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Hello everyone! I had a thread a few weeks ago about being stressed while pregnant, and got wonderful responses, so I am hoping you all can help me again. I have been working as a CNA in a dementia unit for about a month. It is part of the hospital system I would like to eventually be in, and I am only working for the experience while going to school. I am also recently pregnant. I really think that I hate my job, although I can't exactly pinpoint why, because I really like the residents (for the most part). I have been called almost everyday to pick up shifts, I dread each shift I do work, and if I have a few days off, I am stressed about my next day of work. I go home and stew about my last shift or next, and am stressed out! I don't mind it while I am there, but since I am new everyone is very stand-off-ish, and I guess teamwork isn't a forte of the coworkers, from what I hear. The job makes me think that I don't like school (but I do), and that I won't like nursing. I am seriously considering quitting, but would have to give a months notice and don't know if it would affect my future chances of getting employed at the hospital (the area is part of the system, but not in the hospital itself). Any advice?!? I go back and forth, thinking that I should just stick it out, then thinking that I don't need the stress at this time in my life. Please help! I appreciate it! Should I quit or stick it out for a bit longer? Will quitting affect my chances of getting hired through this system in the future?

Momma hormones! Although I did not tech while in school, others I knew cut it way back when school got intense, some only did it twice a month. I, had not known it would be acceptable to work so little, if I had known, I would have done the same, as I also took care of my elderly parents. Could this be possible for you? Check into this!!! Also, you will not spend your life as a CNA, no need to worry about being accepted. I've been told by many friends that if they know you are a student nurse, they can get fussy if they are not continuing their own edu. -- tough you know what!! -- It just doesn't matter what they want, or think, you have your own agenda in life and you will stick to it!!!

Sweetie, your hormones are on the ultimate roller coaster ride and of course that makes you feel differently about what you are doing! Ultimately you have to decide what is right for you, because definitely it is not good to be stressed to the max. Do what is right for your health and the health of your unborn baby. The rest is secondary.

As long as you provide the required amount of notice time, quitting should not have an impact on your chances of being hired at this health system later.

Also, as another poster has suggested, cutting back to a PRN schedule of a few days per month might be a good alternative.

Good luck!

Jobs in hospitals don't come about every day. I worked throughout my pregnancy. I can guarantee that you will feel differently after you have your baby. I would wait until at least then to give normal hormones a chance to help. You would be kicking yourself if in the future you found you had poisoned this hospital against you by quitting when you might have weathered this hormonal storm. Instead cut back on your hours to give yourself some relief. I'll bet your supervisors would be willing to work with you on that.

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get your OB doc to think of a reason why you can't work and quit for medical reasons. He/she will probably be willing to work with you. I am a nurse and there is always a way to make it work. The fact that you are very stressed, aren't sleeping right, can't eat right, concerned about the baby...There are many excuses your MD could given you to allow you to quit work. It shouldn't be held against you that way. Given it a try! Otherwise, if you quit, just tell them it is because of the pregnancy and you can't give your all at your job and they should understand. Good luck.

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I can only suggest what I would do if I were in your situation. First, I would be worried about "muddying the waters" for this system if I were to quit so quickly. It "shouldn't" if you give enough notice, but that doesn't mean it won't leave a bad taste in the mouths of management. Often, employers will ask if you have ever worked for them before, and you need to answer this truthfully. My guess is they would take notice of the short time frame you stayed. May look bad to them, or they may not even care, who knows for sure? But I prefer to not take chances when avoidable. So what I would do is request a lighter work load, blame it on the pregnancy. Going to a job you hate is miserable, but it can be bearable when you only have to face it once a week (or less if you can work it out). Put on a good face when you are there, do a good job, be known as a hard, efficient worker and get in good with management. As your pregnancy progresses, something is bound to come up that will require you to quit working, even if it's not till the actual delivery. If I comfortable enough with my supervisor or manager, I would let them know ahead of time that I do not intend on coming back to work after the baby is born. This would give me a longer employment period, and hopefully not annoy the up-aboves so that if there were called in the future, they would be more inclined to give me a nice reference :smokin:

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I am a nurse and there is always a way to make it work.

What a troubling statement.

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My sympathies are with you as you go through so many life changes all at once...none of them easy, but all of them are contributing to your future. I agree with many of the posters here who state that you should cut back your hours instead of quitting altogether. I think you would be able to handle a lighter workload while still learning. I personally would NOT quit, but I would definitely cut back. Good luck to you and take care of yourself!

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Sweetie, when you leave work, you should leave work. Congrats on your pregnancy.

Don't just quit just yet, cut back on shifts , pace yourself while at work.And leave the garbage at the door when you go home. It's no wonder you sound all stressed out taking "work worries" home. Mental exhaustion is way more worrisome than physical exhaustion.

Make a conscious effort and CHOOSE not to worry.The lives we lead are guided by the choices we make. Make your choice.

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Do you have a live in boyfriend or husband who is gainfully employed? Line up another job before you quit this one. Are you sure you are ready to become a nurse? Btw, you don't have to give any notice to leave a job,but if the job you left is called they may say you are not re-hireable if you don't give them the notice they require.

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