lower in the clinic, but comes out to only be a $55 per pay period difference.

My husband is a fire fighter and work 24 hours on 48 off.

I have twins that are starting Kindergarten this year and my youngest is going to be 2 next month.

I would LOVE to take the 3 12s just for the extra days off, but the daycare schedule is crazy.

The M-F position still has a crazy daycare schedule, but the hours are better for daycare. (however I will be paying more for daycare)


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If my kids were young I'd choose the 8-4. I would not to spend so many hours away from them, plus 12h shifts leave you drained for days!

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If you can afford the cut ad the added expense of the babysitter m-f, I 'd take the M-F . I think it will be easier on the kids for routine, and they'd mostly be in school when older.Might work better that you are home sooner when your spouse has his 24 hour call.

I'm sure the 3 12's will be scattered all over the place.


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If you can choose which days your 3-12s are (our local hospitals allow for us to have a flexible schedule) then I would choose the 3-12s. Your twins will be in school during most of the time you are gone and some days your husband will be able to watch them after school, and some days you will. Maybe then you could reach out to family or neighbors who you trust for any other days you need help with- or utilize the daycare for a couple days. At least this is what I would do!

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Realize that on the 12 hour shifts, you won't be spending any time with the kids.My son hated being away from me the entire day.


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I would choose the clinic hours. It just seems better with your hubby working long hours to have one of you on a more routine schedule. They would like seeing you in the afternoon/evenings too.

Also with the 3 12s I'd imagine it'd be difficult planning ahead because you don't know what exact 3 days you'll be working. And we all know 12 hrs is really 13-14 hr days so you'd be away from them for a long time.

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I would do M-F for now and when the boys grow up some, you can always decide to something else later.


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My ex was military, and deployed. The 3 12's are doable, but, it takes a lot of planning. I preffered the 12's with 3 small kids. The clinic hours were nice, but for the kids appointments and field trips it was hell trying to get off when working in the clinic.

I used a sitter not a daycare working 12's.


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The thing is 12s aren't 12's. I used to leave home at 0615 and return at 2030. That is a long day.

M-F when you have small children. My kids hated the 12s, I was gone for too long, and too exhausted to do much of anything.

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Clinic job will have Holidays off, think Xmas and Thanksgiving. With your husband a FF it would stink if you both had to work the holidays.

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Definitely the M-F. It is my schedule and I love it!!

My three boys are older than yours. As they get older they have more stuff going on in the evening you won't want to miss. I am able to work full time and never miss school concerts, ball games or whatever. Your husband can do doc appts and that kind of stuff on his days off.

Sounds perfect to me! Good luck!

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3 12s. I worked that and I was very happy... Sadly, hospitals are moving to 4 and 5 8s. :(