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Retired nurse and educator. Widowed and owned by my rescued Whippet.

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  1. I went into nursing and felt that was the only path I wanted. Perhaps you could say it was a calling. I loved nursing and, in general loved my patients. I was kind considerate, professional, etc. The bad part about that was I always felt I should...
  2. TopazLover

    Let's call it "organ support," not life support

    There may be other ways of describing the relationships. I have never heard it described as similar to phantom pain, and I think in many ways it is similar. In a grief group I ran, it was described as if "someone had cut off my right arm". For many ...
  3. TopazLover

    Let's call it "organ support," not life support

    When my DH was brain dead the doctors gave me a choice. In 24 hrs. they would remove all machines (I do not recall exact wording) and allow him to die or, they would move him to a different floor where his ventilator care would be done until his bod...
  4. TopazLover

    The Top 10 Things I Loved About Nursing

    Viva, as another retired nurse I agree with all 10. Of course I am old enough to recall white uniforms, sensible white shoes, and caps. I have not stopped being a nurse. I once said to a doctor that I was formerly a nurse. He looked me straight in...
  5. TopazLover

    Let's call it "organ support," not life support

    I agree that it is not the words, it is the actions. It is the non-verbals. It is the conversations overheard by family when co-workers talk with each other. Once a person is placed on mechanical support for breathing, the option of a natural death...
  6. TopazLover

    Let's call it "organ support," not life support

    Mechanical support is what family members see. When they are told it is a temporary measure to mechanically support breathing, and they see a machine, it sinks in. Having dealt with my family members who are not medical in any sense of the word, th...
  7. TopazLover

    What would you do in this situation?

    Did something change in the pt. condition to lead to having an RN on day shift? I agree that at this point it is time to change assignments and your manager needs to discuss with the family what the rules are for your company. If they want the servi...
  8. TopazLover

    Let's call it "organ support," not life support

    As a family member who has gone through this scenario not once, but twice, I like the idea of mechanical support. In both cases of family, they were maintained on vents up to 24 hr. after the possibility of life was gone. Both were organ donors, nei...
  9. TopazLover

    Confessions of a Hospital Administrator

    Thank you for a great article. My recent experiences as a family member and friend of patients in two hospitals run by the same organization tell me, as a retired nurse, that your message has a long way to go to get to all CEOs. How can the environm...
  10. Merry Christmas, a bit late, but I figure I still can say it until Jan. 6th. This is great. So on target for all nurses. Thanks.
  11. TopazLover

    November 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    This is my doctor. He told me not to get a tattoo because I could get an infection. I said most infections come from hospitals. I want a tattoo of a cup of coffee. I always need more for those 12 hour shifts.
  12. TopazLover

    August 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "I don't care that you were up studying for the pharmacology test all night. Students still cannot bring coffee to clinical floors."
  13. TopazLover

    Personal Legal issues. How can it effect my RN license?

    We cannot give legal advice. Get to that lawyer. Ask those same questions and many more. Domestic violence in any form is taken very seriously by any prospective employer (and I will not touch how any BON treats it). Also clarify what it would mea...
  14. if you are new to this site you will find many people with many belief systems and many opinions. Some people are confrontational, others not so. I look at the posts as an education for me into humans and their inter beings. What you perceive as ne...
  15. TopazLover

    Lavc - nursing program -positive tb test

    To me this is close to violating TOS, as it is almost medical advice. Read about what the test actually means. I do understand the fear you have, even if unfounded. There are many reasons for positive skin tests. It may mean exposure to TB. It may ...

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