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Guess what? I'm proud of you!

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Guess what? I'm proud of you!

RNgonewild - Thank you SO much!! I wish I had worked with or knew more wonderful people like you back then, and well too!!

Anne, RNC

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:yeah::yeah::yeah::heartbeat Well done Anne, you are a star! You and your hubs both!:heartbeat


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Congratulations busyrnandmom. Nine years clean is definitely something to be proud of. :yeah: However, there will always be people that are very judgemental of addicts. And I am sure they have their own faults.

Congrats to you & dh.


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Congratulations....that is something to be supremely proud of! Your ignorant coworker reminds me of my husband's ex wife. She found my post on this site where I told my story and used it to temporarily gain custody of his kids, which he has had primary custody of since 2001. We are going to court on Tuesday and no matter what happens, I know that I'm a good mom (stepmom) and that I never put the kids in danger or neglected them. She told my husband that 30 days sober doesn't count...LOL. To who?? It sure as hell counts to me. Anyways, I am proud of you and you serve as an inspiration to me....Congrats!!

psalm, RN

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I am thinking dear one, that you are proud and GRATEFUL for nine years. Shame on that person trying to belittle the hard work you went thru and continue to go thru. Pray for her to develop some compassion for those struggling to do right.

God bless you and dh and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!


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Hi. Congrats on your 9th birthday! I am in school furthering my degree and thinking about the direction of education for the disease of addiction. Reading your post supports what I hear and see now and then...that the medical professionals can be our harshest critics at times. Sometimes I wonder if it's out of fear, anger...possibly someone in their life has negatively affected them. Life is much too short to dwell on your past co-worker. Ignorance of the disease. I am so proud of anyone who has the courage to wage battle against this disease. It's a terminal one. Good luck and keep going ODAAT and be proud! You will help so many others. Your past co-worker is just one person. I'm sure you've helped so many others with your recovery. Thnaks for sharing.


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Nine years! That's a lot of days, and all in a row.:urck: Keep up the good work and be good to yourself.


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Congrats on your 9 years!

pagandeva2000, LPN

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You cannot please people, no matter what. The bottom line is that you made a wonderful recovery, and 9 years is NOTHING to sneeze at. The heck with that butthole. Why even bother asking about your progress if she had nothing positive to say? I hate people like that...


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WOW I am certainly impressed. This is no small feat. Congratulations on your sobriety. You definitely should be very proud.


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9 years... I'm in awe! Thank you for showing me as a newbie what is possible in sobriety! It gives me a big boost of hope.

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