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Retired nurse and educator. Widowed and owned by my rescued Whippet.

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  1. TopazLover

    The Top 10 Things I Loved About Nursing

    Viva, as another retired nurse I agree with all 10. Of course I am old enough to recall white uniforms, sensible white shoes, and caps. I have not stopped being a nurse. I once said to a doctor that I was formerly a nurse. He looked me straight in the eye and informed me that I would always be a nurse, retirement does not change that fact. I agree. One gift I find I appreciate is that I do not get upset by anything medical. Seize in front of me, be it a store or anyplace else, I will calmly get you safe and call 911. Blood shooting out, cover, hold and head to definitive care. I see others who dither and shrink and thank God and all those who helped me along the way to know what to do. More than that. I think, is that nursing is being, not doing. Compassion cannot be taught. Empathy is more than a term on a test. The art of nursing is alive and well, even if the practice of nursing is no longer in play.
  2. TopazLover

    November 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    This is my doctor. He told me not to get a tattoo because I could get an infection. I said most infections come from hospitals. I want a tattoo of a cup of coffee. I always need more for those 12 hour shifts.
  3. TopazLover

    August 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "I don't care that you were up studying for the pharmacology test all night. Students still cannot bring coffee to clinical floors."
  4. TopazLover

    Personal Legal issues. How can it effect my RN license?

    We cannot give legal advice. Get to that lawyer. Ask those same questions and many more. Domestic violence in any form is taken very seriously by any prospective employer (and I will not touch how any BON treats it). Also clarify what it would mean if your case were dismissed after following court ordered anything. A good lawyer is worth a lot in any case.
  5. if you are new to this site you will find many people with many belief systems and many opinions. Some people are confrontational, others not so. I look at the posts as an education for me into humans and their inter beings. What you perceive as negativity may be a jolting way of trying to figure out the whys. Why would some think sharing faith is right while others find it to be wrong. I have not taken it as negativity towards any religion, Christianity in particular. We do not have huge amounts of posters who are not Jewish, Christian, agnostic or atheist. i would welcome more input from other religions. Baha'i, Islam, and other religions are rarely shared here. I wish more would share. Knowledge of other religions is very helpful to all nurses. I don't think I would want to see any religion boxed in. Who would gain more knowledge that would help them to understand others? One of the best reasons I see for the forums we have and also one of the tools nurses need, to be able to deal with all people one is asked to care for.
  6. TopazLover

    Lavc - nursing program -positive tb test

    To me this is close to violating TOS, as it is almost medical advice. Read about what the test actually means. I do understand the fear you have, even if unfounded. There are many reasons for positive skin tests. It may mean exposure to TB. It may be response to some vaccinations you may have received. Try to stay in today. If it were bad news I am sure that you would have gotten an immediate response. One of my favorite pieces of advice from Al-Anon: For today only, I will not live in fear.
  7. TopazLover

    Being bullied by my clinical instructor

    I agree a meeting is necessary. I am flabbergasted that the school would suggest a retake of the course without even suggesting how to improve the relationship. I have seen this type of behavior exhibited in one case that landed on my lawyer's desk when the instructor accused the student of illegal activity. The student won but the cost to do so was very high. She had to change schools, the original school would not release her transcript until the court system was involved. I have a very low opinion of private schools not affiliated with colleges as a result of this encounter. It may not be a fair assessment but... they are a for profit place. If you are not fighting back they could easily have you repeat a term (at big bucks). Respectfully ask to discuss as other posters have suggested. if there is no resolution be prepared to stand up for yourself and either repeat the term or find another solution.
  8. TopazLover

    Violence in the workplace

    A union would immediately file hostile work environment charges to management. They would support staff not being injured and would show the difference under new management. I suspect you might be in a "right to work" state. As can easily be seen "Right to Work" is a euphemism for "right to be abused". Document, Document, and more papers! Contact previous workers and ask them to write letters expressing the love of their job while working there and the flip side of that coin of love of quality of life that was endangered to the point where they had to leave. Create a committee to take copies of these letters and your documentation to all involved. If nothing is done call OSHA. Ask for an immediate inspection to include interviewing both workers on and off shift when they do the inspection. As much as management has the ability to hide the facts some of the time if good documentation is in place they will have to change or be fined. I suspect there may be whistle blower status available if progressive reporting is needed.
  9. TopazLover

    HPV rates drop by more than half among girls and young women

    That is so sad. If vaccination can save any young people and their families this kind of suffering then the incorrect worry about it making young people more sexually active seems even worse. And the cruel statements by Bachmann et al about the dangers of vaccination need to be stopped each and every time they are put forth as if true.
  10. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/06/19/us-usa-cancer-hpv-idUSBRE95I1AW20130619 Reuters) - The U.S. introduction of a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer in 2006 has reduced infections with the human papillomavirus or HPV - the sexually transmitted virus that causes the disease - by more than half among girls and young women, U.S. health officials said on Wednesday. The results were better than expected and may even suggest that unvaccinated individuals are benefiting because of a drop in the number of infections circulating, the team reported in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. "This report shows that HPV works well, and the report should be a wake-up call to our nation to protect the next generation by increasing HPV vaccination rates," Dr Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in a statement. http://maddowblog.msnbc.com/_news/2013/06/19/19043487-the-political-significance-of-hpv-rates?lite It became a hot-button issue again last year when South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley ® vetoed an HPV bill approved by state lawmaker in her own party, despite pleas from state health officials. (South Carolina ranks ninth nationwide for cervical cancer deaths. This, alas, did not sway the governor.) As is often the case, science keeps getting in the way of far-right Republican talking points. Last fall, research helped document the fact that the HPV vaccine did not change sexual behavior among minors, and this week, new data published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases helps document the extent to which the vaccine is literally a life-saver.
  11. TopazLover

    Old nurse verse New nurse

    I agree that nurse is abusive and negligent. That said, seeing a resident up at 3 am humming makes me wonder if she might have been having pain that she could not acknowledge. How do her late night habits work with any therapy or other day time issues? I am all for personal decision making. I also recognize that there are times when we need to enter the world of the resident and not wait until the resident inflicts her anxiety into ours. There must be a reason why there was an order, I would think. If going to bed is a real issue address it. If it is a fussy old biddy nurse then address the behavior of the nurse, which you did. Keep up the good work. Some of your best help will come from staff who have been working with these patients for a period of time. Some of the worst advice can come from others who have been working there at the facility for a period of time. There is a difference.
  12. TopazLover

    Case Study: Solve A Neurologic Mystery

    UTI giving stroke like symptoms that then caused fall that in term caused a rhabdo. Pneumonia from either stasis or aspiration, or both.
  13. TopazLover

    Drawing the Line: Shutting Down Verbal Abuse

    I doubt I would have "wasted" so much time with explanations. Your job is to steer the boat. They need to learn that. If you have to justify every decision you have to make I can see why they think browbeating will work. I am not saying you were wrong. A great deal depends on the backing you have. Since the director was making decisions I suspect I would have used that power as part of the decision making process to explain. Knowing me I probably would have ended the conversation with "the decision has been made." "I suggest you have your attending make an appointment with the director so we are clear in the future about the use of rooms."
  14. TopazLover

    ARDS: Should We Be Prone to Prone?

    Juan, thank you for this really down to earth article that I really enjoyed for many reasons. Karen, that trip down memory lane with a look at the Bird was almost like a silent scream for me. We used to call Birds "the kiss of death" and worked really hard to keep away that kiss when all we had were those Birds. That was back in the early 70's. We thought we had reached a new century in vents when the MA-1 came in. When DH was on vent he was barely moved off back. His turns by staff were only a few degrees. That was one of the few things I saw where he was that I did not agree with but had not been involved in ICU for too many years to argue the point. I know it would not have made any difference in outcome but I am glad to see that the discussion continues about positioning. Thanks again.
  15. There are many who might argue that Paul was a brick or two short. There are many who see him as a zealot. This by definition includes the possibility of a fanatic. He was tasked with spreading churches through many areas. A good teacher shares the material. A great teacher uses methods that hold the interest and make for good conversation. zeal-ot (zlt)n.1. a. One who is zealous, especially excessively so. b. A fanatically committed person. 2. Zealot A member of a Jewish movement of the first century a.d. that fought against Roman rule in Palestine as incompatible with strict monotheism. This is not to put Paul down. He is not my favorite disciple, but then I think much of what we read by him was intended for a specific audience and we are not it. I do agree with the conceptual things. I just think his presentation was for an audience that no longer exists. That does not mean that I do not believe in Christ as the Son of God. It means I believe Paul as a human with human frailties. To say that his words are God's words is a stretch for me. Christ shared God's word. The rest of them shared their interpretation of Christ's presentation. In a similar way we see the entire issue of "gay marriage" presented from a religious POV for those who are against it. The issue is not who is having sex, it is about equal rights for all who wish to be joined in marriage, a state definition. You deny a part of our citizenry the opportunity to have equal rights because you do not think that a Christian bible says it is OK. What you are objecting to is a wedding, a ceremony by a religious person to join two as one. The state definition is that a legally binding contract has been signed and witnessed that two people have all the rights and privileges of all married people. If you are trying to deny this I can only think it is because of prejudice and judgmental thinking. A same sex marriage does nothing to harm you and it might even have some take a more close look at their own different sex marriages.
  16. Given the workload of most nurses it would have to be quick. Since most nurses have 12 to 14 hour bladders and minimal food needs met while at work anything more than a short acknowledgement of faith would deprive others of care. I would not argue for termination based on having a discussion. If it impacted others workloads or impacted care of patients I would have a problem with it. Religious discussions are after work discussions the same as other avocational discussions. You want to talk about the football draft beyond a few words then you offer to come back on your own time to discuss. Same with religion. You are not being paid to discuss religion. Nurses need to be conversant on many topics. That does not give them a free pass to neglect other duties.

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