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  2. Katie5

    Obese children...my rant

    Random thought - The higher people are on the educational ladder, the more you notice a difference in lifestyle and weight.
  3. Katie5

    Will I ever feel confident?

    Yes you will:). It comes with practise, expertise and a conviction that you know what you're doing.
  4. Katie5

    How do I get along well with my clinical instructor?

    When you're driving on the road, and there's a speed bump two miles away, you don't slow down until you get close enough. Morale of the story- Do not cross the bridge till you get to it.
  5. Katie5

    Time to get real -

    You must need us to wear glasses or something!
  6. Katie5

    Giving blood without an ID bracelet or Consent

    I'd turn around and sure you just for the heck of it.
  7. Katie5

    Facilities not on the Customer service bandwagon

    We don't use any of those except when charging. But look at it this way, Customer service, good customer service is NOT a bad thing in itself. When I go to a store or anywhere and I am spending my hard-earned money on your product or service, believe me when I say good customer service is a requirement or I'm gone. So likewise, when patients come into the hospital, they should expect a good service. Not saying go overboard but a good service is in order. Don't be so tunnel-visioned that you fail to see the big picture. The big picture being that hospitals now have to do what it takes to stand out from the crowd. People don't remember what you do, but they remember how you made them feel. Get with the program- customer service when done right is important.
  8. Katie5

    Male nurse in L&D

    If she doesn't want you, then you accomodate her. She has enough worrying with the baby without being uncomfortable in delivering. But judging from your response, you might be vengeful, so she will just have to suck it up and come out safe:mad:
  9. Katie5

    Male nurse in L&D

    A male physician is enough. Birth is both a beautiful and messy thing. I'm not sure any woman would particularly want a male there. Sorry OP>
  10. Two options here 1. you don't have to shut up and bear it. When she walks away, let her go and seek a more amiable nurse and work with her. 2. Have a conversation with her in explaining to her, that you need to understand more. 3. Just be more alert and follow here. If she has to invite you to follow her each and every single time, it;s going to be tiring.
  11. Katie5

    When a nursing home shuts down.

    Oh pssh, you should have given me a minute. Got it
  12. Katie5

    When a nursing home shuts down.

    I am not a lawyer maybe?
  13. Katie5

    discovered and reported falsification of VS

    To cut a long story short, just try as much as you can to do these vitals yourself while in the room assessing the patients. It saves you a whole load of grief.
  14. Katie5

    Had to bite my tongue and....

    Please do me a favor- go back and ask them if they REGRET their current license (RN). Most times humans are like that (nurses especially), they gripe a lot, but wouldn't trade that license for nothing, except a better career with better pay, of course:)
  15. Katie5

    Average CRNA Salary

    http://www.buzzle.com/articles/crna-salary.html i'm pleased aleady:d
  16. Katie5

    Got a promotion because of my big...