"Why are you proud of that ??!!"


In a few days, I will be celebrating my sobriety bday, the 9th. I have run into some of the staff members that I worked with and made ammends where I could.

Yesterday, I ran into a former co-worker that I had not seen since then, and we talked for a minute and she asked how "it was going now". I told her that I was going to have 9 years clean this month and her comment was "How in the world could you proud of that? Proud of not giving the patients their medicines?! I would not ever be proud of doing something like that!!!"

She didn't listen when I explained that "No, I was not proud of the things I had done, of the medicines I took from my patients, but I was proud of the fact that I have had 9 years working and clean and sober and that I am still alive today."

I know some people's opinions you can't change, but jeez!

Anne, RNC:banghead::banghead:

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congratulations on your 9 years, busyrnandmom!


yes, it is something of which to celebrate.

this fellow colleague spoke out of turn. for that, i am sorry.

again, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats on 9 years, some people will never change their opinion but it is yours and the ones close that really matter

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Thank you both! You two are always so supportive and I appreciate it. My dh is also a nurse and a recovering addict and feels that way too. I know you can't change other's attitudes concerning addiction and recovery.

As long as I get up every day and do what I know is right and be true to my dh, my kids, and my recovery, that is what is important.

Thanks again!

Anne, RNC

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You should be very proud of yourself, even if your coworker does not get it!


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Congrats on 9 years!!! :yeah:

I have been sober over 6 years (I quit before I started nursing school) but I keep it completely "hush hush" from practically everyone except my immediate family since so many people don't get it... when they hear "recovering alcoholic" all they hear is "alcoholic".

I just say "I don't drink" - but only if someone offers me a drink - and leave it at that... otherwise I never mention it.

But I am acutely aware of the fact that I am still going one day at a time.

You should be VERY proud of your 9 year anniversary! :bow:

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You deserve nothing but KUDOS for your 9th sobriety anniversary!!!:yeah:

Don't worry about what that thoughtless former co-worker said. She doesn't get it, and she ought to be thanking her lucky stars that she hasn't had to go through something similar. You know the saying, "There but for the grace of God......"


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A Big Happy Congrats to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nine years is an amazing accomplishment and you should be proud of that!! What an ignorant and judgemental person it would take to think you meant that you were proud of your diverting!! Some people really should work on their own faults and personality defects rather than being all "high and mighty" b/c they have thus far been free from addiction. Do they really not see that their assinine behavior is almost as antisocial as our addictive ones? At least we try to be better people!! Not just worried about LOOKING like better people...

Again, congrats!! And thank you for sharing!!:bow:

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Dito everyone above. We understand what an amazing miracle you are!

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Congrats and don't let a rude co-worker get you down....you deserve the congrats.

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Just wanted to say thank you to every one of you, you guys have all been so supportive!! Today is the big day for me and my dh both, it is both of our sobriety anniversary. Monday is also our 4th wedding anniversary.

I am so blessed! Thank you all again!

Anne, RNC

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