Quitting a job after a month?

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Hello everyone! I had a thread a few weeks ago about being stressed while pregnant, and got wonderful responses, so I am hoping you all can help me again. I have been working as a CNA in a dementia unit for about a month. It is part of the hospital system I would like to eventually be in, and I am only working for the experience while going to school. I am also recently pregnant. I really think that I hate my job, although I can't exactly pinpoint why, because I really like the residents (for the most part). I have been called almost everyday to pick up shifts, I dread each shift I do work, and if I have a few days off, I am stressed about my next day of work. I go home and stew about my last shift or next, and am stressed out! I don't mind it while I am there, but since I am new everyone is very stand-off-ish, and I guess teamwork isn't a forte of the coworkers, from what I hear. The job makes me think that I don't like school (but I do), and that I won't like nursing. I am seriously considering quitting, but would have to give a months notice and don't know if it would affect my future chances of getting employed at the hospital (the area is part of the system, but not in the hospital itself). Any advice?!? I go back and forth, thinking that I should just stick it out, then thinking that I don't need the stress at this time in my life. Please help! I appreciate it! Should I quit or stick it out for a bit longer? Will quitting affect my chances of getting hired through this system in the future?

Thank you for all of the great responses! I REALLY appreciate them! I will definitely talk to my supervisor about working PRN, because that is what I was originally hired on as (and I am called to work ALMOST every day as it is). I will do my best to leave work at work and reduce the stress as well, we'll see how it goes! Thanks again! :hug:

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