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SO, I'm expecting kids to be bringing gifts in a couple of weeks and, even if they didn't, I'd love to have little Christmas handouts for my kids. I know, I'm cheesy like that.:)

But, considering, I have nearly 400 kids it would need to be a small, inexpensive gift and I'd prefer it be something healthy and definitely cute. I'm insanely uncreative and that's why I'm asking for ideas. Got any??

I thought Clementines would be nice but even 400 of those would be pricey. But, say I gave out small oranges or another type of fruit, what would be a cute way to package them up in a Christmas-y way??

I'm getting ready to check into Pinterest for some cutesy ideas.


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Nice idea but too expensive for me. I forget healthy for the day before break and just give out a little pieces of candy.


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I have peppermints always on my desk (peppermint oil is awesome!)

I'll probbaly make the switch to candy canes next time I go shopping.

OH, and I'm *not* expecting gifts!

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Uh....nope, can't think of anything. Bah Humbug.

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Stickers! (says the elementary nurse LOL)


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fancy pencils?

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Walk the aisles of a craft store like AC Moore or whatever is in your vicinity, you might happen upon something small and perfect, or get some kind of ideas, at least. You could also check on line about buying some small something in bulk, that wouldn't break the bank.


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I would LOVE to give out mini lip balms because I see so many kids with chapped, dry lips. I keep a tub of Vaseline and cotton-tipped applicators but the community jar of Vaseline just icks me out. The cheapest I can find are roughly 40 cents and that is WAY out of my price range at almost 400 kids!! Even if only half the kids showed up for a gift, still...

I like the pencils and stickers ideas but I also like the idea of walking through AC Moore. My daughter and I already love to do that type of thing anyway!

I don't "expect" gifts in that "these kids had better give me a Christmas gift dammit," but I know that last semester I only took the job in the last 6 weeks of the spring semester and the last day of school parents were stopping by the clinic with gift cards and all types of nice things for me! I was astounded. But, this is a small private Christian school with a tight family atmosphere. One of the first pieces of employment paperwork I had to complete was a list of "favorites" (where I like to shop, my favorite colors, my favorite sports team, etc) so that kids and families could easily buy things for me. Crazy! I've never worked anywhere like this! But it gives me a sense of family and belonging I've never had in another job.

Thanks for the tips. Keep 'em coming!

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I have about 20 boxes of tongue depressors and about 10 bags of cotton balls. Maybe I can make snowmen on a stick? Never mind. My kids would eat the cotton balls.

I guess I will go to the ole' stand by for me when they come in the clinic, "Happy Holidays....get out!" :-) Love my kiddos!

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A big jar of Vaseline (aka petroleum jelly)?? Wow. We use those individual small packs and a cotton swab.

I'm not expecting any gifts from the kids. And I'm not getting anything for them. They have so much going on in their individual classrooms that they would never miss something from the nurse.

Plus, I'm the nurse for 11 campuses . . . . too many kids to even consider purchasing something for . . . .

Your description of your job is completely different than mine . . . . so the ideas presented on this thread are good ideas.

Merry Christmas! :singing:


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The closer we get and the more hectic just my own personal Christmas shopping gets, the more I'm leaning toward Wave Watcher's "Happy Holidays...now, get out!"

Spidey's mom, I walked into the big tub o' Vaseline situation. Do you agree that this is a completely nasty situation? My daughter goes to school here. I've stocked her backpack with chapstick and threatened her life if she EVER even thinks about using the community Vaseline in the clinic. LOL

So, do you use an individual Vaseline pack for each and every kid? How does that work out cost-wise?

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A big jar of Vaseline (aka petroleum jelly)?? Wow. We use those individual small packs and a cotton swab.

Merry Christmas! :singing:

I use a large jar and they use q tips, they know they risk amputation if I catch them with their fingers in it!! LOL!