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Your co-worker is misearable and ridiculous person. You should tell her to mind her own business. 60 hrs a week is five 12 hr shifts. I have worked five shifts a week all my life. you cannot work more than 16 hrs per shift in some states and hospitals. Nobody can stop you from working even every day if you want to!!!! unless of course, there is evidence of you making mistakes and having crappy attitude due to overworking.


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Yet another case for 8 and skate. Do your job and keep it casual. People can't use this kind of ammo without you giving it to them. I also have a second job but no one at my FT gig knows that.



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Yet another case for 8 and skate. Do your job and keep it casual. People can't use this kind of ammo without you giving it to them. I also have a second job but no one at my FT gig knows that.

8 and skate! 😂 love it and am gonna add that into my repertoire now!

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My question was if anyone works over 60 hours a week.
I used to work 60+ hours per week...

I worked at a nursing home Monday through Friday from 10:00pm to 6:30am for a total of 40 hours per week, then worked two 12-hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday at a specialty hospital for total of 24 hours weekly. My total work hours added up to 64 every week.

The money was good, but I was chronically sleep deprived and had developed a hatred of one of my jobs. I quit the nursing home job without notice and, more than three years later, have not looked back.


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I've never worked more than 40 hours per week. I am a lazy bones at heart. Puttering around the house, reading a good book, listening to music, napping, that's my idea of heaven. In my next life I would like to be a house cat...


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Oh yes I have. I just worked 14 days in a row between my 2 jobs.It was doable because my hospital job is 10.5 hours per shift and my home health job varies from 5 to 8 hours per shift.It helps me a lot to not be stuck in a building all day and feels less like work. I take the work when I get it since my home Health job is per diem.I would not take kindly to being told how to run my life and would have told that nurse to mind her own business unless of course she wanted to pick up your mortgage payment.


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Oh good lord. Tell her to report away, she'll look like the idiot she seems to be. The BON does not concern itself with carp like that!

And yes, between my two jobs I have worked well over 60 hours in a week.

One of my coworkers threatened to report me if I worked more than 60 hours a week between 2 jobs.

I looked on the BON website and it does not prohibit hours over 60 but suggests use of caution doing so.

Anyone work over 60 hours a week?


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I routinely work over 60 hours a week. At my facility, we have mandated overtime.


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Me and another nurse were discussing an agency she used to work and that it sounded like I may want to do it on my days off.

I don't currently hold 2 jobs, but I do work 48-60 hours a week now

So they are perfectly happy for you to work 60 hours a week for them, but heaven forbid you go do those hours with someone else! Ridiculous, empty threat.



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Yes, I have worked over 60 hours before. My primary job was a Case Manager (M-F, 8-5). I worked weekends as a Med-Surg nurse so I could meet qualifications for my FNP program.

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I have worked over 60hrs in a week for years. It of course varies, but more often than not I do. It's how we pay the bills and keep my hubby at home with the kids. I don't mind it as if I was at home we would just be spending money. I eventually would like to work a job where I didn't have to work so much, but until I finish school that's unlikely. So I'll just keep plugging away. Just ignore that nurse and don't tell anyone about what you are working. Frankly it isn't any of their business.



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How miserable is this nurse's life that she's trying to insert herself in your life? Because I highly doubt it has anything to do with a genuine concern for patient safety.