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  1. NotFlo

    unsatisfied patient

    Never heard of such a thing - if whoever was on call didn't answer/return call I would be calling the medical director and if they yelled at me, got mad, whatever then too bad - they can take it up with the negligent party who didn't answer the phone. These clinicians are responsible for the patients 24\7. I am also wondering why this patient suddenly had pain? It sounds like this pain is acute, no chronic, what is causing it? Is there an injury or underlying issue? Is it musculoskeletal pain or some other kind of pain? Does everyone with no contraindication have an order for Tylenol? Were other interventions tried?
  2. NotFlo

    16 hour shifts

    It is the norm where I used to work. They did the whole weekend Baylor thing back in the day. Did away with the extra pay bit kept all the doubles. The weekend supervisor would do a double then work some random 3 to 11 like Tuesday I think. It is really up to you if having 4 days off in a row every week is worth it. Maybe you could talk to the night sup and see if they would want to move to a 7p to 7a and you do the same. I suppose this would involve a total change in their scheduling.
  3. Seems like the solution to every problem is add more forms for a doctor to fill out and add more letters for the doctor to write; sorry for the tangent but I work in primary care and of course the doctor never has to fill this stuff out or write these letters the support staff does and it's always been a big job, but with COVID it's just another thing that has gotten more time consuming and onerous. Yes, tons and tons of people have requested letters exempting them from COVID units (and every other type of job imaginable) and the doctors pretty much always say sure whatever write the letter.
  4. NotFlo

    Should I stay or go?

    I work in primary care. What does the care coordinator do in your clinic (just curious). Are the responsibilities the same in the other clinic? I hate changing jobs, which is why I have had 3 jobs in my entire nursing career. However, there comes a time when it's time to go. I'm reaching that point with my job now.
  5. NotFlo

    Devastated over Isolation Precautions Problem

    Wow. Serious over-reaction from everyone involved. Please stop beating yourself up. When I worked SNF I pretty much got bathed in MRSA from head to toe multiple times over the years. In that setting back then, the sign and cart system was always a fiasco, and people were always coming up MRSA positive after I had been taking care of them for days. I think there's a system problem in your facility. You did as much (more probably) than any reasonable person was. The AM was way over-reacting. Your facility needs to communicate more effectively to all staff. In the grand scheme of things this was minor.
  6. NotFlo

    2020-2021 influenza vaccine

    If you look up the ACIP recommendations they state the antibodies and effectiveness do decrease as the days and months after vaccination go on(to summarize, the levels of antibodies decrease as the months go on, and peak flu season is very often not until January and frequently not until February. I personally see the most positive rapid flu tests by far in March and April). However, they still recommend giving it "early" if available and the patient is there and willing to avoid missing opportunities to vaccinate.
  7. NotFlo

    2020-2021 influenza vaccine

    I work primary care and all I can say is that this year the flu vaccine is flying off the shelf like never before. Patients who normally refuse and beating down the door to get it. It's very hectic and I give and document flu shots all day every day. People are freaking out about the notion of waiting until October due to delivery delays. Getting it myself is a condition of my employment. I don't get it until late October/early November. Have not gotten any feedback so far on adverse effects or side effects from patients.
  8. NotFlo

    Call blocking question

    What about using Doximity dialer? I have been working remotely (I work in primary care) and I use this to make calls from my phone. It appears on caller ID that the office is calling. Has been working great. Although most VNA nurses I talk to have work phones/work numbers they use that were given to them by the agency.
  9. NotFlo

    As an LPN, I can't help but feel like I'm not a "real nurse"

    I get it. I've been an LPN for 13 years or so now. I always wanted to go back and become an RN, but life interfered and it never happened for me. I am currently satisfied in my role. Would still like to go back but I'm getting older and not sure if it's worth it at this point. I admit if people ask me I always encourage them to just get their RN if at all possible, and BSN preferably, instead of messing around with LPN-ADN-BSN (not that there is anything wrong with being an LPN or ADN, just if they know they want to be an RN I feel like they are better off going straight for BSN). I've heard and felt it all - Low Paid Nurse, Let's Pretend Nurse, etc. I did hard time in a SNF for many years and knew that facility and that setting backwards and forwards, and did pretty much everything (my state limits what RNs can do in SNF so much that I could pretty much do everything the RNs could). Luckily, with rare exception, I always worked with a great team and we learned from and respected each other. I've been lucky enough to work with a lot of great nurses, from LPNs and RNs, and with RNs who didn't make me feel less than.
  10. NotFlo

    Question about prescriptions

    Maybe I'm biased, because I'm in primary care (as an LPN - NOT a clinician) but this kind of makes no sense. So the doctor doing the procedure says no to the pain med because he feels it's not safe for you to drive after taking it. Yet he is just fine with you driving off on that same pain med as long as he isn't on the hook if something happens because he didn't prescribe it?
  11. NotFlo

    Large numbers of prescriptions are being lost!

    We have Epic. Everything including (and especially) narcotics goes electronically. We don't have this problem. I think this should be tracked and documented and elevated to management and your software/informatics people.
  12. NotFlo

    Patient Abuse/Nepotism

    So all of these instances happened before you started working there and have been told to you by other employees?
  13. Don't think a doctor's office is they way to go unless you love vaccine administration, telephone triage and Epic. And everyone in the office including the docs will expect you to know everything.
  14. I do work with some awesome medical assistants who help tremendously. The doctors I work with are also great, I can always discuss concerns and triage calls with them. Some doctors will allow overbooking if it is really necessary and a couple just can"t or wont. So I do have to use walk in and ED if not walk in appropriate more than I would like to.
  15. I'm a clinic nurse in primary care. Just an LPN but I'm the only nurse they have. I relate to a lot of what you wrote. I have, over the past few years, been burned by some patients who take and take and take. People I am up at night sleepless worrying about. People I have spent hours and hours for on the phone trying to help out. Finally I realized one day I can't fix everyone's whole life and I had to start setting some limits and start expecting people who are able to do some things for themselves. Personally, I would never give my phone number to anyone. I know someone who gave hers out a lot and she did end up getting texts and calls day and night and got so overwhelmed and burnt out. I also envy the access your clinic has. My clinic has no appointments and I spend so much time struggling to get people in that need to be seen. I am happy to take a look at someone's wound or edema or take a listen to their lungs...but if I identify a problem I am left with a major dilemma with no way to actually diagnose or treat the patient as often their PCP just cannot see them for a same day. I also have to be responding phone calls constantly all day and be available for the MD to do the shots, med administrations, wound care, ear flushes, spirometry etc that they need done during clinic. People on my schedule I have to keep moving as much as possible because the docs are waiting for me and so many people need phone calls. Everything documented in EMR of course. I also do a lot of prior auths, refills, all the home health referrals and communications (and they call a lot!) And write most of the docs letters and do all the FMLA etc paperwork that comes in. Also do all the ordering and stocking (down to the toilet paper and garbage bags) and manage the stare vaccine program and OSHA stuff. So anyway yeah clinic work is definitely busy! A different busy than when I worked the floor but still busy.
  16. I'm an LPN in a primary care office. I don't typically room patients, the MAs do, but if I was rooming that patient I would have had them already in a gown before the provider came in and done a cursory check for other ticks. If the provider asked me to go to a tick check I would have done so. In fact, they have asked me to remove ticks when they are backed up. The first time the doctor asked I said I had never done it before so he went in with me and taught me how to do it and I have been good to go since then. It's tricky being in primary care. I came here from inpatient rehab. I was rooming one day and listened to the patient's lungs and the provider got angry and said that was his job. I was so used to doing it I didn't even think twice. Other providers don't mind if I listen but pretty much tell me don't waste my time because they have to listen anyway and they want the patient roomed quickly.