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  1. Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    Today they say working with cancer patients etc. but please know these same people will support you not being allowed into the hospital for care or into the grocery store for food if you haven't taken the shot when the time comes . Even if you aren't...
  2. Unfortunately it happens. Even the IPCO texting on days off. It's a real thing.
  3. Not at all. I'm sorry if I gave that impression. I have no problem with being asked a question or challenged. I simply have the right to not answer and getting aggressive and pissy about it won't make me forthcoming. I will most likely avoid any futu...
  4. Thats not my position at all. My position is that as soon as you call someone an idiot, coward or something else derogatory they stop listening. If you wouldn't use the language or tone with a patient you shouldn't be using it with each other. If you...
  5. The only thing I've made clear is that respectful communication is needed from both sides. I have made 0 assertions About the vaccine and its efficacy. I have also not cited any sources addressing the vaccine and why someone should or should not re...
  6. You have no idea what I believe or its source. It does prove my point so thank you.
  7. Excellent point. People aren't as omnipotent as they think. There are many folks who can lie with a straight face and no flinching.
  8. I think you are intentionally missing what I am saying. I mentioned the right to not discuss it either way. To put it more simply "none of your business" when asked. If someone is for or against it they are only asking to see if you give what they co...
  9. No and that was part of my point. There is this blatant lie that people on one side are "rabid and aggressive" while another is speaking lovingly about the data with only respect.
  10. I'm claiming the side that doesn't see room for name calling amongst professionals. This thread wasn't about pro/anti vax. It was about the right to privacy whether you are vaccinated or not.
  11. If a nurse is capable of bullying and demeaning a colleague because they don't agree with them then why is it so far fetched to imagine a patient being treated the same way?
  12. Its interesting that unvaccinated folks are characterized as rabid, idiotic and aggressive. The pro-vaxxers are no better with their condescension and name calling. MAYBE some unvaccinated folks aren't comfortable talking because no one likes a pushy...
  13. Did you just TRY to bully me?

    So some people actually assert that fear and misinformation are the only possible reasons someone would refuse the vaccine. Thats an interesting position. You are relegating that person to the categories of coward or idiot. That explains the attitude...
  14. Did you just TRY to bully me?

    I didn't question vaccines being mandated or post some angry, emotional rant. I simply asked what other nurses thought of basically surrounding a nurse and pointing in shame because you don't agree with their choice regarding vaccination. I didn't cr...
  15. Did you just TRY to bully me?

    I understand. I didn't take issue with my vaccination status being discussed, I took issue with saying 3 times during the interview and offer that it was a "personal choice" and "something we don't push on anyone" because "nurses are people first" on...