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  1. Ginger's Mom

    Any Success stories of an LVN accomplishing their RN degree

    I have been an instructor in a lpn to rn program. I have had many success stories. Most of my students worked full time and were mothers . You can do it. It helps if your work can accommodate your schooling. I also found the students were a tremendous support to each other. Just take one course at a time and ask your mother and sister to help you. it can be done.
  2. Ginger's Mom

    My CI is doing things that are unsafe

    I have a hard time believing that your instructor is so unsafe her nursing license should be pulled. do that staff nurses feel she is unfit? The staff are her clinical equals not the students. You may think your issue is important to tell the staff but your instructor may have been told to limit student staff interaction. If the other students feel the same I would report her to the school. But I am guessing you will be the only one speaking up.
  3. Ginger's Mom

    Med error . I’m devastated

    you admitted the error and you saw the patient got treatment, yes you are human and made an error but you owned up to it and it will never happen again
  4. Ginger's Mom

    URGENT: Are CDC Ebola Guidelines 'Good Enough'?

    haz mat are expensive HCW are cheap and replaceable. they never thought people would object to a few HCW dying,
  5. Ginger's Mom

    PR in Nursing Has Taken the Front Seat in Patient Care

    This is almost true of every job in the USA not just nursing, it is the image not substance that counts.
  6. Ginger's Mom

    Surveyor: The First Week

    Sounds like you are learning allot. Different when you are on the other side.
  7. Ginger's Mom

    Back In The Saddle Again

    please be careful and not commit to more than you can handle....
  8. Ginger's Mom

    Help resume for new LVN

    no my point is not to highlight your education. one it was not mainstream Second it was 4 years ago, you have a great case, you passed the nclex as soon as you were eligible. and of course you can work you have a license! you have a great attitude and drive, that can be addressed in your cover letter.
  9. Ginger's Mom

    Help resume for new LVN

    Congrads on passing your boards. "Has enough experience and expertise in dealing with different patients and medical personnel such as physicians and other nurses, using interactive approach to help individuals with medical needs and had knowledge of basic medical procedures and its applications".--- I do not know what this means, I read this you have had "enough" or you are burned out dealing with patients. Your education, it not a strong point, not a mainstream way to enter the LVN profession. Also your education is old ( graduated in 2009), move to the bottom of your resume. "Positively interacted in professional manner with the patients and incoming visitors and patient's family. Provided great customer service, ancillary task and administrative assistance. Did some reception duties; answered and returned calls if needed. Help other hospital staff by some errands and being informative as well" Greeted patients and visitors. Assisted in administrative duties as requested. Character References are something you use if you were arrested and need someone to voucher for your character, instead Professional references would be better. CNA - American Red Cross - do not need applying as lvn +CPR/ AED Adult Child and Infant- American Red Cross - dates needed also you have numerous CPR listed you only need one current. +Standard First Aid - American Red Cross ??? First aid training is something that you should have learned in school. +BLS - American Heart Association +BLS/CPR Adult Child and Infant - American Academy of CPR & First Aid Inc. +Healthcare Provider CPR - Academy of CPR & First Aid Inc. +some IHSS attendance and training - ???? +Good Moral Character- Blah Univeristy I have no idea what this is. IS this an award you obtained in school? of the Blah Blah 1234
  10. Ginger's Mom

    (Remember) Walking In the Sand

    Unless things change in your position, you know what you have to do, glad you enjoyed your day!
  11. Every CMS measure has open comment before it becomes Rule. Anyone can comment, yet I would bet not one had posted a response on the CMS web site. AT insurance companies it is a medical director who is a physician making decisions.
  12. Ginger's Mom

    Why In The Heck Should I Be A Loyal Nurse?

    Sad but true, years ago hospitals were referred to as a hospital family.....now you are just an employee.
  13. Ginger's Mom

    The Grateful Nurse Speaks

    I think you have missed you calling as an author,nursing needs talented writers to represent us nurses.
  14. Ginger's Mom

    End of the (Med) Error: or, How NOT To Bomb Your Survey

    In my state, we do not use med techs. What is a med tech scope of practice, are they educated like nurses? Do they transcribe orders? Are they responsible for interactions?
  15. Ginger's Mom

    New Mexico RN planning on moving to Texas

    Duplicate post