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odaat has 4 years experience and specializes in ER, Med/Surg, Telemetry, Dialysis.

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  1. Got a job in Home Health

    I understand how you feel. I was also an ER nurse and definitely felt arrogant about it. Now I do dialysis and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make me feel like I've gone down majorly. I still miss the ER every single day and keep hope alive that I...
  2. Oh, you quirky night shifter you!

    Another night owl here...did 3 years of straight nights which I loved but am currently working dialysis, which means waking up at 0330, work at 0500, bedtime at 1900....it's pretty much the day-est of day shift ever ugh!
  3. IPN issues- 2015

    Yeah that's exactly how I feel too. It's hard to explain to anyone who hasn't gone through it but it's like these people are god or something, they literally hold my livelihood and ability to financially provide for my children in their hands. That's...
  4. IPN issues- 2015

    I feel your pain! I just finally dragged myself out of a bad depression/anger/burning resentment for the complete invasion of privacy we're subjected to. They just really take things too far sometimes. Having to send in a report about my vagina check...
  5. At my wits end...

    Oh just no, I think I would've had to find a new job over that one. And then to add insult to injury they brought it all back up 6 months later?? incredible ugh
  6. The MANDATORY Skills fair

    Ohhhhhhhhh...thanks for explaining [emoji4]
  7. The MANDATORY Skills fair

    I just re-read thinking something might click... and nopes still lost lol
  8. The MANDATORY Skills fair

    Can somebody explain the baby daddy thing r/t abg's to me...I'm totally confused
  9. Black Eye w/ Fractured Arm - Mother Afraid of Son

    The problem with this is the perpetrator is usually released by the next day, nice and angry, and then what is the victim supposed to do? Hope a lil piece of paper (restraining order) protects them? This is a huge reason victims beg to have them not ...
  10. So fed up with my coworker

    I don't understand how you think management has a scheduling/staffing problem that needs fixed. It would be one thing if you had to find coverage for ALL PTO you request. But thats not the case here. You are responsible for finding your own coverage ...
  11. Naroctics diversion...Am I going to prison? Help

    Your use of the word disease in quotation marks says everything I need to know about the futility of furthering this conversation with you. Alas obviously as a junkie self control isn't my forte so I'll engage once more. You seem to have an addict in...
  12. Naroctics diversion...Am I going to prison? Help

    Are you able to wrap your mind around the fact that it's possible to divert without taking meds from your patient or leaving them to suffer? I'm not saying that doesn't happen but realize that not everyone who diverts does that to their patients. Sec...
  13. My kid is THAT kid

    Even though I'm not a school nurse, I frequently read yalls posts on the whats new list because you all and your stories are quite entertaining! So as any nurses kids, my kids know (or at least I thought they did) that if you're not bleeding or grav...
  14. Naroctics diversion...Am I going to prison? Help

    I use all the non-pharmaceutical options available-heat/ice, massage, yoga, chiropractic, etc etc and take enough NSAIDS sometimes to kill a horse [emoji53] I sometimes use steroids or a mild muscle relaxer. A lot of time I just suck it up and bear i...
  15. Naroctics diversion...Am I going to prison? Help

    First of all, breathe, it's going to be okay and you are not going to prison. Not one doctor, nurse, or pharmacist I have encountered on my journey has gone to prison for this. In my case, I had already gone to rehab and signed up with my states moni...