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  1. Student Mom to Three

    RN forging doc's signature

    Thanks for the replies! Actually I'm not a student- been an RN for about three years and the RN in question is my coworker. At my hospital we don't co-sign for the docs....it was a forgery. I know it is not the crime of the century- but I think it was pretty bad and it put me and the new RN I am precepting into a difficult position. Will take care of it today. Not a huge thing- just very frustrating.
  2. Student Mom to Three

    RN forging doc's signature

    Yep, that's right. Today an RN I work with forged a pathology requisition slip. I don't know why he did it, but if I had to hazard a guess it would be that he didn't want to wait for the doc to sign it. Immediately after, that particular RN left for the evening. About the same time the doc returned the procedure room asking where the slip was because he hadn't completed and signed it yet. The specimen and path request were already gone- picked up by the lab. So....what could I do when the doc asked me about it? I told him the other nurse signed it. I don't know how upset the doc was because he simply completed a new slip and asked me to make sure the correct path request made it to the lab and replaced the forged one. I am furious with the RN. I had to fix what he did wrong, and it felt awful explaining to the doc what happened. What should I do now? Do I inform our manager about what happened? I don't know if the doc will talk to the manager. I do not want to work with this nurse ever again as he clearly can be way out of line. If this were your situation how would you follow up with the doc, the RN and the manager?
  3. Student Mom to Three

    Working Out 6- 7 days a week

    I run 4-5 miles on the treadmill at my hospital's fitness center each day before work. I work M-F. I'm pushing 50 and find that I have a lot more energy and a much better day when I exercise!
  4. Student Mom to Three

    Areas of nursing you would NOT like?

    No desk jobs for me. I had one of those, disliked it and headed to nursing school. I have worked in ASCs and loved it! Now I am in the endo suite in a hospital. I love procedures! The work itself can be a bit monotonous, but I love that I take care of ten or more patients in a day. I could not stand having the same pt for 12 hours.....or days and days. I know some love that- but it is definitely not for me.
  5. Student Mom to Three

    Thank you for all you do!

    You made me smile! I see my role as an endo RN to take what is a pretty crummy day for the patient and make it as decent as humanly possible. I'm glad that my fellow RNs have the same attitude and treated you so well! Glad to hear your procedure went well and your results were favorable! Hopefully you won't have to do it again until you are 50.
  6. The most I have witnessed is slightly upward of 600mg. I am curious as to what you mean by the dosing is controversial? I have seen propofol administered by CRNAs and anesthesiologists, and I have done it myself (NAPS). The CRNAs I know of put it on a pump, but the docs and NAPS trained RNs titrate to pt response. I know that the needed credentials of the person administering the drug is very controversial, but through all of my training I had never heard that the dosing itself is problematic.
  7. Student Mom to Three

    Music Therapy in the PACU and Pre op area

    I wrote a nursing school paper on providing individualized music in PACU! Pts don't need to listen to all that garbage going on around them. It's hard to feel good when the person next to you, separated only by a curtain, is heaving or howling in pain. Good luck!
  8. Student Mom to Three

    Doctor or Dockworker?

    It's all about knowing your effing audience.
  9. Student Mom to Three

    Low Census

    Same at my outpt center. Hired for 40 and my manager really does do everything possible to make sure all staff are able to get their hours, but sometimes it just can't be done. If I lose one hour each day (which does happen) it comes to about $8000 lost per year. Not good. I start at the VA next week. I asked specifically about this and was very clearly told that FT employees are always there for the 40 hours. I think we are salaried employees as I was given an annual salary instead of hourly. Try the VA!
  10. Student Mom to Three

    Not sure if nursing if for me

    No even remotely true.
  11. Student Mom to Three

    Not sure if nursing if for me

    I hated CNA training, but had to have it for acceptance into nursing school. Really, really hated it. Love nursing!! It would be important to explore why you dislike CNA work. For me (and I may get flamed for this) I really dislike assisting with ADLs. I don't want to feed, toilet, ambulate or provide oral care for pts. Obviously I do it with a smile when I need to......but it is maybe once a month or less that I have to attend to that sort of thing. What kind of nursing works for me? Procedures! Love it! Several different pts throughout the day, lots of education and calming patients who are nervous, providing moderate sedation. Good stuff! Although CNA work is important because you go have to know how to do those things and to relate to pts on that level, you don't have to enjoy aid work to find a nursing job you love! Good luck.
  12. Student Mom to Three

    Federal Resume help

    Really? Interview every applicant who meets minimum qualifications? I have never heard that. Sounds crazy time consuming and very inefficient. Maybe I misunderstood what you posted.
  13. Student Mom to Three

    VA Hiring Process

    Job closing to interview: about a week Interview to offer: about a week Offer to start date: 5 months
  14. Student Mom to Three

    All white male nursing shoes available in wide

    Try Klogs.
  15. I actually talked out loud to myself during my last interview. The question was one of those "behavior" questions and wasn't difficult, but my mind was absolutely blank and I couldn't come up with a scenario. So, instead, I turned my head to the side and said-out loud- "Come on, Student Mom, think for crying out loud, think!" They must have liked that because I start next month! Needless to say, when I struggle with an interview question I always go for the sense of humor/likability angle!
  16. Student Mom to Three

    VA Hiring Process

    I am about to start with the VA. I have a BS in psych and an ADN. I have 2.5 yrs total RN experience with about one year of the very specific specialty I was hired into. I was boarded at Nurse 1 level 3 step 8. I am fine with the $ offer as it is a bit more than I am currently making at my outpt center. The rate offered to me is about/lower than what new grads get in local hospitals. Personally, I am in it for the benefits and opportunities!