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Okay I'm going to give a situation and ask your opinion on what you think: just rude or is it reportable (to state board of nursing). I'd also like to know if you feel it is reportable what steps should be taken next.

Here's the situation. I have been a LPN for over 10yrs, and for the last 6+yrs I've been at the same company. The company I work for has a contract with a long-term facility. I have been going to this facility to care for patients for my entire employment. Recently they've had a restructuring of their nursing administration. One morning as I prepared to see my first patient, a staff member (non-nursing) approached me about filling out skin assessment sheets everyday I visit. I explained to her that we typically do this 1 day a week & prn. I also informed her we verbally reported to the staff nurses any conditions/concerns regarding the patient. She told me I was going to get their facility in trouble with state, & I calmly stated I disagreed.

Moments later I was informed thru the floor nurse on that unit that the DON wanted me to gather my things, go home, & call my supervisor. His reason: he said I refused to do the paperwork. I felt this was just a misunderstanding & that I didn't refuse at all, I was just doing it as had been done for the last 6yrs & we've never had a problem before with findings/follow-ups in skin conditions/concerns.

After knocking, I attempted to explain that I felt their was a misunderstanding & I just wanted to clarify it, but he cut me off yelling at me, cursing, and demanding I leave NOW! Stunned, I just stated "OK" and left the building angry, frustrated, confused, & crying.

The same staff member that initially approached me was in his office, as well as other staff nurses present not 5 feet from his door at the nursing station. There were also residents in the hallway 7-10 feet from his doorway that all heard this exchange.

Due to "changes" in the facility, the nurses/staff that overheard are afraid to come forward at fear of losing their jobs. Even then, the owner of this particular facility has fired a staff member with similar tactics so I feel to report to him will not yield any results. And this DON has yelled/fired staff since then in the presence of staff, residents, & residents families.

I know what he did was unprofessional, but my question is this: IS THIS REPORTABLE TO THE STATE BOARD OF NURSING? & WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF IT WERE YOU IN THIS SITUATION?

BTW: My company supports me in saying this facility as been viewed negatively lately & is undergoing alot of stress. I feel that regardless, a certain level of professionalism is required. Afterwards, the DON will not permit me back into the building (not that I'd want to work with him, although I miss my residents terribly) & he was overheard saying he didn't like me & just wanted to get rid of me. Oh, I don't know his last name...


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I read your message and i dont think you were wrong, but you no by working in the field that things can change and sometimes they might change with you disagreeing. If their was some one over you suggesting a different way to operate then maybe you should have done it. Nobody likes to be talked down to or yelled at rudley, so maybe you can report their behavior, but also maybe you should have done what was asked even if you thought it was uneccessary . Losing your job was not worth you not following directions.


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mabe or maybe not!

What are you going to report? That someone who is not a nurse whose full name your don't know was mean?

Just stay away and be thankful that your employer knows it isn't your fault.


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It's karma on the wheel, and eventually the company will get the bill for this person's behavior. Be glad you weren't thrown under the bus, and go on to help those you can.


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Gut tells me you might have been set up but furthermore my gut tells me to be glad you got out when you did. You can't win with people like this. Take your excellent nursing skills and experience and move on. I feel for the residents too as I'm sure they will miss you. Sorry this happened to you.

netglow, ASN, RN

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Take it as a compliment that your real employer is supportive of you. They could easily decide to be obnoxious as well. Sounds like you are in good standing, and hopefully you can be placed in a new and really good situation.

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mabe or maybe not!

i agree with kenisha... but really i don't think it is reportable, in my 25 years of nursing , i've been screamed at and i just walk away. i think i would be glad to be out of there and move on. count your blessings you are done with that place... sounds like rats nest..


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Rude, sure. Reportable? For what? What did the DON do that is against the state board of nursing rules and regulations? It's not like he yelled at a resident or anything like that.


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I am not sure what you are going to report to the board...that someone yelled at you for not doing what they asked you to do? Maybe the change was not needed, but unfortunatley we change so much everyday, most changes that do not need to happen, but sometimes going with the flow until you can speak with someone else is a good plan.

Thank goodness your employer supports you!! Hold your head up and move on.


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Be thankful that he didn't report you to the Board for some trumped up reason. Be thankful that your employer did not side with him and is not holding the DNR against you. Move on to another facility or assignment and hope that it is not such a nasty place. It is too bad that he did not discuss anything with you in a professional manner, but that is his loss, not your's. Good luck with your next assignment.

TopazLover, BSN, RN

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It almost seems that the reason you got a little defensive about the proposed change was that you were informed by a non-nurse. I tend to get a little huffy when this happens to me.

The entire scenario sounds like a disaster created just for you. Perhaps the DON is spending too much time looking at the budget and saying "I need to decrease our contracting costs" and with a snide smirk and a twist of the ole handlebar mustache decides to obtain your head.

Most of our residents are used to changes in staffing so they will probably handle losing you better than you will handle losing them. There are always more residents that need someone who cares, go find some new ones where you will be comfortable and make sure everyone is clear about who gives instructions to contract employees.

Best wishes.

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