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wubbzy has 18 years experience and specializes in ER, LTC, MDS, Hospice.

A mom and grandma. Used to work EMS years ago before becoming a nurse.

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  1. wubbzy

    reinstatement after voluntary surrender???

    I guess it depends on what state you are in and your BON requirements. You'll most likely have some hoops to jump through. As long as you are serious about your sobriety, do the next right thing, and comply with the BON's requirements, it should work out. Congratulations on your one year and good luck!
  2. wubbzy

    Serious, what do you think?

    I think I missed the reply that was removed. Addiction/alcoholism is documented by the AMA as a disease. My personal thought is that as long as no one was "physically" hurt by the actions of the "user" and they want and seek help, they should get it without all the repurcussions. Monitoring by the BON would be a way of seeing how serious one is about their recovery. My patients always got the pain meds that were prescribed for them. I never kept anything from my patients. I used what was left over and was to be thrown away. I thank GOD that I always cared for my patients appropriately and by them never "suffering" because of me. I am so grateful for my recovery and that the BON is allowing me to continue in my chosen profession. I will do whatever they want to show them I am serious about my recovery. A friend of mine recently told me, "I'd rather have a nurse in recovery taking care of me than one that just used in the bathroom." AMEN to that. Losing a license should be a very last resort for those who don't care and just want to get high or hurt other people. Just my opinion, and I'm entitled to it, but still openminded to other's opinions.
  3. wubbzy

    I am so blessed!

    Your words are very encouraging, Exnursie. Thank You. The treatment facility that I was in last year only hire if one in recovery has 2 years. So I've got about 11 months to go before I could work there....even as a tech, or in dietary, or in housekeeping.....anything. I guess I could check out other treatment facilities, tho. I just thought of that...lol.
  4. wubbzy

    My Son's Graduation

    Congratulations! My daughter is grown and I laugh at my 11 yr old grd dtr and 2 1/2 yr old gr son when they do things like she used to do. They all grow up sp fast and the blessings are when I can enjoy them clean and sober!
  5. wubbzy

    A running list of low abuse specialties

    A lot of great suggestions here. I'm leaning towards trying to eventually work in a treat/rehab facility. I would love to help people the way I was helped.
  6. wubbzy

    need some support

    A lot of encouraging comments here. It's too bad that after so much time in recovery, you are having to deal with the wreckage of your past again. But you are doing what you need to do to get thru it all and have so much support. But I was also wondering, that after all this time, can you get your felony expunged? I plan to do that as soon as I can. Good luck with everything. I know you'll be great as long as you keep doing the next right thing......I'd rather have a nurse in recovery working on me, rather than one who just used in the bathroom!
  7. wubbzy

    I am so blessed!

    Hi all......I haven't been on here for quite a long time now. I've been trying to get my life back on track. I have been thru soooooo much.......but NOW things are starting to move ahead. I was getting so depressed about hitting a brick wall at every turn. That is so frustrating! But here is where things stand for now: I now have 13 months clean/sober. I have paid dearly for my disease and most of the legal issues are behind me. And the BIG part here is that I found out last week that I am NOT going to lose my nursing license! This has to be a God thing. That is my only explanation. I am suspended for awhile and have to jump thru some hoops with the BON, but that is ok. I am so very grateful for the program of recovery, the 12 steps, my sponsor, my support group, and especially to God. I am thinking my nursing path may go towards working in a drug/alcohol treatment/rehab facility but I've got time before I make that decision. Just thought I'd let you know what's happening and I'm going to try to be on here more.
  8. wubbzy

    HIPAA violation wanted more responses

    I'm not sure I would have wanted to stay at that particular hospital under those circumstances. However, that was her choice, she was still a patient there and deserved the best treatment just as much as any other other patient there. The other nurses and managers are still liable to care for her in a caring and professional manner, not make biased, judgemental issues of the matter and move her all over the place because they were uncomfortable. It is not above them to provide care for ANY patient. I would run this by an attorney and report to the BON.
  9. Requirements are different for different states. Good Luck!
  10. wubbzy

    Central Ohio Nurses - can you help me? COTC / Marion Tech

    I went to Owens Technical College (now named Owens Community College) in Toledo (graduated in 1990). They also have an excellent preparation for the NCLEX. It is an ADN program. Sorry I don't know about Marion or any other schools in Ohio. But I can tell you I passed Ohio Boards the first time I took it. And that was in the days when we had to travel to Columbus for the 2 day exam. Now I guess they do it with the computer and you usually don't complete ALL the questions, but rather the computer shuts off once you answer enough questions to give you a pass or fail. Good Luck! I was a single mother, working full time, and going to school/clinicals, etc. I'm not sure I could've done it that way if going straight for my BSN.
  11. wubbzy

    Please tell me your opinion

    Thank you for your post, Jackstem. I am not aware of a lot of places who can be of assistance....as I have been finding out. I will check it out.
  12. wubbzy

    Please tell me your opinion

    The thing is that we try to move on, we try to put the past behind us, and we try to do the next right thing. The problem is that others don't see that. All they see is the PAST! It sucks! There are too many people out there who are biased and judgemental. But it is NOT a reason to use or to drink. Prayers are with you and I agree with the others that God has a plan. Best of Luck!
  13. wubbzy

    six months

    That's great! Keep on keepin' on.....
  14. wubbzy

    HIPPA Violation with patient identifiers

    When you find out what you want, please let me know. I am going after a doctor, pharmacist, and hospital for violating the federal HIPAA law with me! I'll be interested to know what you find out and so will my attorney. Thanks!
  15. wubbzy

    Looking for help... desperate and tired

    I did the same thing with the IV Dilaudid where I worked at. My patients always got what they were suppose to have and I kept what was suppose to be wasted. I tried to quit on my own a few times without success. I would get so sick trying to stop and had to have "just a little"...(or more) to just be able to function. Then EMS took me to ER. They thought I was having a stroke. I had hemiparesis, was confused, didn't know the date or a few other things. What happened had to do with some effects of the drugs. I had been using awhile and the doctor in ER asked me why I wasn't dead (because of the levels in my system). I think you need to get into some treatment and get yourself clean and sober, get a sponsor, and a home group, and make those your priorities. As for your job......you WILL get caught if you keep using....trust me. Eventually, you will get sloppy...as was my experience. The obsession/compulsion to use can be deadly. I detoxed in the hospital last May (2008) and have now been clean for about 9 1/2 months. My license is inactive now, I just got out of jail last week after being there for 4 months, don't know if I'll get my license back because this is my 3rd strike. I used to think I was invincible and would never get caught and life would be wonderful! My suggestions come from my experience and I hope you take care of this soon. Maybe the psychiatrist can get you into a treatment program. Take the time you need off work to get the help you need. It might be hard to get a job after quitting one after 6 months but it will be impossible to get a nursing job without a license. You and your husband got married for better or worse, in sickness and in health. This is part of the worse and it is a sickness. My view is that those vows should mean something (yeah, I'm old fashioned, too). Please take care of YOU. This is not advice....just some suggestions from my experiences. I hope we both can find some strength and hope. Good Luck!
  16. wubbzy

    Beer in the morning?

    Be careful when you're with her. It sounds like a problem to me. :beercuphe