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  1. RevolutioN2013

    For those new grads who are employed, what's your method?

    Contacts, contacts, contacts. Your contacts don't get you a job. They get your resume put in front of the person who hires. It put your resume on top of the stack of 200 that the hiring person is looking at. Here is what I would ask my contact:: "What's your input about getting hired at (where they work)?" "I'm really interested in working at (where they work). Would you be willing to give my resume to the (Nurse Manager, DON, Personnel Director, etc)?"
  2. RevolutioN2013

    Anyone with any information about Gaston College

    Pre-nursing student here. My perception is that all of the community college programs in NC have a very similar structure in terms of requirements, admittance procedures, and coursework. Obviously teaching staff are a huge X factor, and I think that the NC BON info would help you with that. BTW, check out Mitchell Community College in Statesville. Not sure how far a drive that is for you, but they have good 5 year pass rates. Linky... http://www.ncbon.com/content.aspx?id=1090
  3. RevolutioN2013

    Another nurse bites the dust due to facebook

    I am not a nurse yet, but even in my current non-nursing profession I have made it a personal policy not to friend co-workers and not to post anything about work, ever. When co-workers send me friend requests I thank them very much for their friend request, but that I use Facebook for personal purposes only, no networking, and that I signed up mainly to re-connect with former high school and college classmates (I'm 40).
  4. I had my first clinical at a local facility on Wednesday night (am still taking my NA I class) and I was very disappointed with the environment of this facility. The aide I was paired with was actually a pretty good guy, but he threw everything on the floor and did not do any oral care (my class is 5pm to 10pm) on any of the residents. One lady did not want to get into her nightgown and flat out said, "No." several times but was told "You have to." What happened to respecting the residents' wishes. One aide I was with for a short while did not even check a resident's brief before getting him into his night gown and settling him down for bed. Another aide I was with went on and on about how she hates her job, but loves her people...in front of a resident whom she was hoyer-lifting into his bed at the time. The LPN passing meds was telling me about a resident who "**** in his can last week" right outside said resident's door. It just felt like there was an overall lack of recognition of the feelings of the residents and it was very de-humanizing in my view. I want to be a combo nurse aide/unit secretary while I'm taking pre-req classes for NS, but I know I may have to work in an LTC for a while in order to get some experience. I will not be applying to that one, though. Maybe the one in town that only takes private money and no medicare will be better.
  5. RevolutioN2013

    HELP! Best advice on passing Anatomy & Physiology?!!

    Sing. Don't laugh! In my CNA class when we had to learn how to xfer a pt from the bed to a wc the song "the wheels on the bus go round and round" popped into my head and I changed the lyrics to say, "the brakes on the chair are locked locked locked, locked locked locked...the brakes on the bed are locked, locked, locked...and then we move". Now every time I'm doing that skill "my" song pops into my head reminding me to lock the brakes on the bed and the chair. This isn't the only time I've used a song to help remember stuff and it really does help LOL!
  6. I'm taking a CNA class and doing nursing pre-reqs. I always cook for Christmas - baby-sitters, child's teachers, etc. I was going to add my two class instructors to my list, but with all of the discussion about nurses not being allowed to accept gifts I was concerned that I should not do this. Can you all please advise me of the correct protocol in this situation? I was going to make each of them one of those Paula Deen choclate chip pound cakes. Thank you!

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