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NeosynephRN specializes in ICU, PACU, Cath Lab.

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  1. NeosynephRN

    Bad day ... Gone GOOD !!!

    Congrats!! Wishing you all the best in your new adventure!!
  2. Anyone else starting the RN-BSN next week at the University of Wyoming? I am glad to finally get this show on the road and be one step closer to my BSN!!
  3. NeosynephRN

    Dentists, EMTs, Pharmacists, oh, my! - non-nurses giving shots

    And what new grad is going to know what to do?? Seriously...how long does it take for any of us to confidently run a code??
  4. OK..this is what I want..for you not to take the only chair at the nurses station, to be on the internet or text messaging all day. When I come to you and offer you a skill...for you to respond "Oh I have already done that skill." or the ever popular " I am not here to learn to be an aide...I do not...clean, feed, or bathe..." In return, I will get you as many skills as I can, some will not be exciting, but trust me when the good ones come I will get you! I will teach you as much as I can in the time you are there...and I will be eternally gratefull if you help me turn and clean and maybe empty my foley!! Good Luck in school!!
  5. do you see the issue people have with hiring "out of state" new grads..i mean you say right here that you want to leave in a year..do you know how much money and time go into training a new grad?? and to have that investment, which is exactly what it is an investment walk out 6-8 months later, is just not good business!! i agree that there is no shortage, and importing more nurses will not help the situation at hand at all, and i certainly hope that you and the other nurses here find jobs quickly, but honestly i hope it is not in my unit, i do not want to train someone just to have them walk on me!
  6. NeosynephRN

    Earning master's degree online

    I have looked into a masters in education online...for about 165 a credit hour...and a co-worker just finished her FNP online...paid about 1800 a semester!
  7. NeosynephRN

    Tips on making that ICU bed look perfect after a bath

    I still use the good ol soap and water...I just wipe my basin down before and after with the sani wipes! I love washing my patients hair and braiding it up, feels good and keeps them tidy for long vent days!
  8. NeosynephRN

    Family Initiated Rapid Response Team

    We also have it, there are posters in all the rooms that tell about our "care line" for non-emergent issues and the rapid response, with both numbers. I have not had any issues with bad calls. I think we have only had a couple family initated RRT calls. Not nearly as bad as we all were expecting!!
  9. NeosynephRN

    Who's going to NTI 2009 in New Orleans: 5/16-5/21 ??

    Have not gotten mine yet...maybe tomorrow, I actually have the day off..I could do some serious planning!
  10. NeosynephRN

    Who's going to NTI 2009 in New Orleans: 5/16-5/21 ??

    Only a few weeks left...I am counting down my shifts!! I cannot wait!
  11. NeosynephRN

    Job opening says "RN Required"

    My state did not have "graduate nurse" status either...but every single person in my class had a job secured 2+ months before graduating...if you waited you had no job!
  12. NeosynephRN

    "Nurse" entry on Wikipedia

    Take this as a lesson why you need to be careful what you use as a reference for a paper...
  13. NeosynephRN

    skin protection before incontinence

    We start the creams before the butt gets bad...regular turning and shifting of weight...prompt cleaning when soiled...
  14. NeosynephRN

    Nursing Diagnosis help with Deficient Fluid Volume

    So because of the variable B/P you are assuming a pt on IV fluid replacement is "actively loosing fluid r/t being NPO" maybe it is just me but you may want to look at this again...I am not sure your pt is that depleted...what else could be going on here??
  15. NeosynephRN

    alot of questions about how to handle the death of a resident

    Here is my advice. You need to look at death in a different way. It is not wrong to be sad, or grieve for someone that has passes away. It is not a horrible thing to die, it is a wonderful thing. You are in a LTC setting and your patients for the most part are elderly, imagine the life they have had, all the happiness, the joy, the saddness. The weddings, the births, the graduations, the deaths. They have lived and they are ready to go home. To be with the ones they have loved that have gone before them, to be free from pain and sadness. To hold their children to kiss their parents, to dance again that first dance with thier husband or wife. It is a honor to care for someone in thier dying moments, it is OK to cry for them, but remember it is not a horrible thing...
  16. Here is the difference in my opinion. I do not work L&D but in my area often a doc will right "pt suitable for hospice care" or "medical futility should withdrawl life support" in a progress note...that does not however give me any order to "pull the plug" or initiate hospice.