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SarahMaria has 11 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatry, Forensics, Addictions.

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  1. What's the most consecutive hours and days you have ever worked?

    The most I have worked in a day is 20 hours. Then, I had to come back 4 hours later. Horrible!! I think 12 days in a row was the most I ever did.
  2. Does Correctional Nursing count as Psych Experience?

  3. Any recommendations for liability / malpractice insurance?

    I highly recommend liability insurance as a CYA option. I have had NSO for many years.
  4. Mandatory Overtime

    I also work at a state-run, unionized hospital with mandatory overtime. We have to work MOTs unless the staff has FMLA. Essentially, we can get MOTs for days on end. I have had to work a MOT for every shift in a pay period many times which leads ...
  5. Patients who are faking illness

    I have worked with many attention seeking and malingering patients. Especially the patients who would continue to reside at our state psych facility rather than return to corrections. In my experience, these patients are tremendously frustrating, b...
  6. Is it just my facility or ...........

    Having worked with violent criminals who have psychiatric disorders, I would say that staff have been pressing charges against these patients who commit bodily injury in the workplace. When a patient has multiple charges, it is easier to get them di...
  7. No conscience

    I work with people with no conscience/remorse on a daily basis. Anti-social personality disorder aka sociopaths are fairly common in the psychiatric unit. They lack empathy and remorse while being very manipulative and charming.
  8. New to mental health

    If possible, you can join the APNA (American Psychiatric Nurses Assoc.) where you can get continuing education and support.
  9. Patients Viewing Nursing Notes In Real Time

    I work in a forensic psych hospital and have been told that, "all patients have the right to view their charts." This is a major safety issue. My patient was given such access, read my progress note, and then began to threaten/stalk me. This patie...
  10. Do you recommend a year of med/surg in 2021?

    I have often been told that, "you're not a real nurse, you're a psych nurse." It is offensive and condescending. I completely disagree with needing ANY med-surg experience. I also directly went into psych and am very happy and competent.
  11. Question about drug doses from foreign nurse

    Typically, "bags" refers to heroin. In my area of the U.S. they are about $10 each.
  12. How Long Do You Expect To Be a Nurse?

    I work hazardous duty, and will retire at 54. This is after putting in 20 years.
  13. Longest Shift You've Worked

    I have worked 20 hour shifts. I can be forced to work 16 hours, but after that, I have consented to work the additional 4 hours.
  14. Transitioning to psych/mental health nursing

    You could join the APNA (American Psychiatric Nurses Association). They offer new-to-psych courses for a fee. There are plenty of CEUs offered, some for free.
  15. 16 Hour Shifts

    I routinely work 16 hour double shifts, but I am well compensated. I am given OT/MOT which is either time & a half or double pay. I probably work 16 hour shifts 3-4 times a week.