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Ginger's Mom has 41 years experience as a MSN, RN.

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  1. Ginger's Mom

    Transferring positions prior to 1 year in first nursing job

    Was this schedule discussed with you prior to you signing the contract? who do you feel should be working weekends? I am guessing you did not rotate during orientation so you are talking about leaving even giving the job a chance. If you were a manager would you hire you over another candidate who did not want to break a contract?
  2. IIt sounds like a flawed system, a couple of monitors in the hall way and the nurses can monitor there own patients. sounds like you are trying to lobby for another tech while in my opinion your assignment sounds very reasonable .
  3. Are you the nurse or the secretary? If you are the secretary, the nurse is ultimately responsible not you. I am guessing the telemetry units have alarms which the nurses can also monitor and the you can recall any missed events. In fact in all hospitals I have worked in there are no monitor techs . I guess I am telling you not to worry.
  4. Ginger's Mom

    Any Success stories of an LVN accomplishing their RN degree

    I have been an instructor in a lpn to rn program. I have had many success stories. Most of my students worked full time and were mothers . You can do it. It helps if your work can accommodate your schooling. I also found the students were a tremendous support to each other. Just take one course at a time and ask your mother and sister to help you. it can be done.
  5. Ginger's Mom

    Green card holder nurses

    And apply for more than one position at the same hospital, good luck.
  6. Ginger's Mom

    Green card holder nurses

    I agree with the above poster widen your search not every application will get a response... keep applying and apply to more then one position
  7. Ginger's Mom

    My CI is doing things that are unsafe

    I have a hard time believing that your instructor is so unsafe her nursing license should be pulled. do that staff nurses feel she is unfit? The staff are her clinical equals not the students. You may think your issue is important to tell the staff but your instructor may have been told to limit student staff interaction. If the other students feel the same I would report her to the school. But I am guessing you will be the only one speaking up.
  8. Ginger's Mom

    Med error . I’m devastated

    you admitted the error and you saw the patient got treatment, yes you are human and made an error but you owned up to it and it will never happen again
  9. Ginger's Mom

    Medication error

    A patient this ill needed a physician to see the patient, second the pharmacy should have questioned the order, it was a chain of errors you were just the last link.
  10. Ginger's Mom

    RN on probation trying to find a job

    I believe your story, did you hire a lawyer to help you when it went to the board. Years ago I would have handled the narcotic the same way but times have changed especially with Pyxis systems. I wish you well and hope you find a job.
  11. Ginger's Mom

    CRNA vs MD

    I would start your premed courses now, I would not take the courses at the community college though since it is frowned upon for MED school admissions. if you are interested in becoming a physician I would go to student doctor.net for more information. I am guessing you have a high gpa and do well on standardized tests. Be prepared not to have much of the life for 4 years MED school and at least 3 years residency.
  12. Ginger's Mom

    CBD & Nursing don't mix

    Rather then wonder about a substance that may or may not be benifical, I would spend my time on finding a n evidence based treatment for your disease .
  13. Ginger's Mom

    Training for data abstractor

    Q Centrix, have you looked at their job requirements. they ask you come in fully certified and ask you to pass their test. There are trauma registries, Get with the guidelines, NSQIP. and Bariatric registries. all require you get trained and certified by the sponsoring hospital. There are hospital coders by they also have to pass a test. You have to know ICD 10 codes and CPTs codes.
  14. Ginger's Mom

    Fired for Falsifying Documents. What to expect

    If this med was a countable med, I can see why you were fired. What was the medication that needed to be counted?
  15. Ginger's Mom

    Unit terminology

    What country is this? Every hospital in the US sets up their units differently. Some hospitals would call your unit a step down unit,a place in between icu and medical surgical.
  16. Ginger's Mom

    Rehab pts, cabulances, and toileting

    How about they straight cath prior to her leaving? Or a foley for the day ?Good Luck